We all want to be proud of our homes, and we all want to make an impression on our friends, family and guests. There’s nothing like a unique piece of furniture or accessory to grab attention. With these 35 items we found on Amazon, visitors will be asking “where did you get that?” We’ve got statuary, shelving, lighting, art and other knickknacks that can help make your home the place everyone wants to visit.

This Kapata LED Vine Will Add A Little Magic Touch To Your Space

This Kapata LED Vine will add both lighting and décor to your place. It is about 8' long, with 144 LED lights and a 12-inch cord that plugs into an outlet. You can place your vine on any wall in your home, and bend the vine into different shapes to fit your vision.

This Yaheetech Coffee Table Has A Hidden Compartment

This cool Yaheetech Coffee Table is built with a lift-top design, which can be easily elevated to a comfortable height, so you can have a makeshift spacious workspace, or a dining surface, right in the living room. You can store essentials in the hidden compartment beneath the lift-top, and there is also an open shelf underneath for your use.

You Can Use This BLUMFELDT Joshua Tree Fountain Indoors

This BLUMFELDT Joshua Tree Fountain is such a stunning decorative piece that both looks amazing and is also incredibly soothing. It is made of many suspended bowls that pour the water over each other, creating lovely optical and acoustic accents that will relax you and will elevate the look of your place.

Use This Serene Spaces Decorative Bowl To Hold Anything

This Serene Spaces Decorative Bowl is available in 3 sizes, and is handmade with brass and with techniques that give it an ancient look. With 2 handles on the side, it is easy to pick up and maneuver around, and you can use it to create beautiful centerpieces, as a candle holder, as a key plate, and much more.

Add Some Edge To Your Home Office Desk With This MYTANG Motorcycle Pencil Holder

Put a conversation piece in your workspace with this MYTANG Motorcycle Pencil Holder that is made of iron and has a cool metallic finish that will draw eyes to it. It has a motorcycle design and it even moves, so you can use it for stress relief.

Add Some Rustic Décor With This TIMEYARD Hanging Shelf

This TIMEYARD Hanging Shelf has three tiers that are made of strong and sturdy wooden boards, with a rustic-style torched finish that looks beautiful. It is easy to install, since it has a hanging rope that can be easily hung from nails, screws or hooks on walls.

Ensure Not One Corner Of Your Home Is Empty With This Set Of 4 Corner Floating Shelves

These 4 Corner Floating Shelves can be wall-mounted however you see fit in the corner or rooms, so you can at once get more storage space and make your rooms look fuller and more organized. They come with the installation instructions, and each shelf has a capacity of 40 lbs.

Add A Pop Of Color With These 3 Sullivans Ceramic Vases

This set of 3 Sullivans Ceramic Vases are aqua, orange and green colored. Each vase has a different shape and size, which adds to their beauty and decorative purpose, and they have a crackled and lightly distressed look that further raises their beauty.

This Atlantic 4-Tier Rotating Cube Is Perfect For Your Gaming Room

This Atlantic 4-Tier Rotating Cube is a great storage tower that is made up of four stacked cubes; one cube is fixed, and the other three can be rotated as you like. Each cube has two storage compartments perfectly sized for storing DVDs, video game cases, or decorative pieces.

This Set Of 3 Deco 79 Vintage Suitcase Boxes Can Be Stacked Together To Form An Impressive Side Table

These 3 Deco 79 Vintage Suitcase Boxes have different sizes, from small, medium to large. They each have a beautiful matte leather finish that looks incredible, and they offer a more stylish storage option that doubles as a decorative piece. They even have metal edge caps and leather belt straps to add to their vintage look.

This DiKaou LED Outdoor Lamp Is Also A Bluetooth Speaker

This DiKaou LED Outdoor Lamp is great for outdoor gatherings that you may have with your friends. When those stretch late into the night, this lamp can be used to add some lighting and ambience, since it is designed to mimic a real flame. It can also be used to add music, since it is a Bluetooth speaker with excellent audio quality and about 12 hours of battery life. It's even waterproof.

The Design Toscano Side Table Features A Beautiful Sculptural Design Of The Greek Muses

This Design Toscano Side Table will definitely add a majestic, European touch to your home. It has a breathtaking design featuring three of the beautiful Greek Muses. According to Greek mythology, the Muses existed to deliver inspiration to artists, musicians and poets -- here, they're holding up a glass tabletop.

