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6 PM ET: Zelensky meets Schumer, Trump’s IVF support, see-through MLB uniforms & more
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Fri, Feb 23
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Each weekday, Dana Bash and a panel of well-sourced reporters bring you the most important political stories of the day. On the weekend, Manu Raju kicks off CNN's Sunday morning political programming with Inside Politics Sunday. Dana and Manu get answers from the people making headlines, explain the political that stories matter, and report on how the news will impact you.

Dana Bash and Manu Raju

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Showdown in Congress over Ukraine aid
CNN Inside Politics
Dec 6, 2023

As today's show begins, we're standing by for President Biden to speak on the dire situation in Congress if it fails to approve more money for Ukraine. An agreement on Capitol Hill is looking quite grim right now as the White House is already warning about the dangerous stakes for the US. Priscilla Alvarez starts our in-depth coverage. 

Also on today's show: The results of a brand-new CNN poll on Joe Biden's approval ratings. Hint: They're not good.