Summer is coming. Warm and sunny weather that awaits. Instead of wasting the days away indoors (as we are all prone to do on our tablets and phones), get out there and do something. Do anything – you’ll be glad you did. Here are 35 Amazon products that you and your family can use to have fun out of the house and to remain active. From outdoor games that are fun for the whole family, to sports equipment, even an inflatable pool. Let this be a summer of activity and fresh air. We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Set Up This Hey!Play! Bowling Set In Your Own Backyard

This Hey!Play! Bowling Set consists of 10 wooden pins for you to set up in a bowling formation, 2 small bowling balls, and a mesh carrier bag so you can easily take this set with you to the park.

This Ropoda Yardzee Game Set Is Very Good Quality, According To Reviews

This Ropoda Yardzee Game Set is great for playing in your own backyard, or you can take it with you to play when you go out with friends and family -- it's the outdoor Yahtzee, and who doesn't like Yahtzee? The set includes six pine dice, a collapsible bucket, a dry eraser marker, and two scoreboards.

Play In Your Backyard Or The Park With This Juegoal Croquet Set That Supports 6 Players

This Juegoal Croquet Set is the #1 Best Seller in Croquet Sets. It comes with 6 Burlywood hardwood handles, 6 hardwood mallets with caps for added protection, 2 hardwood ending stakes, 6 weather resistant molded balls, and 9 steel wickets with vinyl coating. It has an easy set up, and it is designed to last for a long time and for outside play.

This GoSports Cornhole Set Has A Vintage Look

This GoSports Cornhole Set includes two cornhole boards, eight all-weather bean bags, a carrying case, and the rules of the game. This set is available in two sizes and six designs per size, so if you don’t like the vintage look, you can get the one that you prefer.

The Juegoal Yard Pong Game Set Is Giant Beer Pong You Can Take To The Beach

This Juegoal Yard Pong Game Set includes 12 durable red buckets, 2 white hollow balls, 2 yellow tennis balls, and all fits into a black carry bag. It's easy to understand and play, as any college kid can tell you.

Get C SEVEN Roller Skates For The Whole Family

Ditch walking or running to stay active, and instead opt for these C SEVEN Roller Skates. They are great beginner skates that are comfortable, balanced, and long-lasting, so you can enjoy a smooth and seamless ride. Plus, these skates have a cool retro design that will look great in the family photos.

Jump Rope Smarter With The High-tech Multifun Jump Rope

We all have memories of growing up playing with a jumping rope, so have some competitive fun with the family using this Multifun Jump Rope that shows you how many calories you’ve burned. It also keeps track of your weight, the amount of time you’ve been jumping, and the circles you’ve jumped.

You’ll Love Playing With These JUOIFIP Water Guns On Those Hot Summer Days

Having a water fight with these 4 JUOIFIP Water Guns guarantees fun for the whole family. The guns have a leak-free water tank and an easy-to-grip design that makes them perfect for water battles.

Remember Dodgeball? Bring It Back With A Set Of 6 GSM Dodgeballs

These GSM Dodgeballs are the perfect size for throwing, since they are 5.9" in diameter. They are also soft enough that no one will be injured, but also heavy enough to fly accurately through the air.

This Alytree Carnival Games Set Has 28 Fun Pieces For You To Enjoy

This Alytree Carnival Games Set is suitable for 4-8 players, and it includes 4 potato sack race bags, 4 wooden egg and spoon race sets, 4 three-legged relay race elastic tie rope, 10 plastic gold medals and 2 whistles. They have a colorful design, and you have a choice of a variety of active and fun games to play with the family.

This Franklin Sports Soccer Ball Has Gotten So Many Kids Into Soccer

You may recognize the Franklin Sports Soccer Ball from your own childhood -- it's the first soccer ball many of us had. Every family should have a soccer ball in the house, and this one is made with soft foam cushioning, which will take some of the sting out of some headers and kicks for a more comfortable gameplay. It also has PVC covering to make it water-resistant, and it is made with a high-quality air retention bladder so that it won’t leak or deflate.