Your Shower Will Be An Adventure With The ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel System

This ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel System has a built-in LED overhead rainfall showerhead, a tub spout, and a handheld showerhead. It has a modern design that looks gorgeous and elaborate, and the LED feature works with the waterflow. Plus, it has 6 modes for you to choose from: rainfall, waterfall, hand shower, waterspout, and 2 horizontal massage spray functions.

Have A Relaxing Afternoon In Your Pool With This Aqua Water Lounge

This Aqua Water Lounge is designed with an ergonomic headrest, backrest, and it even has a cushioned footrest. Made with a soft outer fabric and a supportive inner mesh fabric, it is designed to keep you cool and comfortable -- plus, it's also built for leisure, as it has an oversized cup holder for you to enjoy a drink as you lounge.

This 10-foot Photo Clips String Light Lets You Display Your Photographs Beautifully

This 10-Foot Photo Clips String Lights is made with 20 clip-lights, so you can display 20 of your best memories and add a little magical touch. It creates a decorative backdrop on your wall, and it also adds some cute lighting.

This Chefman Mini Fridge Is Both Super Cute And Useful

This Chefman Mini Fridge has a 4-liter capacity, making it perfect for keeping small items of food, drinks, or even skin care products cool in the comfort of your room. This mini fridge isn't only about refrigeration -- it has a dual function that lets you also keep your food and beverages warm.

This Multifunctional OIAHOMY Coat Rack Will Make The Most Out Of Your Entryway Space

This OIAHOMY Coat Rack has a 3-in-1 design, meaning that it serves as a coat rack, a storage shelf, and a shoe storage bench. It is built with 7 front hooks and 2 side hooks, a top shelf, and a 3-layer shoe rack that also doubles as a bench, so you can sit on the top tier as you put on/take off your shoes.

You Can Fully Lie Down On This Amazon Basics Bean Bag Chair

Lounging around at home can be so much better with this Amazon Basics Bean Bag Chair that measures 6' x 4' x 3.3'. It has a lovely design that means you can use it to comfortable sit on while you watch films or play video games. Since it's filled with shredded memory foam and has an ultra-soft microfiber cover, it is super comfy and provides plenty of support.

The Keter Outdoor Side Table Has A Built-in Cooler

This Keter Outdoor Side Table is perfect for those barbecues and outdoor gatherings that you’ll have on your patio. It has a lid that elevates to use as a bar table, and under it is a 7.5-gallon capacity cooler that will keep your drinks cold. It's very easy to use and clean up, and it's all-weather resistant.

This Best Choice Products Full Length LED Mirror Has Interior Storage You Can Use For Your Cosmetics And Jewelry

This Best Choice Products Full Length LED Mirror has LED panels on both sides, a touchscreen power button, and a storage design that will let you keep your essentials in one place. It has a stylish velvet interior that you can use to keep your jewelry organized and safe, as well as makeup shelves, brush holders, and a hairdryer mount. It even has a large bottom drawer for extra storage space.

Display Your Books In A Memorable Way With This Pack Of 4 STORAGE MANIAC Invisible Shelves

These STORAGE MANIAC Invisible Shelves are designed so that when you drill them into your wall, they blend in seamlessly with the wall and are hidden underneath the books you place on top of them. As a result, your books will look like they’re floating on your wall -- Super cool.

This Gorilla Grip Faux Fur Rug Will Elevate Your Home’s Coziness Levels

This Gorilla Grip Faux Fur Rug is available in 13 sizes and 19 colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your home décor. No matter the color, size or style, these rugs are warm and soft, and look extremely stylish! They also have a durable rubber backing that will help to keep them in place, and are even machine washable for easy cleaning.

This Pack Of 2 GIGIAZA Velvet Throw Pillow Covers Will Add Style To Your Sofa Or Bed

These 2 GIGIAZA Velvet Throw Pillow Covers are made of high-quality velvet fabric on both sides, with an invisible zipper. Available in 24 colors and 7 sizes, you’re bound to find that the perfect ones that will add some class to your home.

