No matter how clean you keep your space, a cramped home can still be challenging to work with. Small kitchens, undersized vanities, and a lack of storage can make even the tidiest homes feel claustrophobic. But fear not — many innovative products can help you open up space, even if you think you’ve already made the most of what you have. From narrow cabinets with small footprints to over-the-door organizers that will double the size of your pantry, we’ve selected a few of our favorites to share with you below. Keep scrolling for more.

This Super Slim Cabinet Will Slide In Next to Your Toilet

A little extra storage space is never a bad thing — and this cabinet is slim enough that it should be able to fit next to most toilets. Multiple drawers give you ample space for everything from shampoo bottles to spare toilet paper rolls. Plus, reviewers raved about how it's "easy to assemble."

A Shoe Rack That Doubles as a Bench

Instead of taking up space with both a shoe rack and bench in your entryway, open up some room by combining them into one piece. Each order includes the thick cushion you see pictured, and there's enough space to store up to ten pairs of shoes.

This Space-Saving Hamper Won't Take Up Floor Space

Hang this space-saving hamper up in your closet, or even add it to the back of your bedroom door to help save some floor space. It's made from high-quality Oxford fabric, with a zipper on the bottom so that you can easily dump your dirty clothes right into the wash — and each order even comes with stainless steel hooks for hanging.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper That's Light and Airy

Dark walls can make your home feel smaller than it is, making this peel-and-stick wallpaper an affordable way to help make it feel ope and airy. Renters can appreciate how it easily peels off without leaving any sticky residues once it's time to move out — and at less than $15 per roll, covering an entire wall shouldn't break your monthly budget.

This Lazy Susan Turntable Helps Open Up Cabinet Space

This Lazy Susan turntable can help you tidy up if your cabinets are overflowing with stuff. Multiple divided compartments help keep all your belongings organized, while stainless steel ball bearings underneath allow it to spin 360 degrees smoothly. The non-slip feet on the bottom help keep it from shifting around.

This Easy-to-Install Pantry System Can Hold Up To 300 Pounds

Made from tough metal that can support up to 300 pounds, this easy-to-install pantry system will help you open up space for even more stuff in your kitchen. Or, if your pantry is already spacious, you can also use it in your laundry or utility room to store detergent, shoes, and more.

Brighten Your Home With This Art Deco Style Wall Mirror

If your home lacks natural light, try hanging this wall mirror across from a window. It will help bounce light around so that rooms feel brighter, and the hexagonal frame gives it a modern touch that's almost guaranteed to look good regardless of where you hang it.

Cluttered Vanities Will Be A Thing of Your Past With This Makeup Organizer

Cluttered vanities can make your bathroom feel smaller than it is. Luckily, this rotating makeup organizer features adjustable shelves that can accommodate nearly any skincare bottle and slots for brushes, lipsticks, etc. Plus, it even spins 360 degrees so that it's easy to reach any items located in the back.

The Dining Set With In-Built Smart Storage

Large dining sets can take up a ton of space in cramped kitchens, whereas this compact one looks good and gives you room to store plates, cups, and more. The top is made from water-resistant wood — just in case of a spill — and the chairs are even padded for extra comfort.

A Broom Closet Organizer That's Surprisingly Versatile

Even if your broom closet is already looking pristine, this broom organizer is still so versatile that you can use it in your garage to store shovels, sports equipment, and more. The rubber ball grips in each slot can hold up to seven pounds without slipping — and there are even hooks between each place to hang scrubbers and towels.

Hold Up to 28 Pairs In This Slimline Shoe Rack

With its small footprint and seven shelves, this slimline shoe rack takes up hardly any room while still giving you tons of space for storage. "This shoe organizer was easy to put together," wrote one reviewer. "I love that I can see all of my shoes quickly. You can also store scarves and other small items in the bins. "

A Handy Storage Cart That Fits Into Tight Spaces

This handy storage cart is slim enough to fit into tight spaces between your washer and dryer, next to your toilet, in your workshop. Four easy-glide wheels on the bottom make it easy to pull in and push out, while the stainless steel poles give it a sturdy frame. Choose from three colors: white, grey, or black.

