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Sun, Jun 4
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The Human Code with Laurie Segall

CNN's Laurie Segall presents an unflinching exploration of the future of innovation, privacy, and tech ethics. The most influential leaders and CEOs in Silicon Valley share their thoughts on where technology is headed and how it'll change our lives in the near future. Get a front-row seat to candid conversations about privacy, democracy, and, perhaps most importantly, trust.

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Salesforce's Marc Benioff
The Human Code with Laurie Segall
Dec 4, 2018
Salesforce founder Marc Benioff says we must fundamentally change how we view privacy, and fight to protect it in an increasingly complicated digital era. He doesn't trust tech companies to self-regulate and doesn't mind making enemies in Silicon Valley. In an interview with Laurie Segall, the billionaire tech founder shares his views on privacy, politics, and tech's ethical responsibility to humanity.