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9 AM ET: US inflation slows, Trump deposition, Musk's cashing out & more
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Wed, Aug 10
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CNN's The Rewind: '90s Edition

Join HLN's Michaela Pereira for a limited series as she takes you on a journey back to the era of rollerblades, Blockbuster nights and dial-up internet. Discover what made the 1990s so special and the ways it still leaves its mark on us today.

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Let's Talk About Sex... in the White House
CNN's The Rewind: '90s Edition
Jul 20, 2017
For most of the 1990s, Bill Clinton was the well-liked leader of the free world. And for most of the 1990s, he was also one of the most scandalized US presidents to sit in office. Here's the rewind on how it all happened.