It’s 2022 and working out in the comfort of your own home is more appealing than ever. And with Amazon’s vast inventory of fitness equipment and accessories, building the ultimate home gum is easier than ever. Of course weights, bikes and exercise balls are always a necessity, but how about a mini fridge to keep all your post-workout drinks cold, mats for yoga and a weighted hula hoop? These 45 products will help you create the perfect exercise oasis.

These Free Weights Work For Newbies Or Muscle Heads

A gym is not a gym without a set of free weights. This modular set can be used to make everything from lightweight dumbbells to an 88lb barbell for bench presses, deadlifts or squats.

These Motivational Posters Will Get You Through The Tough Days

Although the equipment in your at-home gym is key to your fitness goals and success, so is the ambience. Get in the zone and stay motivated with wall posters that have different inspiring and motivational quotes across them. If you feel discouraged or want to give up, take a look at these four posters and remember why you started.

This Hula Hoop Is Heavier Than It Looks

Not all workouts have to be boring! Spice up your workout routine with one a weighted hula hoop that can help shape your body and give you that trim core you have always dreamed of. This weighted hula hoop is a fun activity that you can easily squeeze into your day. It is the perfect size to be tucked away or hung up on a rack in your home gym.

This Foam Roller Will Massage Your Whole Body

What you do after your workout is important too. That is exactly why you might want to invest in a foam roller that will simulate getting a massage from a therapist. This deep tissue massager works to help your muscles and back after a workout in order to maximize its effectiveness.

These Dumbells For The Light Workouts

Although we want to gain muscle and get in shape, we have to take it easy at the same time. Make sure to include these mini dumbells in your home gym for the days that you want a lighter workout. These weights are perfect to incorporate into your abdominal workout routine or even just to add on to leg exercises in order to add a little bit more resistance to whichever exercise you're doing.

This Back And Neck Massager Will Revive Your Body

Everyone deserves a little break every once in a while. Sit back and relax in your upgraded home gym with this back and neck massager that will reset and revive your muscles hours or days after an intense workout. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a massage appointment when you can get the job done with this guy?

This Exercise Ball Has Hundereds Of Different Functions

An Exercise Ball is a go-to item to keep in any at-home gym. These balls have been around for years and can be used for hundreds of different exercises including yoga, cardio and pregnancy exercises. This ball can also assist in strengthening your balance skills and help to relieve back pains or aches.

This Gym Rack Holds All Of Your New Gym Accessories

The most important part about having the best home gym is keeping it clean -- it can't be a cool home gym if it's always a mess. Keep your workout space tidy with this rack organizer that was specifically made to hold gym equipment and accessories. Hang anything from your towels to your yoga mats in order to have easy access to them as well as a clear space to workout in.

These Gym Towels Will Give You Some Motivation

It's hard to stay motivated when you are working out at home because it's so much easier to just quit and walk over to your couch. Stay motivated throughout all of your workouts with these gym towels bearing inspiring and motivational phrases. They are great to hang on the rack to keep you encouraged, and also convenient after that workout to wipe off all the sweat.

This Adjustable Weight Bench Is Just Right For Arm Day

Support your body, back and mind with this adjustable weight bench that has 6 different back adjustments and 4 different seat adjustments. This insures that you are in the most comfortable and convenient position for whichever workouts you want to complete that day. The cushioning on this adjustable bench feels like a mattress and assists in making every workout a comfortable one.

This Pushup Board Will Give You Grade A Posture

How many pushups can you do -- and are you doing them the right way? Time to figure it out with this pushup board that helps to optimize your technique. It will assist you in using the right posture while doing your pushups and will help with joint pain too. This pushup board is a great at-home product that can easily be tucked away when not in use.

These Booty Bands Will Make Your Booty Pop

If you have been trying to build your booty, these booty bands are exactly what you need to reach that goal. These bands have been scientifically proven to assist in shaping your glutes as well as providing you with the ultimate support throughout your workouts. These workout bands also come with a guide that shows you different kinds of ways you can use them to optimize your posterior sculpting.

This Wall Mount Can Hold All Your Gym Accessories

If you love your Tuesday morning yoga classes, then you will love this yoga mat wall mount that can keep your yoga mat and other accessories organized on any wall in your house. Hang this bad boy up in your at home gym and you will automatically have a yoga mat holder as well as a shelf to store and hold any and all of your other gym accessories.

This Massage Gun Will Soothe Your Tired Muscles

After putting your at-home gym to work, you may need one of these massage guns. The pulsing motion penetrates your muscles, helping them to relax, and relieves any pain or discomfort you may have after an intense workout. This handheld percussion gun is the perfect tool to use after a workout.