This Nearly Natural 72-Inch Artificial Tree Will Add A Touch Of Decorative Greenery To Your Home

While having houseplants and even trees in your home is quite beautiful and striking, it does require a lot of work and attention. The addition of this Nearly Natural 72-Inch Artificial Tree is therefore a much easier option that is just as remarkable, as it has over 1000 individual leaves and several branches in its design, which make it realistic and pretty -- it will always be verdant and fresh, without wilting.

This JONATHAN Y Light Fixture Will Keep Even Your Ceiling Adorned

This JONATHAN Y Light Fixture comes in 5 sizes and 6 color options. It is made of metal, and it has an adjustable height and an E12 Bulb base with a capacity of 4 bulbs. It will give your home a vintage vibe, and it even includes energy-saving LED bulbs.

These 5 STAR-SPANGLED LED Lights Are Touch-activated

Ensure that even the small corners of your home are lit with these 5 STAR-SPANGLED LED Lights that can be turned on and off with just one tap of the center lens. They are powered with 3 AAA batteries, and they have a milky anti-glare panel that will protect your eyes and give out comfortably soft lighting. Install them with the adhesive under cabinets, in your wardrobe, or by mirrors, and you will get the lighting that you want whilst also making your home appear bigger.

Laundry Is Made More Fun With This Bundaloo Basketball Laundry Hamper

This Bundaloo Basketball Laundry Hamper will make the chore that is laundry much more fun. Your children will be much more interested in putting their dirty garments in the hamper if they can do it practicing their jump shot. The bottom of the net can be untied so the laundry can be deposited into a laundry basket to take to the washing machine.

This Set Of 3 Comenzar LED Wax Candles Have A Stylish Birch Look

These 3 Comenzar LED Wax Candles are made to look like birch, with an LED light that is battery operated, so they have no flame and are safer than traditional candles. Using the remote control, you can set a timer so they automatically turn on and off as you wish.

This Set Of 3 Kroucoco Decorative Books Will Look Lovely On Your Coffee Table

This Kroucoco Decorative Book Set consists of 3 books with blank pages, soft touch matte covers with a beautiful illustration and a lovely message on their spines: “Take time to do what makes your soul happy.” They come with a long hemp rope that you can tie around them to bind them together and get the perfect vintage display on you table. Plus, since they’ve got blank pages, you can even use them to write, draw, paint or sketch.

You’ll Be Able To Have A Pool Party Any Time You Want With This GoPong Pool Beer Pong Table

This GoPong Pool Beer Pong Table is 6' long, with sideline cup holders, 6 pong balls, a 10-cup beer pong setup on each side and 4 tethering grommets. Plus, its use is not limited to just beer pong, as it can also be used as a floating lounge.

This LUXE Bidet Will Make It Difficult To Go Back To Ordinary Bathrooms Again

Upgrade your toilet with this LUXE Bidet, an affordable way to bring luxury into your life. It has a sleek design that is also quite hygienic, since it has a nozzle guard that shields the nozzle, and the nozzle is also self-cleaning.

This Design Toscano Greek Garden Statue Will Add Elegance To Your Garden

This Design Toscano Greek Garden Statue features the Oceanid Dione carrying an urn on her shoulder. Measuring almost 40" in height, this statue can be placed as the centerpiece of your garden, as it is made using real crushed stone that is bonded with designer resin, which makes it very durable.

Make Art The Focus Of A Room With This Wieco Art Starry Night Canvas Print

"Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh is one of those paintings that everyone in the world knows and loves, so why not accentuate your wall with a 36" x 48" Wieco Art Starry Night Canvas Print? This print lets you enjoy the beauty of the timeless painting in high-definition, and it even comes with a black hook fixed on the wooden bar so you can easily hang it. If you don’t want such a large print, you can also get it in seven other sizes.

This JTEMAN Cell Phone Stand Comes With Its Very Own Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

You know when you’re cooking and you want to watch your favorite series, but you can’t hear what they’re saying since the roar of the kitchen or of the sink is too loud? Well, this JTEMAN Phone Stand is just what you need. It will keep your phone stable and protected its grip, and its built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker means that you can clearly hear what’s going on. The speaker even comes with a built-in microphone for your FaceTime calls.

This Design Toscano Bust Will Get You So Many Compliments

This Design Toscano Bust features a “Veiled Maiden” bust sculpture that is hand-cast using crushed stone, which is bonded with high-quality resin to make it more durable. It is a wonderful decorative piece that will awe everyone -- just look at the details.