TikTok is basically an endless supply of useful tips and weird product reviews. You can find anything from a strawberry slicer to a coffee mug that stirs itself. There’s even an apt hashtag on the app: #TikTokmademebuyit, which people use when show off the TikTok-induced purchases they’ve made. It’s a fun hashtag to follow if you’re looking for new and interesting products that can make your lie easier, cuter, or trendier. This list includes 60 products that have go ne viral on TikTok that may actually prove useful in your daily life.

This dramatic sunset lamp gives off the best mood lighting we've ever seen -- it really seems like there's a sunset in your room. Rotate it for different angles and effects, or buy multiple lamps in different colors to give a room a true mod sci-fi vibe.

Cutting up a bunch of strawberries or other fruits can be a tedious chore. This strawberry slicer makes chopping these fruits super quick and easy. It's a perfect kitchen accessory to have around if you have a toddler who needs food cut into small pieces.

Put buttons where you need them with these replacement button pins -- no sewing knowledge required. All you do is push the pin side through the jeans (or other article of clothing) and press the pin cap on top. And that's it. This is great not only for jean button replacement, but for adding a button to either make jeans bigger or smaller.

Making pizzas is a crowd-pleasing dinner-party activity because they are easy to customize and cook quickly. This outdoor pizza oven takes pizza night to the next level. Turn up the heat and you can make gourmet, authentic pizza in minutes.

This fancy little NEST fragrance diffuser makes an entire room smell great for 700 hours. There are a bunch of different fragrances to choose from, so you're bound to find one that suits your taste. The diffuser is also compatible with an Amazon Alexa and your phone, so you can program it with your voice or through an app.

This crazy cool smart mirror has more features than you might expect from a mirror -- in fact, it's a mirror and a screen, so you can watch YouTube makeup tutorials on the screen while you follow along in the mirror. The base also includes a wireless phone charging stand.

Cleaning up food scraps while prepping for meals will get so much easier if you have this hanging mini trash can. It fits right underneath the edge of the counter and is easy to scrape into right from the cutting board. It's great if you have a bunch of veggies to cut up.

If you've broken a cork trying to use a basic wine opener, you knw what a complete hassle ensues -- you have to extract the broken cork from the bottle neck and you have to watch out for bits of cork in your wine. This way easier to use wine opener uses air pressure to slowly remove the cork without any twisting.

This universal cleaning gel has attracted plenty of attention on TikTok for helping people clean out their car air vents, keyboards, and other dusty places. It can get into all those tiny nooks and crannies that most dusters can't reach.

This safety outlet completely gets rid of that dreaded fear that you left the hair straightener on after leaving the house. You just set when you want it to turn on and it shuts off the outlet, even if you did leave the light or hot tool on.

Dry erase boards are super handy -- like an endlessly usable sticky note -- but their white appearance is a bit meh. This clear acrylic board is a much more stylish take on the original, and would look great sitting your office desk.

If there's ever a situation where you are feeling unsafe or just want something to give you a little peace of mind, then this portable door lock is a great thing to keep around. It'll prevent the door from opening even if the person on the other side has a key, so travelers find it particularly useful in hotels to make sure housekeeping doesn't barge in.

Wireless phone charging technology is pretty neat -- if only it weren't so slow. Turn it up a notch with this charging stand, developed to charge your phone 25% faster than you're used to. Dual coils mean you don't have to hunt around for this charger's "sweet spot."

One of the most fascinating and inspiring tags on TikTok is #CleanTok -- nothing like watching someone else clean to motivate you to do the same. This grout power scrubber is one of the products we've seen so many people use and it has been a total game changer when your bathroom needs a scrub.

This rechargeable light bulb can be reused and will save you money on needed to re-buy bulbs. Another awesome aspect of this bulb is that it can remain lit even for four or five hours without electricity -- which could come in handy should you have a power outage.

Over the past couple years, we all got a sense of just how many germs we encounter on a daily basis. With this increased awareness comes an increased desire to not touch dirty door handles, toilet flushers, etc. This utility hook is the keychain that allows you to avoid direct contact with door handles, ATM keypads, toilet handles and more.

This extra-soft toothbrush is for people who find the soft toothbrushes at the pharmacy too hard. It's for people who want to polish their sensitive choppers with a pillowy-soft touch. With 2,000 bristles, it's super soft, but also gets the job done.