This GoSports Table Tennis Set Easily Stores Away When Not In Use

Set up this GoSports Table Tennis Set outside your house so that you can enjoy a game of table tennis on a warm day. This set includes a mid-size 6-Feet by 3-Feet table tennis table, 2 paddles, a game net, and 4 balls. Plus, it has an ultra-compact design that you can fold up for storage, and you can easily fold out for play -- it even has built-in carrying handles.

Enjoy Your Pool To The Max With This GoSports Pool Basketball Game

This GoSports Pool Basketball Game can be easily set up by the poolside, as the hoop has a fast setup and weighed base for secure stability. You get a small basketball hoop, two inflatable water basketballs and a pump.

This ORCC Trampoline Has A 450-lb. Capacity

This ORCC Trampoline has a stunning 4.8-star rating, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product. It is made with a heavy-duty steel frame, a jumping mat that has a waterproof surface and is UV and fade resistant, and 7-Inch galvanized springs that provide better bounce and are also rust-resistant. And who doesn’t love a trampoline?

This Prextex 3-in-1 Carnival Games Set Includes Ring Toss, Cornhole And Bean Bag Throwing

With this Prextex 3-in-1 Carnival Games Set, you can enjoy fun carnival games in your own backyard, at the park -- or wherever. This set includes 10 plastic rings, 10 bean bags, and 6 carnival cones. You can use these to play ring toss games, cornhole, and bean bag throwing.

Go For Long Bike Rides On This Huffy Mountain Bike

Bike rides around the park are fun and relaxing, but you can take to the hills with this Huffy Mountain Bike. It has 21 speeds for uphill climbing, downhill riding, pure acceleration, and more. Get your family a whole set of these and you can all ride together on your outdoor adventures.

Bring This Discraft Sport Disc To Any Picnic

Picnic and Frisbee are a fun combination that you can have with this Discraft Sport Disc. It is designed with advanced aerodynamics so that you can have a good gameplay with varying levels of difficulty, as it has good stability and is easy to grip and throw.

Grab Three Friends And Go Nuts With This HIRALIY Badminton Set

This HIRALIY Badminton Set includes 4 steel badminton rackets, 12 nylon shuttlecocks, 4 placement grip tapes, 4 racket protection tapes, and a large carrying bag. This set is great for some fun casual play, and the only thing more fun than badminton is doubles badminton.

This Hony Double Sided Dart Board Comes With 12 Sticky Balls

This Hony Double Sided Dart Board comes with 12 sticky balls that have four different colors for four players. You throw them at a dart board, but they are much safer than actual darts -- for kids.

This SWOOC Giant Checkers and Tic Tac Toe Game Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Tabletop Games Without The Table

With this SWOOC Giant Checkers and Tic Tac Toe Game, you can set up a large game outside your home using the 4' x 4' mat, which has a tic tac toe board on one side, and a checkers board in the other. Take the mat outside, to the park or a picnic -- it's machine washable.

Enjoy A Nice Game Of Catch With This Qrooper Toss and Catch Game Set

This Qrooper Toss and Catch Game Set includes four paddles, four balls and one carrier bag, so you can easily take the game set with you on any outings. The lining in the paddles is made of waterproof material, and it also has reinforced stitches for durability.

This Pop-A-Shot Basketball Arcade Game Will Get You And Your Family Shooting Hoops All Day Long

This Pop-A-Shot Basketball Arcade Game comes in the form of a heavy-duty dual shot machine that is reinforced with a strong nylon ramp, steel tubes, and 2 lockable wheels for easy transport. You can use it to play 16 individual game modes, so you will never get bored of it no matter how much you use it. It even comes with 7 basketballs.

When You Want A More Chill Time Outdoors, Try This SWOOC Giant Four in a Row Game

This SWOOC Giant Four in a Row Game takes the classic for in a row game (also known as Connect Four) and makes it life size. With a board that is over 3' x 2', you can enjoy the fun at your barbecue or picnic. Take this game easily on the go, as it comes with a carrier bag. Plus, it is designed to be a 60% quieter, so it won't be irritating for you or the people around.

