Teens are impossible to shop for. Every time you think you found something they may like, they either already have it or it has been dubbed as “weird,” “childish,” or some new phrase that means “weird” and “childish” that is only communicated via meme. Luckily, there is one thing we know teens love: TikTok. So to help with gifts for the teens in your life, we binged on TikToks keeping an eye out for items available on Amazon that teens are buzzing about. Here’s what we found.

If your teenager is looking to upgrade their bedroom from childhood vibes to more mature vibes, the best way to go is with this "Good Vibes" LED sign. It lights up and comes in different color options to perfectly match any room -- not just bedrooms, but game rooms, living rooms, and college dorm rooms as well. It's easy to hang up and all you have to do is plug it in to the wall to make it light up!

If we were to pick one Amazon product that went viral on TikTok, it would be these scrunch leggings -- dubbed the "butt leggings" by users. The scrunch detailing on these leggings assists your booty in looking plump and perfect, which is ever so important these days. Aesthetics aside, they're a great pair of leggings for the gym, hikes or any everyday activities.

There is really nothing cuter than this stuffed animal octopus that can be reversed to show a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other. Many teenage TikTokers have used these little guys to illustrate their moods -- and even the sad-faced octopus can make you feel a little happy. They come in a ton of different colors.

What's a sunset lamp? This unique fixture projects a circle of mood light onto a wall of your teen's room. With adjustable sizes and colors, it's a stylish way to amp up the ever-important ambience of photos and video calls. TikTokers have been using this sun lamp to create fun and creative lighting in their content as well as for sleeping, meditating and relaxing purposes.

What are two of teenagers favorite things? Candles and cereal! Now, put them together as one and you have this cereal bowl candle that looks and smells just like the real thing. Don’t let this candle fool you, it is not edible! Light it up in any room of your home for the most sweet and delicious smelling candle you have ever had. The best part? It can also work as a fun piece of artwork or decoration that teenagers can rest on their desk, dresser or side table!

Every teenager needs a speaker for music on the go -- gotta have tunes at basketball practices, the beach, or by the pool. This waterproof bluetooth speaker is a TikTok favorite that connects to your phone and is small enough to be stored in your backpack, purse or duffel bag. It may be a small accessory, but it pumps out big sound.

Since so many teens make their TikToks from the comfort of their own bedrooms, a good mini fridge has become a must-have piece of functional decor. This stylish Frigidaire mini fridge has made appearances in many successful clip, whether the TikToker is using it to store skin care products and makeup at a specific temperature, or to keep beverages and food handy and chilled.

If you think your teenager has outgrown the stuffed-animal phase, you might be wrong. These squishmallows have droves of followers on TikTok and teenagers all around the world have already started their collections. These squishy and fun stuffed animals come in all types of different shapes, colors and categories. Teenage TikTok stars will often have a pile of them on their bed, and by "a pile" we mean dozens and dozens of Squishmallows. They are so adorable, I just want to cuddle one!

We can all thank Billie Eilish for sharing this Kopari lipgloss with the Internet. Teenagers around the world are going crazy over this hydrating and illuminating balm that plumps and protects lip tissue. And it's inexpensive enough that you can get a bunch of 'em. Stash one in the car, one in your purse, one in your school locker -- you get the idea.

Hey, being a teenager is hard! You're often on your own when it comes to food: making your own breakfast or packing your own lunch while keeping track of the gear you need for school, practices and whatever else you've signed up for. Any busy teenager should appreciate the gift of this mini dash, which is one of the hottest breakfast tools TikTok has ever seen. Sure, you can whip up a quick batch of waffles, but this little wonder will also do anything from hash browns to eggs, and even pizza.

Comfortable and cozy, these slippers are inspired by pillows and clouds. Not only do they come in every color you can imagine, but they also come in most men's and women's sizes. We picked up a pair for ourselves after seeing TikTok superstar Charli D’amelio rocking them on our For You page, so take it from us: These slides really will put a light and airy spring in your step.

Watching TikToker Lauren Wolfe put these sponge roller curling rods in her hair, then remove them to reveal some of the most stunning, voluminous and tight curls you've ever seen, inspired many teens to pop over to Amazon and add them to cart. These rods create curls without heat, which should cause less damage and work on all types of hair texture and lengths.

Teens who are totally attached to their phones (which would be all teens) will love this waterproof phone holder, which attaches to the wall and protects their phone while they lather, rinse and repeat. Now they can respond to texts, listen to music and even play their favorite games as they get clean and fresh -- a habit that should be encouraged however possible.

Those who like makeup get it, and those who don’t, well -- they just don’t. This NYX concealer has to be one of the most talked about makeup items on the internet. It will hydrate your under eye, minimize your fine lines and make your skin look absolutely flawless and airbrushed. We suggest pairing this concealer with the NYX foundation for the best look.

Every true Tiktoker has seen these LED room lights in the background of the videos on their For You page. These lights create a whole new vibe in any room and can be controlled through a Bluetooth remote to change the color to over 10 different options. They are perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to sleep in the pitch-black dark, or who just wants to add a touch of ambient color to the room for their own TikToks.

