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You’ve been overwhelmed with headlines all week – what's worth a closer look? One Thing takes you into the story and helps you make sense of the news everyone's been talking about. Each Sunday, host David Rind interviews one of CNN’s world-class reporters to tell us what they've found – and why it matters. From the team behind CNN 5 Things.

Understanding “The Assignment” with Audie Cornish CNN One Thing
Over the past few years, once-sleepy local school board meetings have become passionate and occasionally rowdy venues for debate over issues like the pandemic, race, gender and more. We’ve also seen school board elections become more partisan than ever. We hear from two parents about why they decided to run for office and what changes they hope to make while in power. 
Listen to “The Assignment” here. 
Guest: Audie Cornish, CNN Anchor & Correspondent
Nov 27, 2022
Donald Trump is Running Again. Is The GOP On Board? CNN One Thing
Former President Donald Trump has officially kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign amid multiple investigations into him, his business, and his allies. We examine if Trump’s grip on the party has weakened in recent years following his efforts to overturn the 2020 election and look at who may challenge him in the Republican primary. 
Guest: Kaitlan Collins, “CNN This Morning” Anchor & Chief Correspondent
Nov 20, 2022
What We’ve Learned From the 2022 Midterms (So Far) CNN One Thing
While votes are still being counted in key states, it’s clear Democrats had a better midterm performance than most were expecting. We examine the biggest surprises and key takeaways for both parties.
Guest: John King, CNN Anchor & Chief National Correspondent
Nov 13, 2022
The States That Could Swing the Midterms CNN One Thing
As voters go to the polls this week, there are several states with key Senate races that could decide the balance of power in Washington. We go on a tour of these battleground states to unpack the key issues, hear how voters are feeling, and look at why election deniers continue to pose an active threat to democracy. 
Jessica Dean, CNN Congressional Correspondent 
Eva McKend, CNN National Politics Reporter 
Vanessa Yurkevich, CNN Business & Politics Correspondent 
Omar Jimenez, CNN Correspondent 
Kyung Lah, CNN Senior National Correspondent
Nov 6, 2022
Elon Musk Owns Twitter (For Real This Time). Now What? CNN One Thing
After months of back and forth, billionaire Elon Musk has finally closed on his $44 billion to buy Twitter. We examine how we got here, what changes are in store for the social network, and why the deal could have implications far beyond Silicon Valley. 
Guest: Clare Duffy, CNN Business writer
Oct 30, 2022
She’s Fleeing Iran. But Not the Fight. CNN One Thing
Thousands have taken to the streets in Iran after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died after being detained by the country’s morality police. Hundreds have reportedly been killed by authorities during the unrest. We explore whether the uprising will bring about lasting change and hear from a young Iranian-Kurdish activist who fled her hometown to take up arms over the border in Iraq.
Guest: Nima Elbagir, CNN Chief International Investigative Correspondent
Oct 23, 2022
Unpacking America’s Mental Health Crisis CNN One Thing
A new survey from CNN in partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that nine out of 10 adults believe that there’s a mental health crisis in the US today. We explore what’s driving that sentiment, the possible solutions, and why an influential task force has recommended screening children 8 and older for anxiety. 
This episode contains discussions of suicide. If you or someone you love is struggling, call or text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. 
Guest: Dr. Tara Narula, CNN Medical Correspondent
Oct 16, 2022
The Month That May Have Changed the War in Ukraine CNN One Thing
Over the past few weeks, Ukrainian forces have made major gains in the south and east of the country, taking back territory Russia claims it is annexing. It comes as President Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilization order has been met with protests back home. We examine what Putin’s next move might be and hear from Ukrainian residents emerging from life under Russian occupation. 
Recorded on October 4, 2022
Guest: Nick Paton Walsh, CNN International Security Editor
Oct 9, 2022
How Hurricane Ian Got So Strong, So Quickly CNN One Thing
Residents of southwest Florida are cleaning up after Hurricane Ian slammed into the coast as a deadly Category 4 storm last week, causing catastrophic damage and widespread flooding before later making landfall again South Carolina. We look at what role climate change may have played in the storm’s ferocity and how some cities are reconsidering how to rebuild with that in mind.  
Guest: Bill Weir, CNN Chief Climate Correspondent
Oct 2, 2022
Why Republican Governors are Putting Migrants on the Move CNN One Thing
For months, Republican governors have been accused of using migrants as political pawns by sending them north in protest of President Joe Biden’s border policies. In recent weeks, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has escalated the situation by sending two planeloads of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard without warning. We examine why a Texas sheriff is investigating those flights, what’s next for the asylum seekers caught in the middle, and what’s fueling the rise in migrant encounters along the US-Mexico border. 
Guest: Priscilla Alvarez, CNN Immigration Reporter
Sep 25, 2022
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