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When Diana Met…

When Diana Met… takes listeners inside Princess Diana’s most notable meetings with public figures, politicians, dignitaries, and celebrities to reveal often-overlooked truths and misunderstandings about her life as Princess of Wales. Host Aminatou Sow examines those iconic and memorable connections and what they teach us about power, gender, and control.

Diana, Princess of Wales

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William and Harry
When Diana Met…
Nov 17, 2021

Some of the most iconic images of Princess Diana are as mother to Princes William and Harry. But how many mothers are put on display outside the hospital just after giving birth? 

And what were the expectations for Diana as mother to the heir to the throne, and how do those align with our larger perceptions of motherhood in society? Host Aminatou Sow talks to journalist Candice Brathwaite and playwright Bonnie Greer about Diana’s legacy as a “mum.”

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