These cubic bubble candles comprised of soy wax bubbles give a sleek retro-futuristic look to a room. People are going crazy on TikTok over their refreshing smell, and raving about the pastel colors they come in. (Our favorite is the light blue.) You'll dig the soothing and relaxing aroma that fills your home throughout the day.

These kitchen wonders (and the recipes that go with them) took over everyone’s For You pages late last year, as TikTokers rushed to educate us all on how to make just about anything with an air fryer. Just pop your prepped materials into the little container and in a few short minutes the most crispy, warm and delicious snack or meal is ready -- and without all the fat from deep frying. It's a simple, convenient gift for a teen just starting to get comfortable in the kitchen.

Countless celebrities -- including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Zendaya, Miranda Kerr, and (of course) the Kardashian-Jenners -- swear by Gua Sha, a type of traditional Chinese medicine, as a way to rejuvenate the skin. This Gua Sha Heart is made of jade stone and is said to lift and smooth facial skin, as well as remove facial tension.

Coffee is the obsession du jour among teens on TikTok, with caffeinated kids sharing their favorite ways to make the best coffee-based drinks, and sharing their favorite products as they go. This milk frother will turn your coffee into a barista level cup of heaven every time you put it to use! It makes your coffee creamy, thick and delicious in just a few quick seconds of use. You can thank me for this one later!

This fun and shiny glimmer lipstick will bring your lips from not to hot in just one application. This shimmery viral makeup find sold out on Amazon in just a few days after its debut on TikTok! It's now restocked and ready for any teen to rock a glimmery lip look. Tip: Start with a colorful shade of lippy, then snazz it up by applying Winky Lux Glimmer Balm overtop.

If your teenager loves TikTok, they're probably into other social media platforms -- this hidden Amazon find called Popl makes connecting even easier. Just tap the Popl device on someone else’s phone, and all your social media accounts and links pop up for your new friend to follow. It’s a quick and fun way to add friends to your growing social network.

This bagel guilltoine has been blowing up on TikTok the last few months and it's a life-saver in the kitchen -- or, at least a finger-saver. This contraption safely cuts your bagels into the most perfect halves every time.

Boba tea is a Taiwanese beverage that has taken young people by storm. (It's sweet, savory, and refreshing -- if you haven't tried it, you need to.) Teens in the know are likely to enjoy concoting their own at home with this boba making kit. This kit comes with 3 different kinds of tea that you can enjoy with the all-important tapioca pearls.

Many beauty gurus on TikTok rave about this EOS shaving cream that reportedly gives you the softest, smoothest legs of your life. It works its magic with a mixture of aloe, oats, shea butter and antioxidant vitamins E and C.

Your teen may have seen the hair transformation videos on TikTok showing girls turn their dry, damaged hair into healthy, shiny locks. The product is this Olaplex shampoo and it's designed specifically for people whose hair needs that extra TLC. The shampoo can be used on its own or as part of a Olaplex's multi-product regimen.

It's 2022 and that means it's time to focus on you and be the very best version of yourself. After a TikToker shared her journey of quitting drinking soda every day, she showed everyone this infused water bottle that she uses to enjoy flavored water instead. Just fill up the water bottle and put your favorite kinds of fruits in the middle for refreshing infused water. It's portable, so it can come with you to school, practice and meetings too.

Makeup fans on TikTok have been raving about this lip plumping serum, which they say will give you the most luscious, plump lips that you have ever seen. These little plumpers are one of the most affordable and reliable lip solutions that Amazon has to offer -- if you're looking to plump, this could be your next a makeup must-have.

We've seen these cropped UGG boots on numerous celebrities on the streets on New York, and now we're starting to see them all over TikTok. They come in sizes for all genders and ages, and a range of fun colors. These are the perfect boots to just slide into on weekends or when you're on the go. TikTokers have been pairing them with joggers, leggings and even shorts.

One highly viral TikTok involved a makeup artist who grabbed this powder foundation along with a sponge and slowly spread the powder across her skin. It immediately provided her with full coverage and the gorgeous matte look that has been so popular in recent years. This powder foundation is great for anyone who has oily skin and wants to create a smooth finish for their makeup look.

Have you tried foot peeling? We know it sounds kind of gross, but it's actually a highly satisfying and soothing process. This foot peel mask blew up on TikTok after teens starting sharing videos of their experience of using this mask as well as showing off all the dead skin that it peeled off -- hey, they're teens. A little bit of gross-out and a whole lot of foot care.

This gizmo seems ridiculous (ok, it is), but it actually solves a problem. While you'd like teenagers to keep both hands on the wheel, they're going to snack on drive-thru food. It's going to happen. Dipping a nugget or fry into sauce is a two-handed activity -- or has been, until now. These dip clips hook on to the car's air vents provide a stable place to put those little tubs of sauce. These clips will allow a teen to keep a hand on the wheel and may reduce the chance of a fender-bender.

Going through puberty is hard and no one understands more than teenagers what it is like to deal with dry skin, oily skin, irritated skin and all the like. These oil wipes have earned rave reviews from teens on TikTok for their ability to absorb excess oil on the skin, resulting in more of a matte look and healthy finish. Application is simple -- just dab the little blotting sheet on oily areas of your face.