Make Easy Work of a Murphy Bed With This Hardware Set

Using this hardware set to create a Murphy bed in your guest bedroom is an easy way to open up more space — and each order includes easy-to-follow video instructions on exactly how to put it together. The pieces are made from tough alloy steel, and the manufacturer even consists of a lifetime warranty if you ever need one of the parts replaced.

This Multi-Functional Organizer Will De-Clutter Your Bathroom

Letting bottles clutter up your bathroom sink is an easy way to make it feel cramped, which is only part of why we're big fans of this multi-functional organizer. Not only is there space to store serums and soaps, but there's also a built-in towel rod and a toothpaste dispenser. Plus, each order includes a double-sided adhesive so that you can hang it up without any drilling.

The Computer Desk That Folds Up Once You're Done Work

Once you've finished work for the day, this computer desk folds up so that you can easily stash it away in a closet, leaving you with extra space to relax. Or, you can even slide it underneath your couch if your home doesn't have tons of storage space. Choose from five finishes: white, dark brown, marble, black, or rustic.

A Shower Curtain System That Expands Out To Create More Room

If you've ever felt claustrophobic standing in your shower, you might consider trying out this expanding shower system. It helps open up more space by pushing the curtain and liner outwards, giving you more room so that you don't feel cramped. Splashguards along the bottom help keep water inside the tub, and it's designed to work with most bathrooms.

Have More Storage Space With This Bed Frame

Since this bed frame is 14 inches tall, you can easily stash bulky items underneath to help open up space in other parts of your home. It's made from tough steel — and unlike some frames, this one doesn't require a box spring to sit underneath your mattress.

Utilize This Over-the-Door Organizer For Almost Anything

Whether you hang this over-the-door organizer up in your pantry or bedroom, it'll give you 24 spacious pockets of additional storage space for condiments, shoes, art supplies, or nearly anything else you can think of. And since the pockets are transparent, it's easy to see exactly what's inside without unpacking anything.

A Giant Rope Basket That's As Functional As It Is Fashionable

Rather than letting throw blankets clutter up your living room, toss them inside of this giant rope basket. It's made from 100% cotton rope, with handles on either side to help you move it from room to room. Or, if your living room is already pristine, it could also be used to store children's toys or even underwear in your closet.

Double The Space in Your Closet With These Clothes Hangers With Hooks

Anyone with a cramped closet can appreciate these clothes hangers with hooks, as they allow you to add a second hanger to double the amount of storage space in your closet effectively. Genius! They are made from rigid metal that won't warp under heavy pairs of denim, and the golden finish gives them a little touch of elegance.

This Bedside Shelf Uses Less Space Than a Nightstand

If you don't have space for a nightstand, you can always downsize to this bedside shelf to open up more space in your bedroom. The shelves are large enough for your phone, glasses, remotes, etc. Plus, it sticks right onto the wall to conveniently be within reach of your items.

This Shoe Rack Fits Nicely Into Cramped Entryways

Whereas some shoe racks are low and wide, this one has a sleek design that works well in tight or cramped entryways. There's enough space for up to seven pairs of shoes, and the top-level can be adorned with a small potted plant for a cute touch. Choose from two finishes: white or black.

A Narrow Dresser With a Rustic Brown Finish

With its rustic brown finish and narrow footprint, this narrow dresser is a solid pick if you want somewhere to stash underwear and socks. "It was very easy and quick to assemble and feels very sturdy inside and out," wrote one reviewer. "The wooden aspects of this are beautiful, and the sides of the drawer are a dark brown/black color that can blend well with most other shades of wood or other colors."

This Folding Ottoman Has Hidden Storage Space

Add this folding ottoman to any space where you need some discreet storage space and you'll instantly have tons of room. The padded top doubles as a quick place to sit while you're putting shoes on — and if you ever decide it's not needed, you can collapse it down to fit into a closet.

The Ideal Dining Table Set For Small Kitchens

Even if your kitchen is on the smaller side, this neat dining table set gives up to four people room to sit together and eat. The stools slide underneath the table when they aren't being used, helping keep as much space open as possible — and their frames are even made from tough steel that can support up to 175 pounds each.

