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10 PM ET: Nashville shooting vigil, Pope Francis hospitalized, historic climate vote & more
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Thu, Mar 30
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State of the Union

Hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, State of the Union features interviews with top newsmakers on politics and policy—covering Washington, the country, and the world.

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Interviews with: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro, Gov. Larry Hogan, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
State of the Union
Nov 13, 2022

First, re-elected Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tells Dana Bash that her party's major wins in her state were the result of being "focused on the fundamentals" like infrastructure, inflation and schools. 

Next, Pennsylvania Governor-elect Josh Shapiro says the key to winning rural voters is "just a matter of showing up, treating people with respect, and showing them how you're going to make their lives better." 

Then, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan blames former President Donald Trump for focusing too much on the 2020 election and conspiracy theories when campaigning for Republicans. 

Finally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not commit to running for House leadership again but says "there are all kinds of ways to exert influence." 

On today's panel, Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY), GOP strategist Brad Todd, CNN Political Commentator Karen Finney and CNN Political Commentator S.E. Cupp discuss where Republicans went wrong in the midterm elections, and whether Donald Trump should announce his candidacy for president next week.