Your kitchen is a place of comfort, where you whip up your favorite treats and meals for yourself and those you love. It should be happy and whimsical, and if that means packing it with cute kitchen implements, then so be it. Who can resist a penguin wine opener? Or how about a cheese grater that looks like a friendly bear? What about a unicorn taco holder, or a dinosaur hot dog holder? The fact is, a kitchen can never have too many cute and useful gadgets, as you will see from this list of 35 irresistible items.

Open up your favorite bottles of wine with a new friend using this penguin corkscrew that is a must-have in any kitchen. Wine is fun; your wine opener should be fun too.

Did someone say Taco Tuesday? Sure, it's the best day of the week, but it could be even better with a unicorn taco holder that holds two tacos at a time. Tacos and unicorns -- are we in heaven?

Say goodbye to that boring, old knife set that you have been using for years! It's time to welcome some color and brightness into your life with these virbant knives that come in a set of all the different knife utensils you may need in the kitchen. They come in the most gorgeous colors and can add the perfect touch of detail to your kitchen.

The statues of Easter Island have always been a fascinating mystery for anthropologists and regular people -- now, you can have a pair of them on your dinner table. These Easter Island style salt and pepper shakers work with any design aesthetic. You can like them as kitschy tiki knickknacks or objets d'art.

Unite your love of analog music and your hatred for the rings left by sweaty drinking glasses with these vinyl record themed coasters. Vinyl has come back, you know -- it outsells CDs these days -- so get with the trend and bring it to your coffee table.

Crack open a beer and look cute while doing so with these bottle openers that are in the shape of vintage travel trailers. These openers come in a pack of two, just in case you loose one (or it wanders off, as trailers can do).

No need to invest in those boring black and cookware when you can have this pink fry pan instead. It is 8 inches wide so it has plenty of room to cook all of your favorite meals including pancakes, meats and vegetables too.

Drinks are now served! Realize your dreams of becoming your own bartender with this chrome colored cocktail set that comes with everything you will need to be a successful bartender. No more stirring a ho-hum rum and Coke with a teaspoon -- pack some ice in that shaker to mix up a real martini, cosmopolitan or Manhattan with the tools the pros use.

These pasta servers help you serve up some of your most favorite and delicious meals in style. With the cutest "monster eyes" handles, they're the kind of monster that is welcome at any dinner table.

Mix your favorite batter of pancakes of whisk your eggs with this kitchen utensil that has the most adorable chick sitting at the top of the handle. This whisk can be used to easily and quickly mix all of your favorite ingredients together to form the most delicious desserts, breakfasts and dinners.

Never miss that pizza that you put in the oven or those eggs you left boiling on the stove with this kitchen timer that comes in the shape of a little cow. It can be used to time your meals up to an hour long and will begin to beep when the timer is up. And it's a cow -- everyone loves cows.

No need to worry about your cooking spoon falling into the boiling hot pot anymore -- this spoon holder can keep your utensil suspended above the contents of the pot. The multi-talented witch can also function as a steam releaser, propping up your pot's lid to let steam escape.

Cheese is the food of the gods, for sure, and it deserves a quality, cute accessory like Barry, the bear-shaped cheese grater by OTOTO. Scrape the cheese on Barry's back and the grated bits collect in his belly. It also works on other grate-able foods, like carrots.

Have your cake and eat it too with these rock and roll dessert spoons. These guitar spoons are a kick for music lovers who are also dessert lovers (and who doesn't love both of those things?). What's going on your playlist -- "Cherry Pie" by Warrant or "Cake by the Ocean" by DNCE?

Get your dishes clean quickly and easily while also using the cutest product possible with these cat and fish kitchen dish scrubbers. They feature a 3-ply design, with a loofah-like scrubbing surface on one side, and come in an 8-pack of assorted colors.

Do you need a hot dog holder? When you see a frankfurter nestled in its bun atop this dinosaur hot dog holder, you'll wonder how you have lived this long without one. And who eats hot dogs? Kids! They will love this item most of all.

These cherry decorated oven mitts make your cooking and baking adventures just a bit more lighthearted and stylish. They have a vibrant color scheme, so go ahead and hang them on a hook for all your guests to see.

