There are so many insane products that have gotten their start on “Shark Tank” – even if the Sharks don’t give the business owners a deal, just appearing on the show can turn a quirky idea into a hot seller. Some of them are cool gags, like the Fantasy Football champion belt or the attachment that lets you drink wine by the bottle. Others are truly helpful, like the snow ski roller or long-lasting sticky notes. And for cat lovers – because we always need new products for cat lovers – there’s the brush that simulates the texture of a cat’s tongue, and the cat DNA test (no, really). This list includes all the best “Shark Tank” products, plus a few that should’ve been on the show.

This handy Shower Toga makes it possible to shower literally anywhere. It provides all the privacy needed to get squeaky clean. This product can be brought to the beach, camping, or anywhere else. The toga is a a one-size-fits-all product that can be used by anyone from a child to a large adult.
Some of those buckles on children's car seats are tough to release and can hurt hands in the process. This UnbuckleMe tool reduces the force needed to unbuckle a child's car seat by more than 50%.
This crazy Licki Brush is a funny product that will help people bond a little more with the family cat. The Licki Brush allows people to mimic the motion of grooming that cats do to each other, while also brushing out the cat's fur.
This Simply Fit Board is a simple tool that can help users build abs, legs, core, and upper body strength. The user just twists, twists, twists on the board to get a great workout. The board is super lightweight and can be brought in a suitcase or backpack for traveling.
Skis can be really awkward and heavy to carry around the ski resort. This Ski-Z Ski Carrier was designed to help skiiers carry their skis. It also comes with a wheel on the bottom that makes it possible to wheel skis around as well.
After finishing a paint job, these Touch Up Cups can be used to store the remaining paint and keep it fresh for touch-ups. Each container holds 13-ounces and has easy to read labels that can be filled out.
This belt comes with a removable buckle that is handy for going through airport security, swapping buckles, and makes it easy to change belt sizes if needed. The makers of this belt also donate a dollar from every belt sale to fight global hunger.
This Mighty Carver is an electric carving knife that is shaped like a chainsaw, which makes it a lot more fun to use. It is also super effective at cutting through turkey, ham, bread, or fruit. From Thanksgiving to a picnic, this is a great thing to have around.
This 5-foot outdoor rope is a versatile light source for camping. The light can be used as a rope or can be transformed into a lantern by putting the rope into the storage bag. This is great for any outdoor event.
These magnetic eyeglass holders keep glasses from being dropped, scratched, or misplaced. The magnetic clips keep glasses hooked to clothing or other areas to keep glasses in place.
The Guzzle Buddy transforms any beer bottle or wine glass into a drinkable bottle. Yes, that means the whole wine bottle can become a glass with this device. The Guzzle Buddy is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
This DrainWig is a great way to ensure that the shower drain doesn't get clogged while also not obstructing the flow of water. The DrainWig has little spikes along the chain to catch any hair that gets through. The DrainWig needs to get replaced about every two to four months.
This Ice Shaker Protein Mixing Cup is made from premium stainless steel that does not absorb odor. The cup has measurement markings inside the bottle for easy shake mixing. The cup is also tapered to fit in cup holders.
This bacon grease saver system comes with six different Piggy Pouches that are perfect for storing bacon grease after cooking. The bags are reclosable for multiple uses and can be thrown away when they get full.
These awesome reusable sticky notes have a durable whiteboard front and a re-stickable back that can be used for 2 years. The can be placed on surfaces like mirrors, appliances, or monitors.
These silicone wedding rings are a great option for more active people who do not want to ruin or lose their expensive wedding ring. The ring is waterproof and more comfortable than a normal band.
Eureka! This Gold Rush Nugget Bucket makes it possible to find gold in the rivers. This is a throw back activity that is fun to do with kids. The bucket comes with everything needed to successfully pan for gold.
This awesome Hatchy Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale is a convenient place to change diapers. And it is a scale that helps weigh baby in between doctor visits. The foam material is soft and easy to clean.
There have been a lot of dog DNA test kits for mutts, but now there is also one for cats! This Basepaws test gives specific answers about a cat's breed composition, traits, and health. This test helps pet owners know how to better care for their cats.
This fun game that was featured on "Shark Tank" asks one simple question to the players: "How much money would it take you to _____?" This question leads players to explore fears, funny ideas, and mini arguments. This is a great game to add to the rotation for game nights.
There are a lot of slippers on the market, but it seems that a lot of them are marketed more towards women. But men need comfort too! These super comfy sneaker slippers are designed just for men to wear around the house.
This hammock is handwoven with up to 150,000 interwoven loops and 3.5 miles of yarn. The hammock comes with hammock straps that are easy to hang it in the backyard, on a desk, or even in a bedroom.
This Grypmat tool tray is a great for placing tools during projects. The tool tray is anti-slip so it keeps tools in place. The mat is also chemical and heat resistant; it can withstand up to 500°F.
This fun two-in-one teether and baby spoon was actually designed by a child inventor. It has unique animal shapes that are designed to help prevent chocking or gagging during mealtimes.
This simply desgined SignalVault Credit & Debit Card Protector goes right into any wallet and protects credit and debits cards from privacy breaches. There are no batteries required, the card just sits in the wallet with cards.
These heavy duty wipes easily remove grease, oil, permanent ink, and other hard to remove substances. The wipes are safe and use a citrus-based formula rather than harsh chemicals. The large size towels are individually packaged so they are easy to bring on the go.
This really cool BedJet 3 controls the temperature of the bed. It can work on any size bed or mattress and cools the mattress rapidly to prevent night sweats. This is a must have for hot sleepers or homes without air conditioning.
This FiberFix Heat Wrap is a do-it-yourself solution to breaks, tears, and cracks. It hardens like steel and can withstand temperatures up to 850 degrees. It is a great solution to cracked pipes in the home.
These awesome KASAN Algae Scrapers effectively clean the algae in a fishtank without any fear of soiling hands. One of the scrapers goes on the inside of the tank and the other magnetically pulls the scraper from the outside of the tank. It is super easy to use and does not leave scratch marks on the tank.
These No Splash Nail Clippers make sure that nails do not get dropped and lost on the floor. The clippers have a catcher that keeps all the nails together until the nail bits are thrown in the trash.
This Kitchen Cube has over 19 measurements in both U.S. and Metric units that is perfect for use in the kitchen. This is a great product for small kitchens that don't have enough space for multiple measurement tools.
This Boobuddy is a better alternative to the regular sports bra. It was developed to reduce vertical and lateral movement, prevent injury and sagging. It makes working out more comfortable.
This awesome groom tool attachment fits right onto the family vacuum and makes grooming very hairy dogs easy. The attachment gently removes dog hair and can do a more thorough job than a standard brush.
This TrophySmack Fantasy Football Championship Belt is a fun way to commemorate the winner of the Fantasy Football league. The belt is customizable with the name of the winner from each year and can be passed around year to year.
This super adorable Lollacup is created to be perfect for toddlers. It is designed to be used to transition kids from bottle to cup. It is also spill proof, which is a must for parents!