This Create-A-Sticker machine help bring your imagination to life. Create an image, run it through the machine, and it's transformed into a sticker. Making stickers is fun to do with kids on arts and crafts day, and this gadget is also useful for making adhesive labels that will help you keep the house organized.

These handy stackable organizing drawers are a great way to organize loose toiletry and makeup items in the bathroom. Getting that menagerie of bottles off the counter and into a drawer will make a bathroom look so much cleaner -- which is a good trait in a bathroom.

This Hair Finishing Stick is they key to getting that perfect ponytail without any baby hair flyaways. It looks just like a tube of mascara and the brush makes it easy to pull back hairs away from the face. The solution is thick enough to last all day, but does not look sticky on the head.

This SlipX drain cover is a simple tool that can make a big difference in your bathing life. Attach it over the overflow drain that limits the amount of water you can have in the tub, and you'll be able to raise the water level a few inches higher.

This ZAXOP silicone mat is a great thing to have around if you use hot tools on your hair. Its simple design is meant for parking a curling iron when hot and for storing it after you are done using it. This is good if your countertop is a sensitive surface that can't withstand heat.

Any good fan will keep you cool -- it's what a fan does -- but this battery powered fan comes with a bendable tripod that can be used to prop it up or wrap it around something (like a stroller handle).

You know it was a good party if your recycling bin is jam-packed with empty beer and soda cans. To reclaim some recycling-bin space, look to The Crusher -- it takes aluminum cans and mashed them into small disks.

You won't need to dirty a spoon every morning stirring cream into your coffee with this self-stirring coffee mug. Just press a button and the mug starts stirring the beverage itself. Great for making hot chocolate or any other mix-in drinks.

Having a mirror in the shower can be super convenient, but that dreaded fog makes it impossible to see your reflection as soon as the shower fully heats up. This HoneyBull mirror is fogless and won't steam up no matter how toasty you make the shower.

Painting is a fun and relaxing way to unwind, but paintbrushes need to be maintained or they'll become a fuzzy mess. This brush shaper helps restore the shape to fraying or old brushes that need some serious TLC, and drastically lengthens the life span of the paint brush.

This crazy blackhead remover vacuum feels like a professional device, but it is something that can be used easily at home. It suctions out your pores to get rid of accumulated gunk and other buildup -- and that's all the detail you need.

This can colander is an item you don't realize you will use until you actually have it. It fits over the end of an open can and allows you to strain out the liquid. Separate beans from bean juice, sliced peaches from syrup, tuna from the brine it's packed in -- you get the idea.

This 4-in-1 travel dispenser is a compact way to carry multiple toiletries. Fill the four compartments with whatever you think you'll need -- body wash, lotion, shampoo conditioner, sunscreen -- and pack it in a bag. Later, twist the dispenser to release the desired stuff.

Using hot tools on hair can be a thing of the past. You can actually get the same quality curls with this heatless curling headband with far less risk of damaging your hair. This could be a game-changing product if you're trying to grow your hair out or you're worried about further harming already-damaged hair.

The worst thing about owning a cat is the litter box -- it's just gross, no matter how cute the critters are. The helpful Neater Scooper fits neatly into a mini trash can that is compact and makes scooping litter seamless.

This glass rinser is a super handy item to have next to your sink. It installs easily and is a game changer when cleaning out all types of glasses. As you press the wine glass or pint glass down on the rinser, a powerful jet of water shoots upward, quickly cleansing the vessel in question. It's helpful for cleaning up after parties -- and perhaps even more of a life-saver for those who have baby bottles to clean.

This pink universal wireless keyboard is a great product for kids in high school or college. It is compatible with all different devices and is perfect for taking notes in class. It's much more compact than lugging a laptop around everywhere.

This spill proof bowl will foil even the messiest children. The structure of the bowl is a genius and fun way to serve kids who are prone to major spillage. It will keep your counters clean and your child entertained.

This super-useful spa headband is great for keeping hair out of your face when doing face masks or washing. The headbands come in a set of three, so there's no need to worry about everyday washing.

Chapped lips are not cute and not fun to deal with at all. This lip balm sleeve is an easy way to make sure that you always have a tube of lip balm (be it Chapstick, Burt's Bees or another brand) on hand. This is especially crucial during this cold, dry winter months.

No one likes a disorganized refrigerator, but with so many oddly-shaped items packed in there, things can get out of hand in a hurry. These fridge organizer bins make keeping the fridge organized so much easier. It even comes with an egg bin that fits up to a dozen eggs.

