Pregnancy and being a new mom are exciting times – but also stressful and tiring times. If you have a friend with a newborn or one on the way, a thoughtful gift can make her life a little easier and remind her she’s not in this alone. Soothing body balms and bath products can make her feel better, pregnancy pillows can help her get needed sleep, and loose clothing can help her feel more comfortable around the house. We even found cookies with ingredients that encourage lactation.

Who doesn't love a good piece of clothing with a fun saying on it? These Mama Bear slippers are the perfect mix of cute, comfortable, and necessary. They are a fun little gift to give to the new mom in your life.

There is nothing better than a foot rub at the end of the day. And if you don't want to rely on asking someone for a foot rub, then this TheraFlow Dual Wooden Foot Massager is the perfect way to get that relief on your own.

The wine FOMO during pregnancy is very real. That's a long nine months to have nothing but water when all of your friends are enjoying alcoholic beverages. This lovely Mocktail book has over 45 recipes of delicious drinks to enjoy while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Instead of a serious gift, get your friend a funny Queen themed Mama mug that will make her smile every time she uses it to pour her morning coffee or tea. This is a fun and low cost way to show someone you care.

This awesome NuFACE MINI is a facial tool that is used with a gel on skin. This tool helps to firm skin in just 5 minutes per day! This is great for new parents that have little time, but luckily most of us at least have 5 minutes for better skin.

This awesome Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager fits onto a chair in the home and provides a great massage for the neck and back without the need to go to a spa or call your partner in from the other room.

A nice bath is a must-have during pregnancy and this bath pillow will make that bath even more luxurious. It adds a cushion to the tub and makes soaking much more relaxing. Add a nice cup of herbal tea and you will have the best bath time ever.

This maternity and nursing robe is a perfect gift to give that can last someone all the way through their pregnancy and into postpartum. It is cozy enough to fit a big belly comfortably and provides easy access for breastfeeding.

Even when babies are in the womb, there is a time that they can still hear sounds which means you can talk to them and even play music for them. These bluetooth belly headphones make it possible to play all your favorites for baby.

There is something very special about reading a baby book to your child, because it can let them know what life was like before they remember. This very cute Letters to My Baby book gives prompts of stories to share with a child once they are old enough.

This RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat is a serious upgrade to a regular eye mask. It plays music, it heats up, and it is rechargeable. This is the perfect thing to relax with after a long and stressful day.

You may think of a massager like the Theragun Mini as a product for athletes, but this is just a great product for anyone with sore muscles -- and moms certainly fit that description. During pregnancy the body goes through a lot of uncomfortable changes and this deep tissue massager is a great relief.

Sometimes the best thing for a pregnant woman is just something yummy and easy requires no effect. This chocolate gift basket comes with a bunch of different chocolate treats to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.

Hands can get dry and cracked, especially in winter. And taking care of her own skin may be the last thing on a new mom's mind. This La Chatelaine Hand Cream Trio is the perfect gift because it comes with three different scents and is extra strength for very dry hands.

If you can't think of one thing to get your pregnant friend, then maybe the best thing is to get her an all-inclusive gift set. This Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit contains everything she would need from the hospital to labor to postpartum goodies.

No pregnant woman wants to be relegated to just maternity clothes that are not as cute as they want to be. There are still plenty of clothing options that are not specifically designed for pregnant women, but will still accommodate a baby belly. This summer dress is a cute and comfortable option for the spring and summer months.

There are a lot of ways to commemorate the pregnancy, but this Pearhead Belly Casting Kit might be the most fun. You basically paper-mâché the belly and get a silly keepsake for the rest of your life.

One of the dreaded side effects of pregnancy is getting stretch marks, which are 100% natural. But there is no shame in wanting to minimize them. This Burt's Bees Belly Butter is a yummy smelling butter than helps to minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

This Petunia Pick Bottom Axis Backpack is conveniently designed to be a stylish option for outings with a new baby. The bag includes an insulated bottom section that is great for keeping breast milk cool. It also contains a changing pad that works great if you have a situation to take care of and there's no changing table.

This pair of fuzzy slippers has a bonus for pregnant women and busy new moms: arch support. These are also stylish enough that you will still feel cute even if you spend your whole day indoors.

New moms do not have time to sit down and drink the entire cup of coffee in the morning, so this temperature controlled mug is a great gift option. It keeps the warm liquid hot for hours rather than minutes. You could make the morning cup of coffee, forget about, and still pick it up and have hot coffee hours later.

There have been tons and tons of pregnancy books written in the past -- perhaps your mother has one she swears by -- but perhaps it's better to read something that is new and written specifically for the time we are in now. That is what Bumpin': The Modern Guide to Pregnancy does.