This JOOLA Football and Flying Disk Toss Game Is Fun For Practicing Your Shooting

This JOOLA Football and Flying Disk Toss Game is designed for easy assembly, and its carrier case makes it portable -- so you can set it up no matter where you go. The object is to throw the football or disk through the holes -- simple, yet completely fun. It comes with four foam footballs and four plastic discs.

Sure You Can Play Hasbro Twister Outside -- Why Not?

Take this Hasbro Twister Game on your next family outing and you’ll have lots of fun. This game will test which one of you is the most flexible and has the best moves, as the gameplay involves each player placing their hands and feet on the colors of the mat according to the will of the spinner.

Make Your Own Baseball And Softball Field With The GoSports Baseball & Softball Base Set

This GoSports Baseball & Softball Base Set includes one home plate, three bases and a pitching rubber, so you can visualize the field during your game. The bases are lightweight and foldable yet sturdy enough for play.

No Pool? No Problem -- The Madaxy Inflatable Pool Puts One Right In Your Yard

This Madaxy Inflatable Pool is family sized, measuring 10' x 6' x 22". It has a capacity of 312 gallons of water, and it can hold up to 2 adults and 3-5 kids. Inflates in 3-4 minutes using an electric pump.

The Exploding Kittens Throw Throw Burrito Game Is Designed To Be Played Outdoors

The Exploding Kittens Throw Throw Burrito Game involves collecting matching sets of cards faster than your opponents, all the while dodging and throwing 3' tall inflatable burritos. A simple game, yet plenty of fun and designed for the outdoors, since it has huge inflatable burritos and large playing cards that are water-resistant, so you can even play it on the beach or by the pool.

A Classic Spalding All-Surface Basketball For A Game Of Hoops

This Spalding Basketball is durable and made to be used on any surface -- indoor or outdoor. Basketball with the family is so much fun, and even if you can't play a full game there's always H-O-R-S-E.

The Starlux Games Capture The Flag Set Lets You Play At Night

This Starlux Games Capture The Flag comes with 25 light-up game pieces, 12+ hours of batteries, and 12 game variations that you can use for hours of play. It can support about 4-8 players, and it is even suitable for the nighttime, as the game pieces glow.

Get This Set Of 2 Oppum Tennis Rackets And Hit The Tennis Court

If you want to take up tennis, you can practice your tennis skills with this pack of 2 Oppum Tennis Rackets, which have a triangular structure that is designed to absorb shock, and a comfortable wooden handle that makes it easier to grip and use. Plus, they come with a carrier case.

How Low Can You Go? Find Out With GoSports Limbo Game

This GoSports Limbo Game consists of a 5-Foot-tall set, with each pole having height measurements and divisions for you to change the height of the limbo stick. It is very easy to set up, and it has a portable carrier case for you to take it with you.

This Boulder Net Can Be Adjusted To The Height That You Need

Whether you want to play tennis, volleyball, badminton, or even footvolley (the soccer-volleyball hybrid), this Boulder Net will do the job. This height of this #1 Best Seller in Tennis Nets can be adjusted depending on your gaming needs. Plus, it is lightweight and portable, and it comes with its own carrying case.

Get More Exercise In The Pool With The Activ Life Pool Ball

Instead of just swimming in your pool, you can also throw around this Activ Life Pool Ball to get everyone moving. You fill the ball with water so that it can actually be bounced, passed and dribbled underwater, unlike an air-filled ball that will only float on top.

Be Lighter On Your Feet With The Invincible Fitness Agility Training Set

This Invincible Fitness Agility Training Set is designed to improve your speed, coordination, power and strength. The set consists of an agility ladder, ten cones, four hooks, three loop resistance bands and a carry bag. The ladder is made fixed so that it stays in place as you use it, and the metal hooks can be stuck to the edges for a secured workout.