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5 PM ET: WSJ reporter detained, Nashville shooter’s message, preventive care provisions ruling & more
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Thu, Mar 30
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Great Big Story

A podcast about the delightful, the surprising, and the untold true stories all around us. Hosted by Drew Beebe.

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One of the Weirdest Crimes in Austin, Texas
Great Big Story
Aug 25, 2020

In the summer of 1989, someone had tried to kill a beloved resident of Austin, Texas, and the people were demanding justice. The victim was barely clinging to life, as countless well-wishers sent get-well cards and cans of chicken soup. Who was this icon of Austin? A 600-year-old tree named Treaty Oak. And as the lone city forester valiantly tried to save the mighty oak’s life, the police were searching for the answer to the question: “Who would want to murder a tree?”