Kitchen clutter affects us all. But there’s good news: Whether you’re trying to squeeze more into a smaller space or just want to be more organized, there are plenty of innovative fixtures and gadgets available to make the most of the space you have.

Pop your corn the easy way with this amazingly clever Zulay Large Microwave Popcorn Maker. Just throw in some kernels with whatever oil or butter you desire, and press the "popcorn" setting on your microwave. It's collapsible, so storage is easy.

This compact, portable DASH Mini Rice Cooker has a 2-cup capacity, and can easily be placed on your countertop. You can also use it to whip up things like oatmeal, stew, soup, quinoa, pasta, and more.

This set of Wildone Mixing Bowls come in 7-Quart, 3.5-Quart, 2.5-Quart, 2-Quart and 1.5-Quart sizes and each has a deep basin design that lets you easily measure and prepare food, then stack them together for easy storage. And the included silicone lids and bottoms make them easy to throw in the fridge.

This FINDKING Magnetic Knife Strip is 18-inches long, so you can store all your favorite knives on its attractive Ash Wood. The entire thing is durable, water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

This GeekDigg Pot Rack Organizer is adjustable, so you can easily organize and access up to nine frying pans and pots of various sizes.

If you struggle to open jars, this EZ Off Jar Opener, the #1 Best Seller in Jar Openers, lets you effortlessly open tough lids of any size with a simple twist. Just install it with the included adhesive and screws, ideally under any cabinet for easier access.

The Nostalgia 3-in-1 Electric Breakfast Station is a versatile device that gives you the freedom and convenience of preparing your breakfast with a single kitchen gadget. Its multi-function toaster can be used for a number of different foods, and includes a 4-cup coffee maker that brews in minutes and a family-sized, non-stick griddle with plenty of room.

This Joseph Joseph Nesting Utensil Set includes a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon and a ladle. The handles of the tools are magnetic so they are held securely together in the storage stand, resulting in a compact design.

Get your cutlery organized in one place with this expandable Pipishell Drawer Organizer. With 6-8 compartments, the tray can go from 13-inches to 19.6-inches and is made of premium bamboo.

This Dr Catch Paper Towel Holder comes in three color options, so you can choose the one that best matches your kitchen’s décor. Made of stainless steel, it is strong, waterproof, rustproof and durable. Plus, it's easy to install: just stick it on with the included adhesive tape or use a drill and screws to secure it to a wall or shelf.

This Nifty Solutions 3-Tier Oven Rack “permits you to cook as many as three levels of large casseroles together with a sizable roaster,” so you not only significantly save space in the oven, but save yourself cooking and warming time as well. It also folds flat for easy storage.

If you’ve got tons and tons of spice jars littering your kitchen, this X-cosrack Spice Rack can hang on the back of your pantry wall to organize and free up that counter space. With a 4-layer design, it can hold over 36, 6-ounce spice jars.

This FAVIA Measuring Cups and Spoons Set has a stackable design that nests each of its 10 pieces inside the others to save you space on your cabinet. It includes a 1-litre measuring cup, a scraper, funnel, and more.

These expandable KongNai Silicone Funnels are collapsible and include a slot you can use to hang them on your wall. The set offers you a wide variety of colors and sizes as well.

Yes, this over-the-sink MERRYBOX Dish Drying Rack is a large capacity drying rack that uses vertical space, rather than precious counter space. It will also help you keep all your dishes and utensils organized.

This BUTEFO 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Set stacks eight different kitchen tools together to form the shape of a wine bottle. You get a funnel, juicer, garter, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator and measuring cup.

This Attom Tech Home Dish Drying Rack can be placed over the sink, then folded to store when you don’t need it. Measures 17.7-Inches by 15.5-Inches, it can also dry vegetables and fruit, and can even be used as a trivet for hot dishes.

This Elbee Home 8-Piece Baking Set has everything you need to make tasty treats in your kitchen, including a large roasting pan, an 8-inch square cake tin, a small oven tray, two muffin pans, two, 8-inch round cake tins, and one large oven tray. They are all non-stick, dishwasher safe, and rust-resistant. Plus, they all neatly stack together for low-profile storage.

