Sometimes a small thing can just inherently bring you joy – and it’s best if that small thing is reasonably priced. Each of these items can be yours for less than $50, and any one of them might cheer you up. Who doesn’t like a blanket that looks like a pizza? How about slippers and earrings with the classic smileyface? We’ve also selected candles shaped like cupcakes, a record player that looks like a suitcase, pillows shaped like your pet, and a moon-inspired night light. These aren’t only fun for you – they’re great gifts for birthdays, holidays or any occasion. Spreading happiness – because it feels good.

Bring happiness wherever you go with these smiley face slippers. Wearing this lightweight and fluffy footwear feels like you're walking on clouds, and the cuteness factor is off the charts. Slippers are for a lazy and laid-back day -- and with these smiley-faces on your feet, you'll always be reminded that you have plenty to be happy about.

Pizza is one of the most delicious foods on this planet -- not only tasty but comforting as well. Now you can snuggle up inside of this heavenly and soothing food with this pepperoni pizza blanket. It's round and massive, and has plenty of room to share with friends or a significant other.

Make every morning a happy morning with these egg shapers that can turn your fried eggs into 8 different shapes. Whether you want to start your morning out with a heart shaped fried egg or maybe a star one, this set has it all. It is great for serving guests, friends or even yourself.

Phone chargers are black or they're white -- right? Who says? Sometimes adding a pop of color to an ordinary object gives us just a little more joy. This colorful phone charger connects USB A to Lighting devices (i.e., an iPhone) and rocks several pastel shades; plus its braided nylon covering is designed to resist tangling.

Light up your room with this moon lamp -- it looks just like the moon and has different settings so you can customize it to your exact liking. It has four levels of brightness, three different color temperatures, and a timer, and you can control it all using your phone.

Wear your happiness wherever you go with this jewelry set that comes with a necklace and earrings featuring the classic smileyface design. These trinkets of positivity have been a big hit on social media, for obvious reasons. We could all use a few more smiles, every day.

We all know the way to somebody's heart is with a bouquet of flowers. But flowers die, right? You can avoid dead flowers with these fake flowers, which provide something pretty to look at every day -- no watering or feeding required.

Baking isn't only a productive kitchen activity; it's also a great way to a relax -- the stirring, mixing, and ensuing aroma wafting out of the oven boosts serotonin and brings a smile to your face. These cute measuring spoons that are shaped and decorated like cherries add to the fun and relaxing atmosphere in a baker's kitchen.

If you love a glass of wine at night time just as much as you love a cup of coffee in the morning, these slippers are calling your name. If coffee and wine aren't your style, check out the other options: Accept/Decline, Just/Don't, OK/Boomer, and more.

Sometimes the best way to make yourself happy is to cozy on down into the most comfortable outfit you own and turn on one of your favorite movies. My favorite outfit to get cozy in includes leggings and this fuzzy jacket is just tIt keeps me warm all day and night and can be worn with just about anything. It doesn't just have to be for the lazy day, it's a great jacket for a night out on the town too!

Sit back, relax and drink the most delicious wine you own out of this extra large wine glass that can hold up to 33 ounces of wine. If that doesn't excite you enough, this wine glass comes in a set of two so you can enjoy your favorite drink with a friend or significant other. Whether you fill them all the way or just a little, these modern wine glasses allow for the maximum aeration.

Bring the outdoors inside the comfort of your own home with this bonsai tree kit that comes with all of the essential items you need to create and grow a beautiful bosai tree. This kit allows you to grow up to 4 different kinds of bonsai trees and even comes with 4 pots and water trays.

Whether you have guests coming over and just want to go the extra mile, or you are just looking for little ways to make yourself happy, this cat shaped ice cube mold can get the job done. All you do is pour some water into the tray, stick it in the freezer and out comes the most adorable cat shaped ice cubes.

Flowers really do make everything better. These flower bathroom mats, which come in a pack of two, add a touch of color to a sometimes dull room.

Do you ever just look at something little and it brings a little bit of happiness to your face? These sticky notes have the simplest marble detailing -- sure, they may be a little extra, but sometimes you just need to embrace the flair.

Self care is important, we keep hearing, and this gold face mask is an affordable way to treat yourself right. It feel refreshing, soothing and soft on your skin, and might leave your skin glowing for days after using it.

Light up your life with this sunset lamp that people all over social media have claimed helps with seasonal depression. Whenever you are feeling dark, down or depressed, just turn on your sunset lamp on any setting or color that you desire. This light creates the most beautiful circle on any wall or surface, and also makes a great background for pictures and videos.

Why dress like every other person when you can stand out in a crowd and be your own? Sparkle and shine in this crossbody bag that is the shape of a tequila bottle. You will become the life of the party every time you throw this bag around you, and you will also be surprised to see how much it can actually hold. The compliments will be nonstop with this Amazon hidden gem.

