Life is full of hassles, and it’s crazy to think there are so many we haven’t figured out how to avoid. Or have we? There are many products and gadgets out there to cut down on life’s little annoyances, you just might not know they exist. Some are genius, others are so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. In this list of 37 fixes you’ll find a product to keep your socks together in the wash, tools for unclogging hair-filled drains, a scoop for keeping hair off the bathroom counter, and even a mount for your phone to help your doggo pay attention to the camera. No annoyance was too small for our search.

"This May Save My Marriage," Says One Man Who Bought The Beard King Beard Bib Hair Catcher

Guys, you may think this item looks ridiculous, but every time your wife or girlfriend encounters a sink or vanity dusted with fresh beard stubble, she nearly has an aneurysm. It may be a worse bathroom sin than leaving the toilet seat up. So please, do something—if you cannot get the problem under control, the Beard King Beard Bib may be in your future.

Are Lost Socks Just A Fact Of Life? Not With The SockDock Sock Laundry Tool And Storage Hanger

With the SockDock Laundry Tool, you may be able to say goodbye to the tragedy of missing socks. This hanger can hold up to nine pairs of socks through a washing and drying cycle, after which you can hang it up right in your closet.

You Could Be Pooping Better With The Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

The Squatty Potty may be a saving grace for anyone who suffers frustratingly long trips to the commode. This custom stool is built so you can assume a more natural squatting position when nature calls and, one hopes, be out of there sooner.

You Chopped All Those Chives But They Didn't Make It Into The Bowl—You Need This Chop2Pot Cutting Board

Mincing and slicing is essential to many recipes, but why isn't there a better way to move the bits from the cutting board to bowl or pan? This foldable cutting board has flaps on either side to turn your slicing surface into a slide for chopped ingredients.

Don't Spill Your Mulan Szechuan Sauce In The Car, Get The Saucemoto Dip Clip

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you’ll end up having a meal in your car. Avoid spilling sauces or dips on your clean seats with the Saucemoto Dip Clip. These sauce holders clip right into your vents to keep those delicious condiments secure.

Who Wants To Tie A Proper Turban? Just Grab A Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel After A Shower

Drying long hair can be a hassle, but tying a towel head wrap isn’t exactly easy to pull off. This 2-pack of Turbie Twist hair towels makes it easier, as they're basically pre-made wraps you can wear right out of the shower.

You Want A Selfie With The Dog. The Dog Couldn't Care Less. Get Him To Focus With The Pooch Selfie Selfie Stick

Getting your dog to sit still for that magic selfie can become a true exercise in futility. The Pooch Selfie Stick is a clever phone mount that holds a ball right above the camera. That should at least keep your pup’s attention while you go to snap the pic.

Use The Travel Cell Phone Holder To Watch A Movie On Your Phone Without Having To Hold The Damn Thing For 90 Minutes

It’s no fun to hold up your mobile device for hours on end during a long flight, or even at your desk. This Flex Flap Cell Phone Holder can be bent into a nice slanted stand to hold up cell phones and tablets. You can also stick it into the crevices of car headrests for lengthy rides.

Never Pay Fees To Check Overweight Bags Again With The Travel Inspira Portable Luggage Scale

Arriving at the airport to find your luggage is overweight is never a fun surprise. Take out the guesswork with this portable hanging baggage scale. The scale should give you an accurate weight in pounds or grams with support for up to 110 pounds, or 50 kilograms.

Use This 6-Pack Of SUNFICON Magnetic Cable Organizers To Keep Cords From Tying Themselves Up

It’s time to tackle that drawer of random cords. These SUNFICON cable clips are all about storing your chargers and small wires so they don’t tangle. They could help you foil those magically self-tying earbud cables, too.

Pluck Slippery Olives And Pickles From The Jar With This Joseph Joseph Spoon & Fork Set

For lovers of slippery briny condiments, this one’s for you. The Joseph Joseph Spoon And Fork Set comes with a tool for fishing out olives without making a mess. And there’s also a skewer to grab those evasive pickles right from the jar.

