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10 PM ET: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Putin’s warning, heart health checklist & more
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Thu, Jun 30
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Fareed Zakaria GPS

Fareed Zakaria GPS takes a comprehensive look at foreign affairs and global policies through in-depth, one-on-one interviews and fascinating roundtable discussions.

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Did NATO Expansion Prompt the War in Ukraine?; The Roots of the Racist Theory Behind the Buffalo Shooting
Fareed Zakaria GPS
May 22, 2022

Fareed is joined by former Polish Foreign and National Defense Minister Radosław Sikorski and Charles Kupchan, who served as senior director for European affairs in President Barack Obama’s National Security Council, to discuss if NATO enlargement prompted Putin to invade Ukraine and whether further enlargement - namely Finland and Sweden - will enflame him further. Then, the mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, has called attention to the racist and false “great replacement” conspiracy theory. Fareed talks to The Washington Post’s Ishaan Tharoor and American University extremism expert Cynthia Miller-Idriss about the roots behind the hateful theory and how it is spreading around the world.  

GUESTS: Radoslaw Sikorski (@sikorskiradek), Charles Kupchan, Cynthia Miller-Idriss (@milleridriss), Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor)