When it comes to goofy kitchen gadgets, not all tools are made equal. Some may look the part, but simply don’t serve a purpose. At least, no purpose anyone would reasonably need. This list is all about hitting the balance between function and fun. Take a look to see the 34 weird prepping, cooking and serving tools we’ve rustled up.

Make First Contact With The OTOTO Spaghetti Monster Kitchen Strainer
The aliens have arrived, and they’ve brought spaghetti. This freaky noodle strainer turns spaghetti night into an extraterrestrial encounter, plus the eye stalks double as handles.
This Suck UK Pirate Bottle Opener Is A Great Gag With Multiple Uses
Yarr, this bottle opener sure be multi-functional. Don’t let the little pirate hat and eyepatch fool you, this multitasking opener can tackle caps and corks with the best of them.
You Can Toast To Your State With The True Zoo USA Ice Mold
We’ve never seen a USA-themed ice tray before, so we had to highlight it. Every contiguous state in the U.S. is represented in this dishwasher safe mold (though some of the smaller ones in the northeast are consolidated) so you can get your state pride on, or indulge in a massive Texas-shaped ice cube. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii.
The Chill Bill Refrigerator Deodorizer Puts Some Joy In Fridge Freshening
If you’ve ever opened the fridge to a less than stellar smell, this refrigerator deodorizer might do wonders. And what better animal to hang out in a frigid environment than a penguin? All you need to do is pack Bill with some baking soda and let him go to work.
Measure Your Next Dry Ingredients With The Genuine Fred Nested Hen and Chick Measuring Cups
These chicken-themed nesting measuring cups are brilliantly designed to save room in your kitchen drawer, not to mention fun. The set provides six measurements that can be rolled into one tool about as big as a tennis ball.
This Hot Dog and Bun Toaster Is As Kooky As It Is Convenient
Say goodbye to those hotdog woes—okay, hotdogs are not that hard to make, but this hotdog and bun toaster makes it even easier. The stylish little toaster can cook up franks and sausages and toast the buns all at once without the need for a grill.
Use A Lid Sid Pot Lid Lifter Next Time You Need To Vent A Pot On The Stove
Give your potted kitchen creations some air with Lid Sid, the lid pot lifter. You’ll get a pair of these little buddies whose jobs are to prop open pot lids just enough to retain the heat and let out steam. Just be prepared to explain why a little man is trying to escape your food.
The Funwares NACHOsaurus Dip And Snack Dish Set Bring A Prehistoric Twist To Nacho Night
We can’t believe it took millions of years for the stegosaurus to finally inspire a dinosaur-themed nacho holder. Pluck crunchy chips off this dino’s back, and enjoy some dip from the included dip dish.
Go Bitesized With This Watermelon Slicer Cutter And Melon Baller Combo
Fresh watermelon is delicious, but a bit of a mess right off the rind. This pack of watermelon slicers may be the solution to that sticky mouth. One cuts the melon into cubes, and the other into balls for bite-sized delights.
This Tea Infuser Animal Set Features Five Animal Friends Ready For Your Next Tea Party
Teatime doesn’t have to be a stuffy affair. These adorable animal tea infusers are both fun and functional. Try your next chamomile in a cat, or stuff an owl with oolong.
Safely Slice Cherry Tomatoes And Grapes With The Progressive International Zip Slicer
Prepping small produce can be tricky and time consuming. This handy hand-held slicer is less than traditional, but it can cut out most of the work. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, so don’t hesitate to go HAM on the vegetarian options.
Create Even Veggie Wedges With The Prepworks By Progressive Six-Blade Slicer
This six-bladed slicer may be just what you needed for that perfect plate of cucumber wedges. You can also divide up firm fruits, like lemons to top off a half-dozen waters at lunch. All it takes is a little pressure and out come six even wedges.
Jars, Cans And Bottles Are No Match For The Strange But Satisfying Can And Bottle Opener Kit
Even though they look a little odd, these can and bottle opening tools can open a host of common kitchen containers. Stubborn jar lids can be conquered and tight twist offs should beware.
Prep Food Like A Champ With The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper And Spiralizer
This isn’t exactly your typical kitchen utensil, but if you want to cut down on prep time and finger injuries in the kitchen, the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper has your name on it. From potatoes and tomatoes to strawberries and squash, there’s little this thing can’t dice or spiralize.
The BUTEFO Eight-In-One Kitchen Tool Set Has Something For Most Kitchen Occasions
Combating kitchen clutter is no joke, and this unusual eight-piece toolset solves the problem by putting numerous kitchen essentials together. Whip it out when you need to juice citrus, grate cheese and spices and measure your liquids. There’s even a jar opener for those stuck-on lids.
In a clever combination of form and function, these cherry-shaped measuring spoons and egg separator can be a vibrant addition to any kitchen. We’re absolutely gushing over the design choice of the cherry leaf being the egg separator.
Satisfy Your Corn Cravings With The Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper
Sometimes, the best corn-to-cob ratio takes more than a sharp knife. This corn stripping implement was made to lop off every kernel, be it cooked or raw, leaving you with a picturesque bowl of yellow gold.
Portion Your Butter Better With The One Click Stick Butter Cutter
The One Click Stick Butter Cutter dishes out just the right amount of butter to top a stack of pancakes or melt over a slice of toast. Some kitchen gadgets are just specific enough to be awesome, and this is one of them.
Up Your Herb Game With The Prepara Herb Savor Pod
The disadvantage of fresh herbs is that they easily go bad, even in the fridge. The Prepara Herb Savor Pod is designed to keep them (thin veggies, like asparagus) fresh longer.
These Multi-Bladed Scissors Can Make Herb Prep A Breeze
The LHS Herb Scissors are an atypical solution to achieving even slices of herbs. And while they may just look like five pairs of scissors strapped together, it’s hard to argue with the results.
These Terrifying Bear Paws Are A Meat Lover’s Best Friend
Shred and handle meats like a pro with these intimidating but functional Original Shredder Claws. The sharp tips are great for tearing up meats like pork and beef, and you can use them to transfer hot roasts from the oven too. Just be careful not to give anyone a scare if they join you in the kitchen.
Double Down On Meat Prep With The SHEbaking Meat Tenderizer And Marinade Injector
This multi-purpose kitchen tool may look like a medical device, but it’s actually a great meat prep companion. Use the stainless steel prods at the end to tenderize a cut, then push down on the injector to pump in a delicious marinade.
The Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker Is The Breakfast Companion You Never Knew You Wanted
There are a lot of waffle shape makers out there, but dinosaurs are probably the coolest. This dinosaur waffle maker can transform any waffle breakfast into something more fun and kid-friendly. They should rename the Cretaceous Period to the delicious period.
Prepare Mouth Watering Popcorn Desserts With The Dash Popcorn Ball Maker
The Dash Popcorn Ball Maker is all about wacky combinations of popcorn and other delicious ingredients. And since this is a set of four, you can test numerous combinations at once and find a new dessert favorite.
Dip To Your Delight With The Tebery Fondue Set
Fondue may be synonymous with soirees, but it doesn’t have to be. This at-home fondue set can let you melt decadent chocolate and savory cheese from the comfort of your counter. And it comes with four forks for friends and family.
Beware The Tacosaurus, Keeper Of Hand Held Snacks
This T-Rex taco stand is likely to be a smash hit with any dino-loving child or adult. It’ll keep your snack upright and accessible, be it a taco, donut, waffle or whatever else you can fit inside.
Grip Corn Fearlessly With This 8-Pack Of OXO Corn Holders
Corn holders may sound simple, but they really are a game changer in a world of piping hot corn. Embed one of these at both ends of an ear and enjoy steaming, buttery corn without the burning your fingers, or even sullying them with melted butter.
Even Egg Separating Can Be Enjoyable With This Silicone Frog Egg Separator
This goofy little frog may be your best friend next time you’re making egg whites. The quirky kitchen tool is designed specifically to separate yolk from egg white with ease. It also comes in pig or fish form if you’re offended by the frog’s noncommittal amphibious lifestyle.
Regain Shred Of Organization In Your Kitchen With A Six-Sided Box Grater
This six-sided box grater may be the last grater you’ll ever need. Each side is designed for different tasks, like grating cheese, zesting lemons and thinly slicing veggies. It even has a side for making wavy potato slices for homemade chips.
If you need a utensil close at hand while cooking, look no further. This vibrant crustacean clings to the side of your cooking pot, awaiting a kitchen utensil to hold or a lid to prop open.
Set Aside Your Stirring Spoon On This Ravioli-Shaped Spoon Rest
Pasta lovers, we may have found the perfect place to rest your sauce-laden spoons. This silicone ravioli spoon rest fits right into the kitchen and looks so scrumptious you may almost be tempted to eat it.
Eat Like Your Inner Lumberjack With This Axe Pizza Cutter
This Axe Pizza Cutter should be a hit at parties once the pies arrive. Your guests won’t be sure whether you’re about to cut them a slice or prepare some firewood.
Skewer Slippery Stuff Easily With The Chef'n FridgeFork Condiment Fork
Pickles, pickled things and olives can be hard to fish out of the jar, but this three-pronged condiment fork aims to end the struggle. It comes with a holster and two different sized bands that attach to all sorts of jars so you can skewer pickles, olives, peppers and more.
The OTOTO Splatypus Jar Spatula Helps Get Every Last Drop Of Condiments
This platypus-themed jar spatula is great for anyone who wants to get the most out of mayo, jams and other preserves. And the magnificent beak doubles as a spreader, too.