The spring and summer months are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start gearing up for warmer weather. Depending on your style, you can easily get away with owning just one or two pairs of shorts since you can wear them multiple times before they need a wash — but that isn’t the case for tops. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of fun T-shirts to get you ready for warmer weather. From day drinking tees to silly Disney characters, there’s bound to be a shirt in here that suits your tastes — but you’ll have to keep scrolling to find out.

A Stretchy And Timely Shirt That's Perfect For Day Drinking

Not only is this COVID humor shirt made with a touch of spandex for some comfortable stretch, but the vintage style is sure to look good with everything from jeans to leggings. Plus, the message on the front is perfect for when you're day drinking with friends.

You Don't Have To Like Cats To Appreciate This Black Cat Tee

Whether you love black cats or feel like a bit of an anarchist lately, this feline defiance t-shirt will likely strike a chord with you. It's available in both men's and women's sizes, as well as nine different colors. Plus, many reviewers wrote about how it fits true to size.

A T-shirt That Celebrates Your Poor Judgment

Just because it's a bad idea doesn't mean it won't be fun — and this casual and irreverent tee tells the world you're always ready for an adventure. It's made from a soft cotton blend that's perfect for lounging around the house. Plus, you can even grab it as a tank top for those extra-hot summer days.

You Don't Have To Hit The Gym To Appreciate This Humorous "Fitness" Tee

You don't have to hit the gym if you want to wear this funny "Fitness" tee, as it's all about eating tacos—not exercising. It's also been screen printed to help make sure that the design and colors stay vibrant through dozens of washes. And unlike some tees, this one comes in extended sizes, including XX-large as well as 3X-large.

A Shirt For Wine Lovers That States Facts

You don't have to love wine to like this funny shirt about imbibing, as it easily pairs with everything from short skirts to leggings. The relaxed fit is perfect for lounging around the house—and it even comes in two colors: burgundy or pink.

Reviewers Adore This Edgy "Killin' It" Shirt

If your personal style leans towards being a little edgy, this cocky t-shirt is a fun way to express it without being inappropriate. And with thousands of positive reviews, it's clear that Amazon shoppers also approve. "Material is really nice," wrote one reviewer. "I always buy stuff soley based on reviews and this one was clear as day it was exactly like the picture. My new favorite shirt."

Your Dog's Opinion Matters, According To This Tee For Humble Dog Lovers

Unlike some clothes that are made overseas, this self-deprecating dog lover's tee is designed and printed right here in the United States. Larger sizes are available, including XX-large running all the way up to 5X-large—and the high-quality screen printing is made to hold up well through dozens of washes.

This Retro Shirt Evokes Nerdy Nostalgia For When Pluto Was a Planet

Pluto might not be a planet anymore, but this retro space facts shirt is a fun way to celebrate the small blue dwarf regardless of how scientists are currently defining it. Choose from 10 colors, as well as extended sizes that including XX-large, 3X-large, as well as 2T-4T.

Wear This Day Drinking Tee At Your Next Backyard Barbecue

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere, and this tee for everyday revelry can help you get in the right mindset for a relaxing afternoon beer—just make sure to order one size up if you'd prefer a looser fit. Choose from four colors: blue, grey, green, or pink.

This Soft And Slouchy "Underestimate Me" Shirt Has A Little Bit Of Sass

Made from a soft cotton blend, this slouchy, sassy tee projects a little personality, yet not so much that it'll have people thinking you're unapproachable. Choose from five colors: light green, grey, navy blue, purple, or dark grey.

A Graphic Science Tee That Nerdy People Can Appreciate

It might take a little thinking at first, but this graphic periodic table element tee will give any nerd a light chuckle once they've gotten the joke. It's got a lightweight, classic fit—and both the hems and sleeves are double-needled to help prevent fraying. Choose from five colors, including a fun shade of grassy green.