You Shouldn't Need Super Strength To Open Jars, Which Is Where This MEYUEWAL Jar Opener Comes In

This funky looking jar opener by MEYUEWALt is tailor made for twisting open stubborn jars of various sizes. The kit also comes with a 5-In-1 bottle opener that can help grip caps and pull tabs on tins and cans.

These Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Savers Can Keep Produce Fresh Longer

Fresh produce goes bad frustratingly fast. With these Rubbermaid Produce Savers, you may be able to extend the life of those precious fruits and veggies. And this 8-piece set comes with containers for produce big and small.

SACRONS Can Covers Can Keep Pet Food And Other Canned Goods Fresh Longer

Nobody wants a fridge full of loosely covered cans, and it can be a waste as they go bad. These SACRONS can covers are designed to keep pet food cans covered up tight. (They’re also compatible with a variety of human food cans.)

This 3-Stage Knife Sharpener Should Help Repair And Maintain Those Dull Kitchen Knives

If you’re fed up with your dull or dinged up kitchen knives, this 4-in-1 knife sharpener can restore that tired edge. It operates in stages, with slots to sharpen, straighten and polish blades. The kit also includes a cut-resistant glove.

Tame That Mountain Of Grocery Bags With This 2-Pack Of Mesh Plastic Bag Holders

We all have that kitchen drawer hiding a mess of plastic grocery bags. These hanging mesh bag dispensers are great for storing those stray bags. The top is where you feed in the bags, and the bottom has a small hole for dispensing them.

These OHill Cable Clips Can Help Control Twisted Cords

If you can’t stand unruly cables, these adhesive cord holders may be a sanity saver. This 16-pack contains a variety of cable organizers so you can tidy up loose cables, chargers and cords. And they’re adhesive for use in cars, desks, nightstands and more.

This Set Of Five Mesh Laundry Bags Can Keep Those Delicates Safe In The Wash

Delicate clothes can be a hassle to wash and dry, and it’s the worst when they end up damaged. These mesh laundry bags can keep them safe as they tumble along in the washer and dryer.

A Bottle Of Goo Gone Liquid Can Go A Long Way Toward Cleaning Up Sticky Adhesive Remnants

If you can’t stand that goo that’s left over when removing adhesive, Goo Gone has you covered. This product is dedicated to removing sticky residue, be it from gum, grease, stickers and more.

Get A Dozen Rug Grippers To Keep Carpet Corners From Curling Up

It is so annoying when rugs curl at the edges—and it's a dangerous tripping hazard too. This 12-pack of rug grippers by Rabenda may be the end of those rolled up corners. They adhere right to the bottom of the problem corners to keep them nice and flat.

Soften Cabinet Door Slams With This Set Of Stick-On Cabinet Door Bumpers

This 160-piece set of cabinet door bumpers can put an end to annoying cabinet and drawer slamming sounds. These adhere right to the problem areas to dampen sound and potentially prevent damage from slams and collisions.

These Reusable Shoe Covers Protect Floors From Shoes And Can Be Washed With The Laundry

Don’t scuff your floors or ruin your carpets with rough or dirty shoes any longer. After wrapping these non-slip reusable shoe covers over your shoes or work boots, you can walk anywhere in your delicate home surfaces with some peace of mind.

Lop Off Pilling And Fabric Fuzz With The BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

Fuzz balls, lint and fabric pills are just a few of the woes of fabric surfaces. This BEAUTURAL fabric shaver and lint remover doesn’t just use a sticky surface to peel off these blemishes. Instead, it’s designed to shave the offending fabric and debris right off the surface.

Backed Up Drains, Beware The Forlivese 3 Hair Snake Drain Tool

When drain unclogger can’t quite deal with that bothersome backed up drain, these 25-inch hair clog removers can be a sink saver. Simply snake one down the hole, and when you pull it back out, the hooks should catch and extract the hair or other clogging material.