This Fitness Journal Will Keep You On Your Best Game

Keep yourself accountable and make progress every day with this fitness journal that you can store in your new home gym. Instead of bringing this notebook out to a public gym, you can comfortably refer to it and write in it as you reach new goals and complete your workout. This journal can help you document your weight as well as track your lifting and weight progress.

This Workout Belt Will Make You Sweat

Work that sweat with this sweat waist trainer that attaches to your waist to optimize the amount of sweat that you are releasing throughout your workouts. This belt can be adjusted to fit as tightly or loosely as you want and has comfortable padding that will support you throughout your workout.

This Yoga Mat Tells You How To Do The Exercises

If you love to do yoga but you're not an expert on all the positions, this exercise mat will be perfect for you. This mat can be used for anything from weight training to ab exercises but it's especially helpful for yoga novices -- just roll it out and assume the different yoga positions that are illustrated right there on the mat.

This Punching Bag Will Improve Your Reflexes

Forget cardio for the day and get your exercise done in a new and fun way. This punching bag is lightweight and can be moved around to any part of your new home gym. It helps build speed and endurance as well as your reflex abilities. This free-standing punch bag also comes with two boxing gloves and a pump to keep it filled with air.

Burn Calories On This Exercise Bike While You Binge Shows

Looking to really upgrade your at-home gym? This indoor exercise bike is just what you need to get your cardio in while also improving your blood circulation, boosting your metabolism, and improving your overall health. This bike is a great machine to invest in as you will also be investing in yourself. It even has a display mount to place your iPad, so you can watch movies while you workout.

This Squat Machine Will Give You The Booty Of Your Dreams

Work out your glutes, quads and hamstrings all in one workout with this fitness squat machine that assists in toning and strengthening your entire body. Just sit down in the seat, push down with your legs and then enjoy a remarkably satisfying workout.

These Resistance Bands Come With A Little Gift

When it comes to your beach body workout, these resistance bands have got you covered. This pack comes with three different bands that all have different strengths of resistance, allowing you to fully customize the workout and experience that you would like to get out of them. They come in three fun colors and have a bag to carry them around in.

This Mini Fridge Holds Your Protein Shakes And Waters

If you are really looking to upgrade your home gym into a relaxing and convenient place to work on your fitness, this mini fridge is an absolute must. Store all of your necessities in it, including your waters, energy drinks and even a few towels to cool off with after an intense workout. It's just the right size so it won't take up too much space in the room.

A Desk Bike You Can Multitask On

If you don't have an entire room to turn into an at-home gym, you can make any room a gym with this desk bike that allows you to burn some calories as you go about your everyday life. Just place this bike underneath any desk or table and then start pedaling. You can answer e-mails or just do Wordle while doing your cardio -- that's the good kind of multitasking.

This Mirror Can Be Taped To The Wall

There's a reason gyms often have mirrored walls -- looking in a mirror while exercising can keep you motivated, and is also helpful for making sure you're following the correct form. This wall mirror is the perfect one to place in your upgraded at-home gym. This full length mirror comes with adhesive tape, making it easy to attach on to any wall or surface.

These Grip Socks Will Give You Confidence In Every Step

If you enjoy working out without shoes on, but you hate when you start to slip and slide all over the mats, these grip socks may solve your problem. A firm grip will increase your confidence in every movement and step you take while completing your workouts. These grip socks may also help with sore feet, as they reduce the rubbing and slipping that usually occurs throughout a workout.

This Abdominal Roller Will Tone Those Abs

Who's ready for that summer body? Tone your abdominal muscles with this abdominal roller that can strengthen your core. You may begin to see improvements after just a few uses. This exercise roller is great for anyone who wants a concentrated core workout -- it'll wear you out in a hurry. You can store this roller away on a rack or in a drawer so it doesn't take up too much space in your gym.

This Weighted Jump Rope Will Strengthen Your Whole Body

You can change you exercises up a bit while also strengthening every part of your body with this weighted jump rope that will give both your arms and legs the workout of a lifetime. You can learn how to complete different skills and tricks on this rope while also gaining muscle and burning calories, all at the same time.

This Mat Cleaner Will Keep Your Equipment Smelling Fresh And Looking Clean

You may be the only one using the equipment in your hole gym, but it's still important to keep your stuff clean. This yoga mat cleaner will make sure those foam mats don't get ratty. In fact, the lavender-chamomile scent will keep the whole room smelling fresh.

These Dice Tell You What Workouts To Do

One of the hardest parts about working out from home with limited equipment is deciding what exercises to do. Leave it to the roll of the dice -- these workout dice, specifically. It's a fun way to gamify your workout, and you need little to no equipment to complete these exercises.