Reviewers Called This Faux Zen T-shirt "Super Soft"

Not only is this mixed-message t-shirt a fun way to show off your personality, but hundreds of reviewers also wrote about how the cotton blend is "super soft." Just make sure to order one size smaller than usual if you'd prefer a tighter fit, as the oversized cut gives you a little extra room to breathe.

This Disney Shirt Channels Your Inner Child

Being an adult can be overrated, making this Lilo and Stitch shirt incredibly relatable. It's officially licensed from Disney, so there's no need to worry about the quality or design accuracy — and the standard unisex sizing is great for women who prefer a looser fit.

A Rafiki Tee To Help You Chill Out on Stressful Days

The next time you're feeling a little overwhelmed, just look down at this Rafiki tee as a quick reminder to take a deep breath and chill out. The lightweight fit is perfect for warm summer days—and it even comes in five colors: black, slate, dark Heather, Heather grey, or Heather blue.

The Musical Dog Shirt Is Made From 100% Cotton

You don't have to like that Police song to appreciate this dog shirt, as nearly any dog owner can relate to how their dog likes to watch them at all times. "This t-shirt is super soft and fits perfectly," wrote one reviewer. "It didn’t shrink or fade in the washer/dryer. It’s a good thickness without feeling stiff or crunchy. The blue color is unique and looks great with the mustard yellow writing."

This Kit-Tea Shirt Is Purrrrfect for Cat Lovers

Lemon, red, pink, grass—this "kit-tea" shirt comes in so many fun colors you might just find yourself adding more than one to your cart. Reviewers mentioned that it didn't shrink after being put through the wash. Plus, it comes in men's, women's, as well as youth sizes.

The Philosoraptor Shirt Is For Anyone Who Loves Dinosaurs... And Philosophy

Officially licensed by Jurassic Park Apparel, this philosoraptor shirt is a fun way to show off your love for dinosaurs, or even just the study of philosophy. Men's, women's, and youth sizes are available—and one reviewer wrote that "the print has held up nicely" after multiple trips through the wash.

This Printed Tee Is A Bit Rude So You Don't Have To Be

If you'd rather be left alone in public, this gleefully standoffish printed tee might just be able to save you from having to sit through awkward conversations with strangers. Or, if people try to talk to you anyway, simply point to your shirt and they'll hopefully take the hint. Choose from two colors: blue or purple.

This Sarcastic Shirt Has Thousands of Positive Reviews

Made from ringspun cotton for extra softness, this sarcastic shirt has thousands of positive four- and five-star reviews from happy shoppers. "I like the length (nobody needs to see my muffin-top, yo), and the fabric is soft enough and stretchy enough that it almost seems to mold to my frame, even in the shoulders," explained one. Choose from five colors: Heather grey, light blue, purple, pink, or red.

The Graphic Tee That Helps You Express Your Individuality

With its classic round neck and casual fit, this unusual graphic tee is perfect for running errands, lounging, and everything in between. It's made from soft cotton that lets your skin breathe on warm days—and it even comes in a colorful tie dye option, as well as nine other colors.

This Donald Duck Shirt Explains Away Grumpy Faces

Some people just have a naturally angry-looking face. Luckily, this Donald Duck shirt lets everyone around you know that you aren't mad—this is just what your happy face looks like. Choose from five colors, including a bright shade of Heather red.

This Star Wars Cantina Shirt Stands Apart From the Rest

Not only does its distressed style make it look like you actually bought this Star Wars shirt from Mos Eisley Cantina, but many reviewers also wrote about how it fits "true to size" and is "super soft." Any Star Wars fan can appreciate the design—and it even comes in three colors: navy, charcoal, or brown.

Whatever Happened Wasn't Your Fault, Says This Graphic Tee

The next time you mess something up, just point to this exculpatory graphic tee as a reason why. While you might not be able to wear it to the office, your boss will probably get a kick out of it during video conferences when you're working from home—and it even comes in 12 different fun colors.

