Summer is right around the corner, and I think we are all ready to shed our winter layers and hang out outside. Sun tanning, BBQ’ing, family dinners, and beach days are on the horizon. This list includes everything you need to transform your backyard or patio into the best place to hang out when the weather is excellent. These items will make your backyard the place to be in the summer, from lounge chairs to pretty planters to essential sun shades!

Light Up The Backyard With Solar String Lights

These solar string lights are the perfect thing to light up the backyard or patio space. The lights are powered by solar, so they do not need batteries or to be plugged in.

This Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill Won't Take Up Space

This Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill is an excellent option for people who don't have much space in their backyard or patio. It is high quality and compact and can even be packed up and taken on the go for camping or picnics.

These Misters for Outside Patio will Keep Everyone Cool

These misters are a must have for extra hot summer days. The misters come on 50-feet of cord that can be strung along the roof or within an umbrella.

Make Shade With The LOVE STORY Triangle Blue Sun Shade

This Sun Shade can be used to create shade in spaces with a lot of sun exposure. This is perfect for patios or small yards that need a little extra cover on hot days.

Grow Your Own With This Self-Watering Planter Box

This self-watering planter box comes with a trellis that makes it a great place to grow organic vegetables, like easy-to-grow tomatoes. It also comes with removable wheels to be moved around the yard.

This Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door Keeps Bugs Out

This magnetic screen door fits onto doors and is a handy way to keep the bugs out of the house and let a breeze in. The magnets allow people or pets to go through the screen and then re-close afterward.

Go Tiki Themed With These Everbeam Solar Torch Lights

These Solar Torch Lights are a flame-free way to light up the backyard whimsically. They are solar-powered, so there is no need for batteries either. The flickering light in them even almost looks like a real flame.

Create A Weather Proof Pod With This Alvantor Bubble Tent

This Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent is a great thing to erect to create a mini outdoor space protected from the elements. It is also fantastic to bring on trips to the park, camping, or just sit outside enjoying your garden.

KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit Can Be Used On The Grill

This KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit transforms 22.5-inch grills into a pizza oven to make pizzas right on the grill. It helps keep the heat stable because the lid does not need to be removed to access food.

Build a Deck With These Easy to Install Bare Decor Solid Teak Wood Interlocking Flooring Tiles

These teak flooring tiles can be used to create a flat surface in the backyard, around your pool, or even on a patio. The tiles interlock easily, and they are simple to install. They are also great for creating a walkway or pathway through a garden.

Light Up With This OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light Click image to open expanded view This OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light Gives Subtle Light to the Table

This handy umbrella light goes right on the umbrella pole and can light up a table. It has three different light settings to be chosen from. It would also make a great light to put in a camping tent.

Stay Bug-Free With The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

This mosquito repeller creates a 15-foot zone of protection against mosquitos. This is great to place on the table while eating dinner outdoors. The repeller is heat activated, so there is no need for a plug or batteries, making it convenient for outdoor use.

Keep Yard Tools Organized In This KINYING Outdoor Storage Shed

This storage shed is a handy way to keep yard tools and items organized in the backyard without being an eyesore. The shed is waterproof and gives the user easy access to the items inside.

Adults At Play With This Wine Bottle & Cup Rack

This convenient set of stakes comes with a wine bottle holder and a few cup holders that stick right into the grass. This makes it easy to drink and talk or play in the backyard.

Exercise Your Green Thumb With The GreenStalk 5-Tier Vertical Garden Planter

This vertical garden planter is an easy way to keep plants happy. It has a water reservoir in the middle that helps water each of the five tiers. It can be used to grow a bunch of different fruits, veggies, herbs, or even flowers.

Lounge About In The Best Choice Products Lounge Chair Swing

This awesome hanging chaise lounge is the perfect thing to lay on in the backyard on a hot day. It comes with an umbrella to keep the sun out of the way while reading or enjoying the view.

Fur Babies Can Cool Off In This Frontpet Foldable Pool

Everyone gets hot during the summer and needs to cool off slightly. Even the family pets! This foldable dog pool is convenient and easy to set up option that can give the pet a place to play and cool down.

Light Up Your Garden With These CHBKT Solar-Powered Mason Jar Lights

These mason jar lights are solar-powered, completely recharged and powered by the sunshine. The lights can be placed around the yard to give subtle twinkly accent lighting all around your garden.

Deep-Clean Like a Professional With This Sun Joe Electric High Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is no joke. It is tough enough to get the backyard or patio super clean. It is the easiest and quickest way to get outdoor areas squeaky clean.