Never deal with a clogged sink again with the Quack sink strainer that can catch all the little food bits and pieces that sometimes sneak past us and down the drain.

A charcuterie board is the thing to do these days when you're entertaining, but there's more to it than the board. You need the tools -- this 6-piece cheese knife set will be the difference between a good charcuterie board and a great one.

Save that expensive bottle of wine and put a smile on your face while doing so with these hilarious wine stoppers that have phrases that say exactly what you are thinking, such as "Be there in a prosecco," "Hakuna moscato" and "Everything happens for a riesling."

Fans of dogs, and of Dachshunds in particular, will have no choice but to add this paper towel roll holder. It's a Wiener dog in the front and a Wiener dog on the back end, with a roll of paper towels in the middle. Who says dogs don't help out in the kitchen?

Veteran chefs swear by their wooden spoons when making soups, stews or sauces -- but who says the spoon has to be the usual shape? This heart-shaped wooden spoon stirs just as well and adds a little love to the process.

Are cats known for helping out in the kitchen? No -- but these cat paw kitchen tongs are the epitome of usefulness with a dose of cuteness for the cat lovers in the crowd.

The kitchen is a functional place -- you have some pretty standard tools to make yummy food the right way. But that doesn't mean the tools have to be boring. These cherry shaped measuring spoons do the same job as the old drab measuring spoons your grandmother used -- they just a look a lot more fun doing it.

Stale chips are one of the great stacking tragedies you will ever encounter -- and it's an avoidable tragedy. All you need is a good set of clips to keep your chip bags sealed. You'll never forget to clip those chips shut with these sombrero chip bag clips. They work on any baggable crispy snacks, though they look extra spiffy on a bag of tortilla chips (of course).

If you're cooking breakfast for kids or a spouse, you-re doing it with love -- with these heart-shaped pancake/egg rings you can show your love with food in the shape of the traditional symbol of love. Does anything say "I love you" more than freshly made pancakes on a Saturday morning? Yes -- freshly made pancakes that are actually shaped like a heart.

Hacking away at pizza is not generally recommended, but it's fun to pretend to be a lumberjack. This axe pizza slicer lets you go Paul Bunyan on that pie while slicing with precision -- because it's axe-ually a pizza roller blade that only looks like an axe.

Is there a connection between sushi and "Star Wars"? Well, no -- but there can be with these light-up light saber chopsticks. Yes, these battery-powered utensils actually glow like the famous Jedi weapons, making your sophisticated sushi dinner just a little bit nerdy. Ok, a lot nerdy. These are great for kids who can't quite get the hang of chopsticks -- just tell them to use the Force.

Vegetables can be a hard sell with kids, and don't actually look that hot on a crudite platter either -- but the great thing about them is they can be cut into different shapes. Use these vegetable shapers to create veggie plates that looks like works of art. Finicky kids and party guests alike will be intrigued.

If you're looking to have a low-calorie, high-protein meal and watching your cholesterol, an egg white omelette may do the trick. But they you have the challenge of separating the white from the yolk -- make this tricky move easier with this adorable egg separator that is shaped like a chicken.

Give your sponge a rest when you're not using it -- in fact, you can put it to bed with this bed-shaped sponge holder. It's the kitchen accessory you never thought you needed, but is so cute that you add it to your cart anyway.

Avocado is a superior food, and it's even aesthetically pleasing -- once you serve your guacamole in this avocado-shaped guacamole bowl you'll never serve it any other way. Gone are the days when you wonder "what should I serve the guac in?" There is only one vessel for the job.

This cow-themed pitcher set can hold any beverage (of course) but for the full cow effect, fill it with milk. The head of the cow fits on top when not in use, and pops off to become a matching glass when it's time to serve.

People have been using wax paper to package sandwiches and baked goods for decades, isn't it about time we added a little pizzazz? These butterfly wax paper sheets allow you to seal in freshness and look good doing it.

For dog lovers, any object becomes much better if it is shaped like a dog. How about dog ice cubes? This dog-shaped ice cube mold is just what you need to put some rover in your soda or pooch in your hooch.