Taking a much-deserved vacation is always fun, but getting to your destination can more than often be a bit unpleasant. There are long lines at the airport, the inevitable oversized bag fees, and backaches from sitting for too long on the uncomfortable plane seats. It all adds up, but we put ourselves through it anyway because we all love to be on vacation. Thankfully, tons of products out there can help take the stress out of traveling. From [compression bags] that make it easier to fit more in your suitcase to [sleek chargers] that slip right into your bag, you will find no shortage of valuable items below. Because it doesn’t matter whether you are going by plane, train, or simply driving somewhere fun for the weekend, there’s sure to be something here that can help make the traveling part of your vacation easier. Keep scrolling for more.

Try packing your clothes into these compression bags the next time you struggle to get your suitcases to shut. I never travel without them, as you don't need a vacuum to deflate them. You roll them up tightly to squeeze the air out. Plus, their double-zip design keeps air from leaking back inside. It means I can fit way more into my cases by using them.

You never know how loud your hotel or Airbnb will be, but that's only part of why we are such big fans of this white noise machine. Six soothing sounds help you drift off to sleep regardless of where you are: white noise, brown noise, two nature sounds, and a calming lullaby. And since the battery is rechargeable, there's no need to pack batteries.

If your backpack is too heavy to carry comfortably, use this bungee cord to secure it to your suitcase's telescopic handle. It works particularly well with hard-style bags, though it can still be used with soft ones. Or, if you don't have a backpack, you can also use it with coats, shoes, and other small to medium-sized items.

Sitting in the same position for hours can leave your legs and back feeling sore. Luckily, this footrest hooks underneath the airplane seat in front of you so that you can give your legs a slight elevation and stretch out a bit to help prevent soreness. When it comes time to land, it folds up into a convenient travel pouch so that you can easily take it with you.

Instead of digging through your bag for that one cable you need, keep them all neatly packaged inside of this protective case. The shockproof design helps keep everything inside safe should you ever drop it, and it even comes in ten different stylish shades, ranging from chic rose gold to classic black.

Digital pickpockets can access your sensitive passport information simply by scanning your pocket. However, this passport case is made with RFID-blocking technology that helps prevent your electronic data from being stolen. Plus, there's even an extra window where you can keep your vaccine card and three slots for credit cards.

Packing an entire bottle of cleanser can take up a ton of space in your suitcase, whereas this pack of makeup wipes is likely to take significantly less room. They are strong enough to get rid of waterproof makeup yet gentle that you can use them on sensitive skin. And unlike some wipes, these are made without any drying alcohol. I also find them handy as wet wipes when I'm on the go.

A day of travel can leave your complexion looking shiny and oily. Luckily, this loose face powder can help keep shine to a minimum while simultaneously giving your complexion a smooth finish, and it even comes in five shades to match most skin tones. "I've used more expensive ones in the past, but this one takes the cake," raved one reviewer. "It keeps my makeup on all day, even with my oily skin."

You don't have to hold your phone up the next time you want to watch videos when you are traveling. Just pop it into this convenient mount, and it keeps your device propped up for you. The base clips onto everything from tray tables to headrest poles, making it a great companion on nearly any trip. Plus, it even rotates 360 degrees to adjust the viewing angle easily.

Unlike the fashionable backpack you have probably got kicking around in your closet, this one has a unique anti-theft design to help keep your valuables safe from thieves while traveling. It's also water-repellent, just in case you get caught in the rain with your laptop, and there's even a ventilated compartment where you can keep dirty shoes separated from the rest of your stuff.

When you have this portable changing pad, there is no need to place your baby on a dirty gas station changing table. It is waterproof in the event of accidents, and there are also two mesh pockets where you can keep wipes, extra diapers, and more. Plus, it folds down into a convenient travel pouch when you are done.

Rectangular power strips are too bulky for travel, whereas this all-in-one circular one takes up significantly less space in your bag. It also has three USB ports, which means there's no need to find a power brick to charge your phone, and there are even tiny rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from shifting around when you are using it.

If your child likes to wander, especially when you are in a crowded tourist spot, these safety bracelets can help keep them close so that they are always safe and within arm's reach. The fit is easily adjustable, and there's also soft sponge padding on the inside to minimize any uncomfortable chafing. Choose from three colors: blue, orange, or red.

Underwear, passports, cotton swabs, business cards. You won't miss a thing when you keep track with this helpful packing list, which makes it easy to remember all the essentials want to pack with you on vacation. And since the items are so diverse, you can use them when packing for vacations or business trips.

These eye patches infused with real 24-karat gold minimize the appearance of tired eyes and dark circles, which comes in handy when you are traveling. They are great for refreshing tired jet lag eyes and alleviating puffiness. Each one is infused with hyaluronic acid to deliver a healthy dose of hydration to your skin.

Whether on a plane, train, or bus, this tray table cover helps you avoid germs while traveling. It also works excellent as a disposable placemat for kids, and you can even use them as small trash bags once you have arrived at your destination.