These quick-draining Collapsible Colanders are made of high-quality silicone and collapse down to just 1.4-Inches.

This Farberware 30-Piece Storage Caddy includes 11 different knives, a can opener, a spatula, measuring cups and spoons, and more. All the tools are stored compactly in a revolving block that keeps them within easy reach while cooking -- all while saving a ton of counter space.

This Chef’s Path Airtight Food Container Set has a stunning 4.8-star rating, with over 45,000 ratings. It includes 24 containers in extra-large, large, medium and small sizes, and all of them can be easily stacked on top of each other. They also come with a set of measuring spoons, and reusable chalkboard labels and a chalkboard marker to make sure you can easily find what you're looking for.

This Magnetic Shelf for your Kitchen Stove quickly and safely attaches to the top edge of the range, using two silicone encased magnets. Perfect for storing your cooking oils, spices, condiments and more.

This Tiptiper Folding Table can act as a dining table or a small kitchen stand for extra storage. The table comes with six wheels (four of which are lockable) and a tiered storage shelf to further de-clutter your kitchen.

This Spicy Shelf Undersink Organizer has an adjustable design that extends in width, height and depth, but can also fit conveniently around your plumbing. Plus, it's easy to assemble and made of high-quality plastic that can hold up to 40 pounds.

This FOMANSH Wine Glass Rack is made of durable iron, is easy to install and can hold between six and nine glasses, depending on their size.

These super colorful 20-ounce Sweese Porcelain Bowls are stackable for easy storage and are dishwasher safe.

These 2 SONGMICS Shelf Organizers come in brown, silver and white and let you practically double your storage space. Each shelf is powerful enough to hold up to 22-pounds each.

Food container lids are particularly annoying to store in an orderly manner. So we love that this simple YouCopia Lid Organizer is able to hold round and square container lids with its five adjustable dividers.

These super simple, stackable Veckle Under Shelf Baskets just slide into place under any shelf or cabinet.

These ELYPRO Mug Organizers help you keep your kitchen cabinets tidy by allowing you to stack your mugs and cups on top of each other. These devices are one size fits all, so you can be sure they will work with any sized mug.

Leave no corner unused with this Ollieroo Corner Shelf, which has three tiers and four metal hooks. You can use them for all sorts of kitchen gadgets or tools, and even adjust the position of each tier according to your needs.

This Refrigerator Storage Rack actually works as a standalone shelf, if that's what you need -- but flip it over and you can hang it off the side of your fridge for bonus shelf space.

Microwaves eat up counter space -- here's how to reclaim some of it. This expandable, adjustable PUSDON Microwave Oven Rack fits overtop of a microwave, and will accommodate tools and condiments.

These Simple Houseware Mounted Pot Lid Organizers let you easily store six lids of any size and handle type. Plus, it's easy to install with three screws per rack. "I don’t have wall space in my kitchen," writes an Amazon reviewer who gave this organizer five stars. "What you see in the picture is it. This is a perfect solution for me. Lids are out of the way, and easy to get to for use."

This Agoist Slim Storage Cart is only 6.69-inches in width, but has three tiers, so it fits in tight spaces and has plenty of storage space. Plus, you can easily move it around with the four easy-glide wheels and an easy-grip handle.

This Cutting Board has a collapsible, portable and space-saving design. It's a chopping board and a storage basket, and it even works as a camping sink if you’re on the go. Plus, it comes with 3-in-1 scissors that can be dismantled and used for other purposes, like a fish scaler, a nutcracker or a bottle opener.

This wildly popular Joseph Joseph Compact Cutlery Organizer has and average of 4.5 stars over 68,000 ratings and is designed to create more space in your drawer. Measuring at 15.6-Inches x 4.33-Inches x 2.25-Inches, it even has icons to easily identify your cutlery.

This compact Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain is designed with clips that will fit nearly all round pots, pans and bowls to drain excess water. And it takes up about 1/4 the cabinet space of a full-size strainer.

This #1 Best Selling HBTower 3-Step Ladder earns an impressive 4.8 stars from over 25,000 ratings. This step ladder is portable and foldable, so you can easily store it in any nook of your kitchen.