The Chengu 3-Piece Toothpaste Squeezer Can Help You Get More Value Out Of Toothpaste and Creams

If you’re irked by that last bit of toothpaste in the tube, you’re not alone. The Chengu Rolling Tube Toothpaste Squeezer can squish out every last glob of toothpaste. It shouldn’t take much strength either thanks to the rotating handle design.

The Shave Well Company Anti-Fog Mirror Can Remain Reflective Even After A Hot Shower

The last thing you want when shaving or doing makeup is a useless fogged up mirror. The Shave Well Company Anti-Fog Shower Mirror should resist bathroom steam, and it comes with an adhesive hook so you can hang it right in the shower.

The Grip And Tip Nail Polish Holder Can Enable Hands-Free Polishing

Once you’ve started that nail polish routine, it can be difficult to use your hands in a normal way. This nifty nail polish holder keeps a solid grip on the bottle so you can dip that brush without a worry. It can also be used for other small bottles, like paints and glue.

Finally Have A Place For Your Car Trash With This EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can

Where on earth do you put your trash when you’re stuck in the car? The EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can takes on this question by providing a sizable waste bin in your car. The 2-gallon receptacle is also equipped with side pockets to store car-cleaning tools.

This NOCO Boost Plus Jump Starter Box May Just Save You A Call To Triple-A

A dead battery is one of those rare, but inconvenient moments we wish we could all avoid. The NOCO Boost Plus is a portable jump starter that should bring that battery back to life in a jiffy. You won't be able to write off half the day due to dead battery, which may be a bit of a bummer if you don't like your job.

Why Is It So Incredibly Difficult To Retrieve A Phone From Under The Car Seat? The Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler Can Prevent It

If you're always wondering "Why does my car smell like French fries?", it's because there are French fries under your seat. Food, coins and even smart phones⁠—these are all things that can fall prey to that annoying gap between the seat and center console. The Drop Stop can plug that gap up for good. It even has a gap that fits snugly around the seat belt catch.

Don’t Struggle To Grab A Tissue In Your Car Anymore With This Car Tissue Holder That Straps To Your Sun Visor

Fumbling with a tissue box in the car is neither safe nor fun, especially if your nostrils are being extra generous that day. This car tissue holder by eJaisu straps onto your car’s sun visor so there’s always a nose napkin at hand.

This Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light Can Help You Read Easier In The Dark

Sitting down with a good book in the evening is a pleasure, but it can turn frustrating when you can hardly see the pages. With the adjustable Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, you can be your own light source. And without the need for an overhead light or lamp, you can avoid disturbing your partner, too.

Lock Those Unruly Bedsheets Down With This 4-Pack Of Bed Sheet Fasteners

It can be a hassle when bedsheets ride up or fitted sheets come undone, not to mention unsightly. These bed sheet fasteners aim to prevent this little annoyance. By keeping a tight hold of those sheet corners, you can rest assured that those sheets aren’t going anywhere.

The Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Can Circumvent The Annoyance Of Lost Items

Forgetting your keys somewhere, or losing track of where you put down your phone is an annoyance at best. The Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker can help you locate any item it’s attached to. You can also use it to make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.

Avoid Dirty Paw Prints With The CHOOSEEN 2-In-1 Paw Cleaner And Dog Brush

The CHOOSEEN Dog Cleaner Brush seeks to ease the stress of post-walk muddy paws all over the house. Pop your dog’s dirty paws right into the tube and, with a little water, they should brush clean of mud and dirt. It also includes a handheld brush for more thorough washing.

This YVE LIFE Automatic Laser Toy Can Keep Cats And Other Pets Preoccupied

There may be times throughout the week when your energetic pet is getting in the way of some important task. The YVE LIFE Automatic Laser Toy is a freestanding or mountable automatic laser toy that can keep those cute critters occupied while you get some work done.

Carry Numerous Bags Like A Champ With The Click And Carry Grocery Bag Carrier

A little annoyance we all like to avoid is multiple trips to and from the car with groceries. With this grocery bag carrying grip, you can load up those bags and transport them all at once. The cushioned, ergonomic grip can be held in your hand or even slung over a shoulder.