This Highly Durable Professional EZ Telescopic Folding Rake

This folding rake is convenient because it folds up to be more compact for storage. It can be expanded to full size to clear leaves or debris from the yard.

Create Vibrant Magical Flames In Your Campfire

These magical flames get thrown into your campfire and produce every rainbow color. This is such a hit with children as they watch the fire change colors right in front of their eyes.

Lounge Around In The Lazy Daze Hammock

This double quilted hammock is a comfy spot if you enjoy taking a nap outside the trees. This hammock can hold two people (or a bunch of kids). It can be strung up between trees or used with a hammock stand.

Outdoor Life Is Better With This Sunnyglade LED Lighted Umbrella

This LED lighted umbrella comes with lights inside the umbrella, making it a convenient way to light up the outdoor table on summer nights. This is a great thing to have on the patio.

Colorful Flower Pots Bring Brightness To Your Garden

These pretty and vibrant flower pots add a much-needed pop of color to any yard. The pots come with hooks that make them easy to hang on a fence or windowsill, and paired with some colorful flowers; they are sure to brighten your day.

Weather-Proof ME.FAN Silicone Coasters To Withstand The Elements

These silicone coasters are an excellent option for the outdoors because they can withstand the elements. The coasters stick to the table and will keep drinks in place.

Don't Let Your Garden Be a Wi-Fi Dead Spot With This NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender

The backyard is often a wi-fi dead spot, but it's easy to get a strong wi-fi connection with this wi-fi range extender. This makes it easier to use the stream outside or play music on your tablet.

Keep Mud Outdoors With This KMAT Door Mat

The outdoors are dirty, but your house need not be. This handy door mat is durable enough to withstand the elements and is the perfect place to wipe feet off before coming inside.

Old Fashioned Fun With This Backyard Lawn Bowling Game

This lawn bowling game is a great activity to have when people are over in the summer. It's a fun way to get some friendly competition between friends and family.

Don't Get Bitten By Bugs With This Best Choice Products Adjustable Bug Screen

In some places, the bugs are ferocious, and some folks can get allergic reactions to bites and swell up. This bug screen can be installed onto your outdoor umbrella as a solution to enjoy the outdoors but also to stay safely protected away from the nasty bites of outdoor critters. You can accommodate up to six adults under this screen.

Dress Up Patio Space With This Large Outdoor Floor Mat

This large floor mat looks just like a carpet and is a great way to make the patio area look a lot nicer. It may look like a nice carpet, but the mat is weatherproof and durable to withstand all the elements.

Take a Load Off With This Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chair

This Zero Gravity Reclining Chair is a super comfy option for lounging in the backyard or patio. It can be adjusted to sit upright or reclined backward. It also folds up for those outdoor lovers who enjoy camping trips and going to the beach.

Fun In the Sun With The Jasonwell Unicorn Sprinkler

Bring some serious fun to the backyard with this Unicorn Sprinkler. The sprinkler inflates and connects to a garden hose to bring a fun activity for kids in the summer sun.

Protect Your Food With These Simply Genius Pop-Up Mesh Food Covers

One of the struggles with eating outdoors is the bugs that flock to all the food. These mesh covers are a convenient way to keep food bug-free between bites.

Add A Touch of Decor With The Liberty Garden Pot

This pretty garden pot is an aesthetically pleasing way to store items or create a decor feature in your garden. The garden pot also works as a planter to add extra greenery.

This Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Set Is Heavy-Duty Durability

This patio furniture set comes with two chairs, a love seat, and a table. It is perfect for small gatherings in the backyard. The materials are heavy-duty but still comfortable.

Have Movie Nights With This Projector Screen & Stand

It's great to watch a film under the stars when the weather is right. Now you can with this giant projector screen which makes it possible to have a fun outdoor movie night with the family. All you will need to do is pop the popcorn and enjoy!

Store Beverages In This Rustic Outdoor Beverage Cooler

This outdoor beverage cooler is a stylish and fantastic way to store beverages at your outdoor party. It is fully insulated to keep drinks cold and comes with side handles that make it easy to transport.

Build A Bonfire With The Amazon Basics Stone Square Fire Pit

Bring the camping vibe to your backyard with this square fire pit. It is an excellent way to warm up on a chilly summer night or roast s'mores over an open flame.

Decorate With These Funky Small Pink Flamingos

There is something so festive about these super bright lawn flamingos. They bring a fun decoration element to the garden so you can create a wilderness vibe to your aesthetic.

Hydrate With The Expandable Garden Watering Hose With Spray Nozzle

This 50-foot garden hose is perfect for getting all areas of the backyard or patio hydrated or hosed down in preparation for guests. It comes with a spray nozzle with different water streams settings for various garden tasks.