This handy tissue holder clips right onto the car's sun visor and keeps tissues within reach. The holder can also be used to store disposable masks, a useful option for for these crazy times we're living in.

Foundation, concealer, and other beauty product aren't cheap -- leaving any of it in the container can feel like you're throwing away cash. These beauty spatulas make it possible to scoop out every last drop.

Big and convenient, The Battery Organizer helps you store up to 93 batteries of various sizes. With all the battery-needing devices in our homes -- TV remotes, video game controllers, flashlights -- a way of storing them neatly is a must. The Battery Organizer also comes with a battery tester, to see how much life those batteries have left.

Shape and store eight quarter-pound burger patties with the Burger Master burger press and freezer. We say "store" because this flexible, sealable container goes right in the freezer, so you'll have frozen patties ready to pop out onto the grill should a sudden backyard cookout situation develop.

This electric lighter is rechargeable -- as long as you've got a USB cord and an outlet, you'll never run out of juice. This handy 7"-long mini-appliance is also windproof and splashproof.

Moisture, heat, and snow are no match for these Post-it Extreme Notes. They are built to be used outdoors or in damp areas without smudging or losing stickiness. This value pack contains 12 pads of 45 sheets apiece.

This collapsible travel cup is a must if you're on the go -- you can make your coffee at home, just how you like it, then sip it on your commute. You won't be stuck toting a mug for the rest of the day because this one collapses to fit into a bag or pocket.

This magnetic makeup brush organizer is great for vacations because the organizer is structured to make sure that the brushes do not get squished in your suitcase. It also fits all the brushes you'll need to do your basic makeup routine.

These silicone stretch lids come in a set of six different sizes and are great for keeping things fresh. The smallest size can even be used to save produce, like an orange or apple. The lids also have some stretch, so one size can fit a variety of different vessels.

If you are ready to take that skincare routine to the next level, then this QUBI mini makeup fridge is definitely the prodcut for you. A lot of skin care products actually work better if they are kept at cooler temperatures. Also a nice, cool face mask on a hot day can feel extremely soothing.

Having a desktop full of loose cords can look messy and be distracting at work. These cord holders have four cord slots that can help organize the desktop and make the work space tidier.

Do you do a thorough job of scrubbing your scalp? Maybe not -- and if you don't, you may have a lot of product buildup. (Those with curly hair need to watch out for this situation.) This hair massager can get rid of product buildup, and also makes showers a lot more enjoyable.

If you're bingeing on horror shows or true crime podcasts, you may be feeling a little paranoid. This personal alarm keychain can give you peace of mind when you go out at night. Once you activate it, it makes a loud noise that will draw attention to whatever situation is happening.

For all Apple's product-design brilliance, their charging cords for phones and tablets are a disgrace. A normal amount of wear and tear leaves them frayed, with wires exposed. This iPhone charging cord has a nylon sleeve over the cord to prevent that situation.

Did you know that makeup brushes can carry a lot of bacteria, and that a regular wash may not get rid of it all? This Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer disinfects makeup brushes with UV light that kills viruses and bacteria ensuring that your brushes will be totally clean.

This Rain-X spray is an easy to use cleaner that also repels rain. All you do is spray the solution, then wipe it away for get a streak-free clean. The rain-repelling properties help you see the road better when driving in rainy conditions.

These S hooks can be used to hang all sorts of things, and not just in your closet. You can hang pots and pans in the kitchen, plants in the house, sports equipment in the garage or coats in the entryway.

If you're not a regular at the nail salon, you may end up having to remove gel nail polish at home. This can lead to ruined, weakened nails, which sucks. These nail caps make removing gel polish much easier, and less harmful to your nails.

A heated blanket is one of those pleasures of yesteryear that is coming back better. It'll keep you warm as you cozy up for a night of TV bingeing, and your pets will love it too.

This Klova Sleep Patch has Melatonin and other natural ingredients that promote more restful sleep. Apply the patches before hitting the sack and you'll reportedly find both falling asleep and staying asleep much easier.

There's no reason to have stale chips in the 21st century -- not when we have this Mini Bag Sealer. It uses heat to reseal chip bags to keep them fresh for much longer. This is perfect for when you host parties or just aren't ready to finish the chips right away.

Some things are just so obvious that you can't believe you hadn't thought of it before. This car seat gap filler prevents crumbs from falling down between the seat, and also makes cleaning up car messes a lot easier.