Add a few drops of lavender essential oils to this essential oil diffuser to help you calm down when you are suffering from jet lag or travel fatigue. The water reservoir is large enough to provide up to seven hours of mist, and the ultra-quiet motor won't interrupt your nap if you happen to fall asleep. Plus, it even features three color-changing mood lights to help you relax.

It doesn't matter whether you are in the middle or window seat. This travel pillow can be twisted into nearly any position to help keep you comfortable. The outside is made from breathable microfleece, while the inside is filled with a soft-down alternative that bounces back rather than falling flat. And unlike some pillows, this one comes with a carrying case for easy transport.

Not only does this pet travel bag come with two collapsible bowls to keep your animals fed and hydrated while you are traveling, but there are also bonus compartments where you can stash toys, treats, and more. It's also airline compliant and compact enough to fit underneath your airplane seat.

Instead of upgrading your hotel room, you can easily save a few dollars by bringing this folding cot. It's the perfect size for kids, as the sturdy frame can hold up to 75 pounds with ease. Plus, each order includes a fitted sleeping bag so that you don't have to worry about packing sheets.

Don't let your suitcase turn into a jumbled mess. Instead, keep everything neatly organized inside of these packing cubes. Each order comes with six cubes in varying sizes, making them perfect for everything from clothes to shoes, and they are even made from waterproof fabric to help keep your belongings safe from moisture.

You will be glad you bought these toilet seat covers the next time you are using a toilet in a public bathroom that doesn't have them available. They are 100% biodegradable and safe to flush once you are done. And since they are individually packaged, stashing a few in your bag for later is a total breeze.

Don't turn around to see what's happening in the backseat; instead, put this mirror up so that you can quickly check on your kids without having to turn around. Adjustable straps allow you to attach them to your headrests soon without any tools. And unlike some mirrors, this one features a night vision function so that you can see in the dark.

Swipe this balm onto any parts of your body to help prevent chafing while you're on the go. Vitamins A and C work to help soften skin and minimize inflammation so that you aren't left feeling swollen. The vegan formula allows your skin to breathe to help prevent clogged pores.

Regular ice packs are typically stiff, whereas this one has an adjustable strap that lets you wrap it around any swollen, painful areas on your body. You can also pop it into the microwave for some soothing heat therapy, and each order comes with two: one for the freezer and a bonus one for your first aid kit.

Not all carry-on bags will fit underneath your seat, but this one is specifically sized so that it will, and it even has wheels on the bottom so that it's easy to take with you through the airport. There's also a USB port on the side where you can thread a charging cable through. Choose from three colors: black, navy, or purple.

Don't risk spilling food all over your car. Instead, hook this travel table onto your steering wheel to help minimize mess. It also works great if you need to work from your vehicle, as it's sturdy enough to support lunch and your laptop.

If you need to use your laptop while stuck in the car for a long drive, this power inverter can keep the battery charged for as long as possible. It features four USB ports and two regular AC outlets, and the built-in fan helps prevent it from overheating during extended use.

When your legs are tired and aching after a long-haul flight or drive, you will be glad you packed this leg massager to ease swelling and help soothe away the pain. Cyclic air compression helps loosen up the muscles around your calves and feet, and the leg wraps are easily adjustable since they are secured using velcro. Plus, the intensity is adjustable up to three levels.

Made from a super-soft blend of cotton and polyester, this travel blanket can help you sleep comfortably. You can also use it as a pillow when it's folded down into its convenient travel pouch, and the pouch even has a strap on the back so that you can loop it onto your carry-on bag.

Not only is this portable charger incredibly slim, but it's also so powerful that it can charge an iPhone 8 almost four times or a Samsung S8 twice. It also has a USB-C port for newer devices, and thousands of reviewers left either four or five-star reviews. "Just used this for a cross country trip, and it was a lifesaver," raved one. "It held multiple charges for my iPhone 12 and kept my battery charged during all my travels and airport time. "

There's no need to pull over for a drink and snacks when you have got this miniature fridge with you in your car. It's large enough to store up to six cans of soda, or even a few bottles of water. Unlike other mini-fridges, this one can also be used to heat up meals, making it great for warming up snacks while you are on the road. Choose from five different colors including a fun shade of teal.

Not only is this pillow filled with soft memory foam, but it also compresses down into a convenient travel pouch once you are done using it. You can also add or remove foam as needed to adjust its loft, and the manufacturer even offers a full refund after 100 nights if you aren't happy with the way it feels.

With its airplane-friendly size and rugged, water-resistant exterior, don't be surprised if this duffel bag becomes your go-to piece of luggage when traveling. It comes in nine gorgeous shades, so you are sure to find a color to suit your style, whether you prefer light pink or dark blue. Reviewers raved about how it's the 'perfect size' for quick getaways or longer trips.

Don't let your pets go thirsty on long trips. The ergonomically designed cup allows them to take a few sips from this pet-friendly water bottle so they stay hydrated. There's also a small compartment on the bottom where you can stash a few extra waste bags, making it the ideal companion for camping. And with its lock-key design and silica gel ring, it won't leak.