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Sunday Edition: Did We Miss Our Chance to Contain Monkeypox?
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Sun, Aug 14
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First Move with Julia Chatterley

A daily global business program featuring the latest headlines and top newsmakers.

The war over the warrant First Move with Julia Chatterley
Donald Trump says he won't block the release of the Mar-a-Lago search document. We have fresh reports into exactly why federal officials launched Monday's urgent raid. Plus: The fragile truce in the Black Sea allows desperately needed Ukrainian grain to be shipped. We get an update from the deputy minister of agriculture on plans to scale up those exports. And: The head of asset management firms Strive states the company should dump ESG mandates and put profits before politics.
Aug 12, 2022
More encouraging inflation data First Move with Julia Chatterley
The Producer Price Index, considered a benchmark inflation figure, rose at an annual rate of 9.8% year-over-year in July. While that's still very high, it's significantly lower than the 11.1% increase in June. Combine that with a 0.5% drop in wholesale prices last month and there's reason for optimism that inflation may finally be softening.
Aug 11, 2022
Is inflation finally slowing? First Move with Julia Chatterley
New data released today by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics spurs hopes that inflation has finally begun to plateau ... or even slow. Headline consumer prices rose at a year-over-year rate of 8.5% last month. While that's still near a 40-year high, it did ease from the 9.1% level in June. We dig deep into the latest numbers in today's show.
Aug 10, 2022
Behind the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago First Move with Julia Chatterley
The FBI searches former President Donald Trump's home. We discuss the political implications and the legal message conveyed. Plus: Meme stocks surge again. And: Another look at US CPI.
Aug 9, 2022
Behind Biden's big win First Move with Julia Chatterley
The US Senate passes President Biden's $750 billion climate change and health care bill, but will it help bring down inflation? Plus: SoftBank's Vision Fund posts a $20+ billion quarterly loss due to the poor performance of growth stocks. And: China extends live fire drills around Taiwa, its biggest show of force in that area in decades.
Aug 9, 2022
July jobs jump First Move with Julia Chatterley
In what can only be described as stunningly strong employment data, the US added 528,000 jobs in July, far exceeding analysts' expectations. Will the new numbers ease concerns of an imminent recession? And what effect will this have on markets, not to mention the Federal Reserve?
Aug 5, 2022
Griner apologizes, awaits verdict First Move with Julia Chatterley
Today's show begins with US basketball star Brittney Griner apologizing to a Russian court, saying she had no intention of breaking any Russian laws. This comes after days of hearings in her trial for bringing hash oil into that country. She's been there since her arrest in February and now is waiting for a verdict, which is expected to come today. Prosecutors have asked for 9.5 years. Our coverage begins with a live report from CNN Sports Anchor Amanda Davies.
Aug 4, 2022
Assessing the fallout after Pelosi's Taiwan visit First Move with Julia Chatterley
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi left Taipei this morning after stressing America's commitment to democracy in Taiwan. That, of course, further rankled China, which announced a series of missile tests and military drills over the next few days. Taiwan is saying that's tantamount to a blockade of its territory. We have it all covered, beginning with a live report from Taipei by CNN's Will Ripley 
Also in today's show: OPEC announces a modest boost to oil production.
Aug 3, 2022
Pelosi's Taiwan gambit First Move with Julia Chatterley
As this episode begins, a plane carrying Nancy Pelosi is expected to touch down shortly in Taiwan, making the US Speaker of the House the highest-ranking American official to visit the country in a quarter of a century and prompting China to warn the US will "pay the price" if the visit goes ahead. Russia calls the visit "pure provocation." We take you live to Taipei, Beijing, and Washington DC for reaction and analysis. 
Also on today's show: reaction to the US drone strike in Afghanistan that killed the world's most wanted terrorist.
Aug 2, 2022
Ukraine grain finally released First Move with Julia Chatterley
Today marks an important milestone in alleviating the global food crisis, as a ship carrying Ukrainian grain departed the port city of Odessa under a UN-brokered export deal. Plus: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi embarks on her closely watched Asian trip, which will include a visit to Taiwan despite warnings from China. And: With US markets just having wrapped up their most profitable month since late 2020, will the Federal Reserve soon begin to slow the pace of interest rate hikes?
Aug 1, 2022
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