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Forensic Files II

In the aftermath of violent crimes, unexplainable accidents and other strange occurrences, authorities search for answers in what was left behind. Listen as detectives, scientists and other experts sift through the clues, analyze the evidence and piece together data — all in hopes of finding the truth.

The Car Accident Forensic Files II
A healthy, young mother mysteriously dies after a minor traffic accident triggering an investigation to find out what caused her death.
May 19, 2022
Church Lady Forensic Files II
A gruesome discovery in a small town church sends investigators on a search for a killer.
May 19, 2022
The Barn Forensic Files II
When a popular handyman in a New Hampshire town is found murdered investigators follow forensic clues to a shocking conclusion.
May 12, 2022
Family Tree Forensic Files II
After the brutal slaying of a young couple on a road trip, the victims’ families begin receiving disturbing letters.
May 12, 2022
The Letter Forensic Files II
The sudden and mysterious death of a health conscious woman triggers an investigation into what killed her.
May 5, 2022
Killer Disguise Forensic Files II
A young mother is murdered in a crowded parking lot in broad daylight.
May 5, 2022
Human Sawdust Forensic Files II
A suitcase leads to the gruesome discovery of a nearly perfect crime.
Apr 28, 2022
The Ambush Forensic Files II
A mysterious murder in an upscale community is solved by cell phone forensics.
Apr 28, 2022
Portrait Of A Serial Killer Forensic Files II
A serial killer terrorizes a small Texas town.
Apr 21, 2022
The Green Pen Forensic Files II
When a Yale student mysteriously vanishes days before her wedding investigators comb a secure research lab for clues.
Apr 21, 2022
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