Keep Your Countertops Clutter-Free With This Bamboo Knife Drawer Organizer

With slots for up to eight knives, this bamboo knife drawer organizer is an intelligent alternative to bulky knife blocks, especially if you're running low on counter space. The bamboo frame is scratch-resistant if you happen to nick it with one of your blades. Plus, it comes in two different sizes to suit large and small drawers.

Stylish End Tables That Don't Break The Budget

Unlike some bulky end tables that can clutter up your living room, these narrow stylish ones are designed to take up less space while looking just as good, if not better. They are also an affordable choice if you are trying to stick to a budget, as each order comes with two tables, all for less than $110.

The Cube Organizers With Hundreds of Positive Reviews

With hundreds of positive four and five-star reviews and an overall rating of 4.4 stars, it's clear that these cube organizers are a favorite amongst Amazon shoppers. They can be assembled into any shape you like — from tall towers to low rows — making them a solid choice for custom organization options. One reviewer even wrote, "each cube fits wayyyy more clothing in it than I thought it would."

The Toy Storage Hammock That Keeps Toys Off The Ground

With space for about 30 stuffed animals, this toy storage hammock is an intelligent alternative to bulky toy chests. Each order includes anchors to help keep it solidly mounted into the wall, and with seven shades to choose from, matching it to the colors in your kid's room shouldn't be a problem.

This Retractable Clothes Rack For Your Laundry Room

Add this retractable clothes rack to your laundry room, and it'll give you a convenient place to hang wet clothes while they're drying. It takes up less space than a standalone drying rack and can hold up to 60 pounds, so there's no need to worry about it collapsing under heavier garments.

The One-Way Privacy Film That Still Lets You See Outside

Whereas some privacy films block your view outside, this one has a one-way design that lets you see out but still gives you complete privacy preventing others from peeping inside. No adhesives or glues are required for installation, as it stays put using the power of static cling, and it even helps insulate your home against the sun's warming UV rays.

This LED Mirror Will Brighten Dark Rooms

Mirrors can help bounce around the light in a room to make your space feel bigger, especially if there isn't much natural light, to begin with. This mirror is the design hack you need to know about to brighten up any space and features LEDs with three different adjustable light temperatures: cool white, warm white, and warm yellow.

Throw This Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper Up Easily

Like the previous peel-and-stick wallpaper, this one utilizes light, airy designs to help make a space feel more open. But unlike the last one, it has an imperfect pattern that enables you to get away with slight mistakes — like hanging it up unevenly — so that guests won't be able to tell it wasn't installed by a professional.

These C-Shaped Side Tables Slide Underneath Your Couch

With their C-shaped frames that allow the bases to slide underneath your couch, these side tables can help you make the most of cramped living rooms. They are also easy enough to assemble that most reviewers could get the job done in less than 20 minutes and the spacious tops are large enough to accommodate snack bowls, books, or even your laptop when working from home.

This Step Stool Folds Down When You're Done Using It

Cramped kitchens need all the space they can get, which is part of the reason we're big fans when it comes to this step stool. You can fold it up to help save space when you aren't using it, yet it's still so sturdy that it can support up to 300 pounds. Plus, anti-skid rubber dots all over the top help keep you safe from slipping.

Shoe Slots Literally Double The Storage On Your Shoe Rack

These shoe slots help open up space by allowing you to stack your shoes on top of each other, but they are also designed to work with nearly any shoe, including high heels. "Talk about a space SAVER," wrote one reviewer. "I have lots of shoes and wasn’t sure if I should get shelf dividers and glad I didn’t because these worked perfectly. Easy to adjust for heels/taller shoes, and the shoes don’t slide off either."

Mount This Paper Towel Holder Underneath Cabinets

A good paper towel holder is essential in any kitchen, but it doesn't have to take up precious counter space. This one in particular mounts underneath your cabinets, and since each order includes double-sided adhesive and screws, you have options when it comes to installation. Plus, the stainless steel frame is also resistant to rust.