One of the lesser publicized annoyances of being pregnant is how uncomfortable it is to sleep. This Leachco Snoogle Pillow can bend to fit whatever shape will make sleep most comfortable and helps take some of the weight of the belly off the pregnant person.

Pregnant women usually have to get new clothes, from roomier day duds to sleepwear, which can be a huge cost for just nine months of wear. These sleep pants can expand to fit the pregnant belly, but will likely still be wearable postpartum.

A bath is heavenly, but a bath with these Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes is even better. The salts help to alleviate pregnancy aches and pains, and reduce stress as well. And pregnancy can be stressful -- you know, that whole "should I really be bringing another human into the world" thing.

Every new parents needs a good diaper bag to carry around with them as they begin to bring their child around in the world. This pretty heather gray diaper bag is a sensible and stylish option that any new parent would be happy to have.

This nine months is going to be a time that your friend or family member will want to remember forever. This pretty pregnancy journal contains prompts and blank papes to keep track of all the little steps along the way to baby.

One of the dreaded pregnancy symptoms is morning sickness. Most people try to minimize the amount of medication they take during pregnancy so morning sickness can be difficult to deal with. These anti-nausea acupuncture wristbands can help ease that nausea without the use of any medicine.

There is nothing better than a super comfy pair of pajamas, especially during pregnancy. Your body may not feel its best, but your pajamas can be wonderful and comforting. This sleepwear set is also designed for breastfeeding, so you can wear it into postpartum.

There is nothing worse than not being able to get a good night's rest. This is especially true when you are growing a whole human inside your body. This awesome Babymoov Dream Belt Sleep Aid is a convenient and compact way to get support while sleeping. It's a more portable version of a pregnancy pillow.

This comfy pair of maternity compression socks helps to increase blood circulation within the legs during pregnancy, with extra padding in the toe for increased comfort. The socks also help reduce varicose veins as well.

New parent life seems to revolve all around the baby, leaving mom feeling exhausted. What she needs is some good old-fashioned pampering. This natural bath gift set includes everything someone would need to have a full spa night at home, including a facial mask, eye mask, and shower steamer.

Arch support is key to any good pair of shoes and these Dr. Scholl's Madison Sneakers are a sensible and chic shoe option that will keep a new mom's feet comfortable even after a long day of walking around.

A good quality heating pad can provide the comfort a pregnant woman or new mom needs. From anything from a sore back to menstrual cramping, this classic device is a life saver. This one comes with an extra long cord, so you don't even need to be close to an outlet to use it.

There is something very special about the very first time a mother sees her baby -- in most cases, that initial glimpse is the ultrasound photo. This frame is sized to be perfect to fit an ultrasound picture and is an amazing gift to help new parents commemorate the very first sight they got of the baby.

Diptyque candles are luxurious and expensive, but they really do deliver on quality. This Baies scented candle smells like a green riverside garden and can transport the smeller straight to a lush green expanse. It's the perfect bath companion.

Slides because they can pretty much be worn everywhere, and they let your feet breathe. You can dress them up to go to brunch, but you can also wear them to walk the dog or go to the grocery store. These Cushionaire Cloud Slides are a super comfortable option that will keep feet supported.

Not every gift needs to scream out loud what it is for. This understated Dear Ava necklace is a pretty little reminder that you are thinking of your friend with a gift that doesn't scream "You're pregnant!"

Are you really a new parent if you don't take stylized, adorable photos of your baby at every month milestone? This felt letter board is an easy, changeable prop to include in all those photos -- you'll never forget which milestone you're marking with a letter board announcing "6 MONTHS" or "FIRST THANKSGIVING" in the shot.

This Pink Stork Morning Sickness Relief Bundle includes a few different items that help ease morning sickness symptoms, like tea and ginger sweets. Ginger is a great natural nausea reliever, so this is a key thing to have around during those first few months of pregnancy.

Walking around with all that extra weight is no joke. It's like a workout that never ends. This AZMED Maternity Belt helps support the belly when her back muscles are saying uncle.

New moms have to be careful how much caffeine they have when they are breastfeeding, so this Mommee Coffee designed for moms is a great gift. It has half the caffeine and less acid than a regular cup of coffee, which means new moms can still enjoy their morning cup of coffee.

Skipping the morning caffeine pick-me-up can be a big adjustment, but adding herbal tea in the mix can be a great way to have that same hot coffee vibe without the caffeine. This herbal tea gift set comes with four different types of teas to try.

This super comfortable Suekaphine Nursing Bra comes in a five-pack of different neutral colors and is a great practical gift to give an expecting mother. It's supportive, but does not have an underwire which can be uncomfortable on tender breasts.