I recently went on a road trip from southern California to northern Nevada for a wedding and let me tell you, if it wasn’t for my partner actually thinking ahead, it would have been a disaster. I’m the kind of person who thinks that they need to pack only the essentials, which means a backpack full of a few shirts, shorts, toothpaste, and a tooth brush. My partner told me that I was extremely underprepared, and they were right. So I learned my lesson, and here are some of the products I found that I regret not bringing on my trip

Here's A Miniature Fridge You Can Bring In The Car

This AstroAI mini fridge comes with a handy adapter so you can bring it with you on long car rides. It's large enough to store up to six cans of soda—or, if you keep it on your vanity, it also works great for keeping skincare bottles as a comfortable chilly temperature. And unlike other mini fridges, this one also doubles as a warmer so that you can heat up cold meals.

These Packing Cubes Can Help You Stay Organized

It's almost too easy for your suitcase to devolve into a jumbled mess—but these packing cubes can help you keep everything organized. They're made from premium nylon that helps repel moisture, and have sturdy two-way zippers, so it's easy to access the contents quickly. "I love that some have the mesh tops so you can see what is inside," wrote one reviewer. "That is very helpful when packing for multiple family members. "

Going To A Destination Wedding? Take A Handheld Clothing Steamer To Smooth Out Wrinkles And Look Your Best

With a compact water tank that can produce up to 9 minutes of steam, this handheld steamer makes it easy to erase wrinkled clothes right out of your suitcase. You can also use it to sanitize questionable surfaces in your hotel room—and its automatic shut-off feature kicks in when the water level runs too low.

You Can Sleep Comfortably In These Bluetooth Headphones

With their soft fabric headband and ultra-slim speakers, these Bluetooth headphones won't put uncomfortable pressure on your ears while you're trying to snooze. The speakers are also removable in case you ever need to wash the headband — and the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

This Luggage Scale Can Help Save You Money

Discovering at the airport that your bag is overweight can be an costly mistake—that's why we're big fans of this luggage scale. Simply loop the strap around your suitcase handle, then lift it up. The easy-to-read LCD screen can tell you its weight in either pounds or kilos. And its small size makes it perfect for traveling.

Smart: When Flying, Take A Water Bottle That Rolls Up When Empty

You don't have to waste money on an overpriced bottle of water at the airport—just bring this collapsible one with you through security, then fill it up at a water fountain near your gate. The twist-cap is leakproof, and the entire bottle is completely BPA-free. It rolls up to a fraction of its size when empty, taking up hardly any space in your bag.

Use This Inflatable Foot Rest To Turn An Airplane Seat Into A Kid-Friendly Bed

If your kids have trouble sitting through long flights, try turning their uncomfortable seat into a mini bed using this inflatable foot rest. It's useful even if you don't have any kids, as you can also use it as a foot rest to help keep your legs comfortable. Once you're done, it easily deflates it into the included travel bag.

This Bright LED Mirror Folds Down For Easy Transport

Do your makeup in poor lighting you may end up with less-than-desirable results. This LED travel mirror features 72 extra-bright LED bulbs to help you see exactly what you're doing. And since it folds down once you're done, tucking it away in your backpack is no problem whatsoever.

These Compression Bags Will Help You Make the Most of Your Suitcase Space

If you need to fit a lot of stuff into a small suitcase, these compression bags can help you get it done. No vacuum necessary—simply roll them up right to squeeze out all the air, then stuff them right into your suitcase. Each order comes with six medium bags and six large ones.

This Handy Portable Humidifier Has A Built-In Night Light

With two misting modes and an ultra-silent motor, this portable cool mist humidifier can help ensure that the air in your hotel room isn't too dry. (And if you have a long drive ahead of you, it'll even fit inside most cupholders.) Despite its small size, the water reservoir is large enough to produce up to 8 hours of mist.

You Can Twist This Travel Pillow Into Nearly Any Position

Position this travel pillow any way you like and its memory foam filling will contour to the shape of your neck and chin to help you stay as comfortable as possible. There's also a snap button on either end so that you can hang it from your carry-on — and the breathable cover can even be removed for easy washing.