You really can't argue with anything that is the color pink. These pink kitchen utensils come in a pack with everything you would ever need to have success in the kitchen. Anything from spatulas to whisks, you name it, this kitchen set has it.

Get a taste of joe from halfway around the world with this Atlas World Coffee Sampler. It comes with 4 different types of coffees, and also includes postcards and tasting notes for the true coffee connoisseur.

What's your home state? With this line of Homesick Scented Candles, you can choose a specially-scented candle from 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The Texas candle has an aroma of "leather, pine, and citrus;" North Carolina's scent is "blackberries, peaches, and notes of barbecue;" and Hawaii's smells of "juicy pineapple and coconut."

This customizable pet pillow will put a smile on any pet lover's face. Just submit an image of your puppy and out comes the most adorable pillow that has your furry friend on it. You can make a pillow paying tribute to anything or anybody -- cat, dog, gecko, favorite uncle, celebrity -- as long as you have the photo to upload.

Sleep is one of the best resets for your happiness and the sleep that you will get on this memory foam pillow is going to be just that. If you have neck pain or sleep problems, this could be the pillow that changes everything.

This nail decal set comes with some of the cutest heart designs that will spice up any manicure that you have going on -- twelve different colored hearts that range from colorful to sparkly.

Warm up your heart and your feet with these fuzzy slippers -- they come in a pack of six with different designs and colors, including stripes, hearts, and animal patterns.

Just relieving a little bit of stress once in a while can bring your happiness to a whole new level. If you're feeling stressed or anxious, squeezing and kneading this therapy dough can have a calming effect.

Clean up your work space while adding a touch of style with this gold desk supply set that will organize your space and make it look uniform at the same time.

These edible butterfly cake toppers are an impressive finishing touch for any baker -- put them on the plainest of cakes and it becomes the sort of dessert work of art you see on baking competition shows. You can actually eat them too... and they are delicious.

Bring some tropical happiness to your everyday routine with these vibrant makeup brushes. They come in a pack of 14 different brushes to help you blend and contour your way to that perfect look.

The Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle holds 32 ounces and comes with three lids. Finding the one that matches your style is easy, as it is available in 25 colors and patterns. It'll keep a hot beverage hot for 12 hours, and a cold beverage cold for 24 hours.

Spice up your living situation and add a pop of color to your home with these trash bags that come with over 150 bags in 5 different colors -- blue, green, pink, yellow and purple. They are tough, puncture-resistant, and available in various sizes.

Add some color to your look with this lipstick that will hydrate your lips and make you feel beautiful all day and night. It's available in 12 shades and contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and protective organic konjac root powder from Japan.

Turn every shower into the most relaxing and refreshing experience of your life with this scalp massager that will give you clean hair and scalp. Just scrub in your favorite shampoo into your hair and then slowly massage this handy shower tool into your head for the ultimate experience.

Refresh your room and your life with this fragrance spray that is safe to put near any bedding, furniture, pillows and more. This room spray will imbue your home with a relaxing and refreshing smell. This spray comes in a pack of two, so you don't have to be stingy about how much you are spraying around your home.

No, we didn't find a Picasso original for less than $50 on Amazon. It's a sharp reproduction of a poster from 1956 that will brighten your room with its floral hues and take you back to the style and culture of mid-century Paris.

Sometimes all it takes to clear your mind is a little reorganization. These fridge containers are the quickest and easiest way to organize your fridge space -- taming that fridge is a crucial de-cluttering regimen that everyone in the household will appreciate.

Relax and spin some vinyl on this vintage suitcase-style record player that can project loud and clear music as well as add some decoration to any room you put it in. It looks old-school, but it's not -- this record player can also connect to Bluetooth so you can play your favorite tunes off of your phone, tablet or laptop.

Having something or someone to cozy up next to can change your whole entire mood -- and if there's no one else around, this weighted blanket gets the job done. The weight adds a little extra comfort and contributes to a more satisfying sleep.

This Clinique perfume has a woody fragrance with notes of mandarin orange, cassia, cucumber, primula, carrot, water hyacinth, sandalwood, and white woods. It is suitable for all skin types, and its scent lingers for up to eight hours.

These Steve Madden white sneakers have that classic, pristine look. They're slip-ons, which makes things easy, and you'll gain some stature thanks to the slight lift in the heel.

A robe makes everything better -- it's the garment of relaxation, leisure and self-care. Wrap yourself up in this soft and comfortable night time robe and then begin your nightly skin care routine or contemplate a dip in the jacuzzi. Got stress? No you don't -- you're in your robe.

If you are really looking to work on your mental health and find different ways to stay happy and positive throughout stressful times, this self help book might be exactly what you need to get there. This book teaches all the different ways that you can overcome different obstacles that life throws at you, and it gives you stories about people who've done just that in their lives.

This oversized hoodie is comfort clothing from Amazon's Essentials line. It's available in 29 colors and patters -- including stripes, camo and leopard -- with certain styles available in plus sizes up to 6X.