TikTok really brings out the weird side in all of us -- you might not naturally have thought about scraping your tongue, but here's a tongue scraper that's become a popular accessory thanks to TikTok advocates. Many who've jumped on the trend have found that it really does work; it turns out a good tongue scrape can leave your mouth feeling cleaner and can also improve your breath. Who knew?

Any product that gets teens to bathe more frequently is inherently appealing, right? The pressure on this filtered showerhead is strong, but that's just the beginning -- it also emits light that changes colors while you wash. Those little beads you see are said to purify the water for an extra level of cleanliness.

After a few makeup gurus shared their experience with this Sky High Mascara, many viewers flocked to Amazon, the closest drugstore or makeup shop to purchase it. People swear that this mascara will bring your lashes to lengths you didn't know they could reach, and that it stays on all day and night.

Dealing with acne is one of the hardest things teens go through, and a skincare regimen that includes these pimple patches can make a real difference in self-esteem. Many teens have posted TikToks showing off the sometimes amazing affects that these patches, which work overnight to cleanse the epidermis, have had on their skin.

Bring the party wherever you go with this portable karaoke microphone that has its own speaker. Connect it via Bluetooth to the singing app installed on your phone, and you're ready to sing the big hits Karaoke-style. Hilarious and crazy TikToks have been shared over the last few months of teenagers using these in the car, parties and practices to pull pranks on their friends or just belt out a catchy song.

Getting ready for school in the morning can be the most exhausting thing ever. While some teens roll out of bed, others wake up even earlier to do our hair, makeup and all the other good stuff. For the coiffure-conscious TikToker, this Revlon blowdryer has been a life-saver, able brush, blow dry and style hair all in one simple step.

After seeing their favorite TikTokers rock these blue light blocking glasses on our FYP, followers rushed to Amazon to get a pair of their own. Spending time staring at a computer screen, gaming, or glued to a phone can be rough on your eyes -- these glasses tout UV400 protection and are said to increase melatonin production to help you sleep better. Not only are they good for your eyesight, but they are also super cute, trendy and come in fun styles and colors on Amazon.

Around the holidays, videos of these chocolate bombs trended on TikTok and they've remained a popular feast for the eyes. Teenagers around the world are dropping little bombs of chocolate into warm glasses of milk in order to create the most delicious and savory treat of the winter -- or any time of year.

The hottest shoe trend for teenagers right now has to be the white platform sneaker look. Some of these trendy shoes can get a little bit on the pricier side -- we're talking $100 or more for a pair of made-to-be-plain white shoes. After a fashion guru TikToker shared these white sneakers on her page, they took off as an affordable way to stay right on trend.

Teens (and everyone) should probably steer clear of tanning beds, but nobody wants to be ghostly pale -- these tanning drops are a potentially safe alternative. No, you don't eat them -- they're a self-tanning substance that can be mixed in with lotion or moisturizer each morning to provide your skin with a little more tint and color.

Onesies are so done! These days, if you want to spend a night cuddled on the couch bingeing your favorite series, do it in style with a wearable blanket. This big, comfy wrap even has giant pockets to hold on to all of your belongings throughout the day.

No one hates an alarm clock more than a teenager who has to wake up for school early in the morning, but TikTok has found an alarm clock that every teenager will love. This digital clock not only will wake you up in the morning, but it can also charge all of your electronics including your phone, watch or tablet. On top of all of that, this little clock also serves as a mirror that you can use to check yourself out before you head to school, work or clubs.

Every teenager has a phone full of pictures they'll never print in physical form -- the lack of tangible photos has caused a huge resurgence of instant cameras. This Instax instant camera pack comes with a camera and three packs of film to get you started. (Instax is Fuji's equivalent of Kodak's Polaroid, btw.) Also included is a protective case for your new camera.

Kick back and relax at any time and any place with this inflatable lounger that can be blown up into a bed shaped lounging chair that you can bring to concerts, parks, beaches and grass areas to hang out and relax with friends. This lounge chair can also be shrunk down to fit in the special bag it comes with, or even stashed in a backpack or large purse.

If you do not know who Mikayla Nogueira is, check her out on TikTok because she is incredible. After she starred in the commercial for this K12 hair treatment, the product sold out in just a few days. Customers have been swearing by healing prowess of this leave-in molecular hair repair mask.

Many of today's teens are more health-conscious than generations past, favoring nutritious shakes or smoothies over frozen waffles or Pop Tarts. This portable blender will keep them on the healthy path -- and can be taken to school or on a trip.

Skin struggles are a part of teenage life, and many teens are looking for just the right product. This "skin-perfecting" exfoliating face wash has been named the best of its kind by several TikTok beauty gurus. This face wash aims to transform, heal and soothe your skin in just a few quick uses.

Any teen looking to upgrade their lunch this school year should consider these meal prep containers. This pack comes with enough containers to last you through the whole school week. There are little sections for your protein, vegetable and snack, making meal prepping so much more fun.