This Germ Guardian Air Purifier Plugs Right Into the Wall

You never know what the air is going to be like where you're staying, which is why bringing this travel-friendly air purifier with you is never a bad idea. It's small enough to fit inside your suitcase, and plugs right into any standard wall outlet. And not only does it help reduce unwanted odors, but its powerful UV-C sanitizing light also eliminates airborne viruses, including influenza, staph, and more.

This Portable Lock Adds Security to Your Door

Whether you're staying in an Airbnb or a hotel, this portable lock can latch onto the deadbolt to add another layer of security to your door. No one on the outside will be able to enter until you take it off—even if they have a key. And since it's made from tough stainless steel, it's nearly impossible to break past the lock using brute force.

This Compact First Aid Kit Comes With All The Essentials

You never know when you'll need a band-aid—so pack a first aid kit so you'll always have one ready to go if you need it. This kit comes with more than 100 first aid items inside, including gauze pads, scissors, safety pins, and more. Plus, the clip on the side lets you attach it directly to your backpack when camping.

The Boacay Toiletry Bag Is Made To Last

With double-sewn seams for added durability, this toiletry bag is made to last—and the waterproof exterior even helps protect all your belongings from moisture. Multiple pockets on the inside can accommodate everything from makeup brushes to skincare bottles. Plus, there's also a handle on top that so you can hang it up in the bathroom.

These Small Travel Bottles Are Approved by the TSA

Large bottles of liquids will almost always get thrown out by security, whereas these travel bottles are small enough to comply with TSA standards. Each one features a drip-free dispenser valve to help keep you clean from messes—and the flip caps serve as a second layer of protection against leaks.

This Small Jewelry Case Takes Up Very Little Space

Leaving jewelry loose in your suitcase is an easy way to get it all tangled—but that's only part of why this travel jewelry case is a great accessory for the road. Three separate compartments help you keep your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other pieces from getting tangled. And since each compartment is lined with soft velvet, there's no need to worry about your delicate jewelry getting scratched.

This Potable Phone Charger Is Ridiculously Small

This might be one of the smallest portable chargers we've ever seen, making it a solid pick when you're trying to pack light. It's about the size of a lipstick tube, yet can still charge an iPhone 8 to full battery capacity. And at less than 3 ounces, it'll hardly add any weight to your bag.

Take A Pair Of Compression Socks To Keep Your Legs From Growing Sore

Sitting for long periods of time can leave your legs feeling sore, which is why we like to wear these compression socks on long flights. The compression stimulates blood flow in your muscles, which helps keep them from aching—and their reinforced heels give your feet a little extra cushioning for comfort.

If You Tend To Get Queasy, Pack These Dramamine Pills To Alleviate Motion Sickness

Nausea can ruin a boat trip, or even your whole vacation. Fight it off with these dramamine pills, which contain an amount of ginger that's been clinically-tested to ensure it can help alleviate motion sickness. Plus, they won't leave you feeling drowsy like some pills can.

Just Attach This Weekender Bag To Your Suitcase

This weekender bag works perfectly as a carry-on, as the back slips over your suitcase handle so that it sits conveniently on top. The adjustable straps are made from faux leather, while five metal studs on the bottom help keep it from touching the dirty ground. Choose from 10 colors — including a gorgeous blue marble option.

This Is The White Noise Machine You Can Take With You

You never know how loud your hotel or Airbnb is going to be—that's why this small white noise machine comes with three soothing sounds to help you drift peacefully off to sleep. It takes up very little space in your bag, and the rechargeable battery means there's no need to pack replacements.

This Garnier Micellar Water Is Suitable for All Types of Skin

If you don't have space to pack your entire skincare routine, you'll have to downsize to a few essentials. This bottle of micellar water can come in handy, as it's suitable for all types of skin and removes dirt and makeup without drying your complexion out. It's even gentle enough to use on the sensitive area around your eyes.