This Explanatory Tank Top Complements The Gun Show

Whether you're hitting the gym or temperatures are rising outside, this tank top touting your muscles can help you stay cool regardless of what you have planned for the day. Just make sure to order one size larger than usual, as some reviewers found that it can fit on the smaller size.

A Little Mermaid-Inspired Tee With a Fun Twist

You don't have to like the Little Mermaid to appreciate this t-shirt of solitude—you just have to prefer not to be around people. It's made from a soft cotton-polyester blend that won't leave you sweating on warm days, and one reviewer commented about how the colors are true to what's pictured online.

The Peter Pan Shirt Is For Anyone Who Doesn't Want to Grow Up

It doesn't matter what age you are—this Peter Pan shirt probably express your inner child. The design is officially licensed from Disney, and the sizing is available in men, women, as well as youth. Choose from five colors: black, olive, Kelly green, navy, or dark Heather.

Here's A Morbid Graphic Tee For Anyone Who Loves Murder Mysteries

Whether you love watching 20/20 or scrolling Netflix for a random murder mystery, this murder fan graphic tee is right up your alley. And don't worry about sizing up, as many reviewers wrote about how it "fits true to size" and is "soft and comfy."

This Comfy And Brutally Honest Tee Tells The World Not To Bother

Not only is this comfy t-shirt with a devil-may-care attitude made from a premium cotton blend, but the sarcastic message on the front is the perfect retort for when you aren't in the mood to chat. "I got this for my sister so she can wear it around her ex-husband," explained one reviewer. "He is a jerk and always tells her stupid it comes in super handy when you don't feel like talking."

This Funny Shirt For Grammarians Celebrates The Comma

Commas can make a world of difference in what you're trying to say, which means any teacher, writer, or simple grammar nerd can appreciate this funny punctuation shirt. Choose from five colors: black, navy, royal blue, dark Heather, or purple.

This Tired Wife's Graphic Tee Is Also Available as a Tank Top

Your husband might not appreciate this gripey graphic tee, but you'll enjoy how it's made from a soft, breathable cotton blend that won't leave you feeling overheated when the weather gets warm. Or, if you tend to run hot, it's also available as a tank top in both blue and green.

This Goofy And Sweet Shirt Comes in Fun, Bright Colors

Not only does this goofy shirt come in five different shades of tie dye, but it also has a hint of stretch to help keep you comfortable all day long. There's no need to size up or down as the fit is accurate—and many reviewers raved about how bright the colors are.

Here's A Spongebob Tee for People of All Ages

It doesn't matter how old you are—people of all ages can appreciate this Spongebob Squarepants shark t-shirt, which is officially licensed from Nickelodeon. Choose from five colors, as well as sizes ranging from extra-small to 3X-large, as well as 2T through 4T.

This Beach Cover-Up Is Sure to Get People Laughing

Available in dozens of different bikini prints, this classic beach cover-up is almost guaranteed to get at least a smirk out of your friends and family when you're on vacation. "I randomly decided to buy one to lounge around the house in and it's perfect," wrote one reviewer. "The material is much better than I thought it was going to be, very soft and silk like."

Reviewers Can't Get Enough Of This Sassy Tee

With its roomy cut and sassy message, there's no reason not to throw on this coffee and cuss-words t-shirt when you're feeling edgy. And with thousands of positive reviews, it's clearly a hit with Amazon shoppers as well — one even wrote that "the quality of the fabric is great, it's soft and a bit stretchy."

This Short Sleeve Tee Has A Relaxing, Loose Fit

They say that "thick thighs save lives," but perhaps the thick-thighed among us have heard enough about it. Pair this annoyed short sleeve t-shirt with a delicate necklace and skirt for a cute outfit that you can wear when running errands, getting dinner with friends, or even just feeling stylish around the house. And since the weave includes 5% spandex, there's even a little stretch for added comfort.