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10 PM ET: Threats against FBI, Salman Rushdie attacked, Anne Heche’s condition & more
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Sat, Aug 13
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Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter

Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.

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Woodward and Bernstein share Watergate journalism lessons and preview the January 6 hearings
Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter
Jun 5, 2022

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward reflect on their bond 50 years after the Watergate story began. Plus, Biden senior adviser Gene Sperling explains the administration's media blitz about the economy; San Antonio Express-News executive editor Nora Lopez says officials are stonewalling the press in Uvalde; and Brian Stelter reports on CNN setting a higher standard for "breaking news."