For Long Flights, This Smartphone Mount Can Clip Onto Your Tray Table

You don't have to hold your phone when you want to watch a video on a flight—just clip this smartphone mount to the folded tray table in front of you. Dual joints allow you to adjust the viewing angle up to 360 degrees, and it's compatible with nearly any smartphone. Plus, it can also be configured to prop your phone up on flat surfaces when you aren't flying.

A Power Inverter Will Let You Use Regular Plugs In the Car

If your laptop didn't come with a car adapter, you can still use it on long drives with help from this power inverter. Two AC outlets allow you to plug in laptop chargers, mini travel fridges, personal massagers, and more—all while built-in overcharge protection helps keep your devices safe from damage. It even features two USB ports for charging smartphones or other devices.

This Compact Power Strip Also Has High-Speed USB Ports

Bring this power strip with you on your next trip and you'll always have an outlet for charging your phone. Three USB ports let you charge multiple devices at once, while three AC outlets are perfect for pluggable items, like hair dryers or flat irons. And at less than 3 cubic inches, it takes up hardly any space.

Here's A Revlon Face Roller That You Can Use Over and Over Again

Don't waste your money on disposable blotting sheets—grab this Revlon face roller instead. The ball is made from volcanic stone that absorbs oil, and you can even wash it off once you're done so that you can use it over and over again. Plus, it's small enough to fit in your carry-on bag.

This Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray Leaves Bathrooms Smelling Fresh

Straying from the foods you regularly eat when traveling can put your stomach in a bind—so grab this travel size Po-Pourri toilet spray. Just give your toilet bowl a few spritzes with it before you "go," and its potent blend of essential oils will help eliminate any unwanted odors before they even hit the air. Each bottle comes with enough for about 100 uses.

These Mighty Patch Acne Patches Are Hardly Noticeable

The next time a stray blemish pops up while you're traveling, cover it with one of these Mighty Patch acne patches. Their hydrocolloid dressing helps absorb pus, flattening out your blemish in just a few hours—and while they're already hardly noticeable, you can also blend them underneath makeup for a super-subtle look.

Here's A Duffel Bag That Lets You Separate Clean Clothes From Dirty Ones

Not only does the wet pouch on the inside of this duffel bag let you separate your dirty clothes, but it's also small enough to qualify as a carry-on bag with most airlines. There's also a padded sleeve for a laptop, as well as multiple pockets on the inside to help keep everything organized. You even have the choice of eight colors: pink, olive, blue, and more.

This Extra-Smooth Razor Comes With Its Own Travel Case

Removing unwanted hair is likely the last thing you want to think about when traveling—but if you end up needing a few touch-ups, you'll be glad that you brought this razor with you. The ribbons of moisture around the edges activate when wet, helping the blades glide smoothly across your skin. Plus, it's designed to work with any Venus replacement razor head.

These Backseat Organizers Can Keep Kids Entertained for Hours

With space for snacks, tablets, books, stuffed animals, and more, these backseat organizers make it easier for your kids to entertain themselves while they're stuck in the car. Nine pockets give you tons of space for nearly anything they could possibly want within arms' reach, while the waterproof materials help protect your seats from scratches and spills.

This Cosmetic Barrel Is Easy To Pack Up and Take With You

Keep all your makeup supplies in this travel-friendly barrel; all you'll have to do is pull the drawstring tight, then toss it into your bag when it's time to go. It's made from high-quality polyester that's resistant to tears, and even has a waterproof coating on the outside—just in case your suitcase gets wet. Choose from nine colors.

This Travel Tray Can Helps Keep Kids Entertained

With space for snacks, art supplies, and even a stand for a tablet, this travel tray can help your kids stay entertained during long car rides. It collapses down, so you can to stash it in your trunk easily—and there's even a detachable cupholder to help prevent accidental spills.

This Full-Zip Hoodie Is Made From French Terry Fleece

Layering your clothes makes it easy to cool down or warm up while you're traveling—and at less than $30, this full-zip hoodie is a versatile pick. The French terry fleece feels soft and cozy against skin, while its adjustable hood helps you block out light when you're trying to snooze. Choose from nine colors.