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10 PM ET: Hurricane Ian weakens, hospital shooting, Lizzo’s performance & more
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Thu, Sep 29
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Don Lemon Tonight

Don Lemon Tonight brings in-depth analysis of the day's top news stories, and Don’s take on the stories that will get you talking.

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Kansas votes overwhelmingly to protect abortion rights
Don Lemon Tonight
Aug 4, 2022

Voters in a red state in the middle of the country turn out in record numbers to support abortion rights in the first referendum on the issue since the SCOTUS ruling. Are the people of Kansas sending a message to a post-Roe America? CNN Political Commentators Ana Navarro and Alice Stewart join to discuss.

Alex Jones takes the stand in a $150 million dollar defamation trial brought by the family of a Sandy Hook victim and is caught off guard under cross examination when confronted with texts accidentally leaked by his own attorneys, which the family’s lawyer says proves he lied under oath. Plus, the secret service may disable text messaging on its phones, 2020 election deniers claim multiple victories in this week’s primaries, and Indiana GOP Rep. Jackie Walorski and two staffers are killed in a car crash.