These Towels Feel Like Heaven After A Workout

There is nothing more refreshing than placing a cold towel on the back of your neck after a hot workout. Just soak these cooling towels in water, and these bad boys will stay cold for up to three hours.

This Barbell Pad Makes Squats More Comfortable

This barbell pad protects your neck, shoulders and back with 1.3" of foam, and will insure you have a safe and successful workout. Velcro straps keep it in place and prevent injury.

These Exercise Mats Will Cover Your Whole Entire Gym

Cover up to 24 square feet of gym space with these exercise mats that a create a safe and comfortable floor to exercise on. Not only will it protect your wood or carpet from being damaged by the heavy equipment, but it can also provide a comfortable platform for you to do exercise where you sit or lay down. It is easy to put into place and also easy to take a part if you don't want to use it anymore.

These Ankle Weights Will Give You Slim And Toned Legs

Heighten the experience of leg day with these ankle weights that can provide you with new and improved ways of strengthening and toning your legs. Just strap these extremely comfortable ankle bracelets to your legs and begin your cable kickbacks, mountain climbers or even lunges. They add a bit of pressure to each workout, bringing you to your goals quicker and more efficiently.

This Fan Will Make Your Workouts More Bearable

One of the worst parts about working out at a public gym is not being able to have control over the air conditioning in the venue -- one day it's a sauna, the next it's Antarctica. This remote controlled fan that has 6 different speeds and 3 different modes to keep your home workout room chilled.

This Fitness Tracker Will Help You Reach Your Goals

When your at-home gym is good to go, you are going to need some kind of fitness tracker to keep tabs on your vital signs and goals. This fitness band, one of the most affordable health tracking devices on Amazon, tells you all about your heart rate, calories and more.

This Wall Clock Keeps You From Losing Lose Track Of Time

Timing is everything -- it's a good move to invest in this digital wall clock. Keep track of time and the lengths of your workouts with this modern wall clock that has LEDs built into it and can even be used as a source of light in your new at-home gym.

Use This Whiteboard To Keep Track Of Your Dreams And Accomplishments

One of the best parts of having a gym in your own home is being able to do absolutely whatever you want in it -- it's your gym for your progress toward your goals. Hang up this whiteboard to keep track, set reminders, and encourage yourself with motivational quotes.

This Pullup Rack Will Help You Keep Those Arms Toned

This pullup rack is a simple, classic home workout accessory that really gets results. Just hang it on the top of your door way and grab ahold of the bar anytime you are ready for some pullups. Get in the habit of doing them regularly and you'll be surprised at your progress.

These Leggings Are As Soft As Butter

With your new and improved home gym, you'll need some new workout clothes. This leggings set comes with 4 pairs of comfortable and buttery soft leggings that will keep you comfortable and supported throughout all of your different workouts. They are stretchy, soft and feel extremely lightweight when it comes to working out on leg day.

This Wrist Trainer Will Help Ease Some Stress

Of course it is important to focus on the basics such as your legs, arms and chest. But don't neglect your wrist, forearms and hands -- this wrist trainer is a quick and easy way to improve the strength, power and speed of all three. It is also a great exercise to relieve some stress and tension that you may be carrying around.

This Training Ladder Can Prepare You For Sports

If you love playing sports, than you should definitely check out this agility ladder. It is a workout accessory that can be used both indoors and outdoors in order to strengthen your balance, speed and strength. Soccer and basketball players are known to use this technique as a way to practice their agility. It's super fun and something you can do with friends too.

This Foam Box Will Help You Work Off Those Love Handles

There is nothing more reliable than a nice little jump box. This balance foam box is a quick and easy way to strengthen your body from top to bottom as well as get rid of those love handles or excess fat you are looking to burn. You can use this box as a platform for weights and lunges, or you can use it as a box to do your jumps on and off of.

These Drawers Will Organize Your Whole Gym

In order to keep this upgraded home gym organized and clean, you must invest in some of these drawer organizers that can store all of the little gym necessities. These drawers also make it easy to access what you need when you need it.

These Workout Shoes Will Never Get Dirty Inside Your House

If you are going to be working out from the comfort of your home, you have to make sure that you have the right kind of shoes. You should consider cross-trainers because they are so versatile. These Reebok Nano X1 sneakers are made for everything -- hiking, walking, running, and especially working out.

These Exercise Cards an Turn Working Out Into A Game

Combine exercising and card games and here's what you get: the Joker Fit exercise card game. It displays different kinds of workouts as well as instructions on how to complete them. Just pull a couple cards from the stack and you will have a fully planned (if random) workout.