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3 PM ET: Remembering Uvalde victims, monkeypox reality check, Venice tourists behaving badly & more
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Sat, May 28
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Tug of War

Tug of War takes listeners to the most volatile corners of the world where democracy is in its dying days. In a special ongoing season, CNN reporters take us on-the-ground in Ukraine to document Russia’s invasion, the escalating conflict, and what it means for the rest of the world.

A frayed rope is about to split in two
Is Russia Shifting Strategy?
Tug of War
After the latest round of in-person talks between Ukraine and Russia, Moscow said it would “drastically reduce” military activity around two major Ukrainian cities. However, many experts remain skeptical about this strategy shift and believe peace could still be a long way off. CNN Senior National Security Correspondent Alex Marquardt lays out what both sides are looking for in negotiations and examines President Biden’s unscripted comments about regime change in Russia. He also tells us about a Ukrainian hotline being used by Russian families trying to locate their loved ones on the battlefield. 

Recorded on March 29, 2022.
Mar 30, 2022