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Don Lemon Tonight

Don Lemon Tonight brings in-depth analysis of the day's top news stories, and Don’s take on the stories that will get you talking.

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Hurricane Ian intensifies back to category 1, moves towards South Carolina
Don Lemon Tonight
Sep 30, 2022

Don reports live from Orlando where he interviews the first responders helping people in danger amid the destruction of Hurricane Ian. CNN Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir tells Don about catastrophic damage he has witnessed in Florida, the search and rescue effort being undertaken by volunteers from the Cajun Navy, and the all hands on deck support being given by charities and the private sector alike.

Myrtle Beach Emergency Manager Travis Glatki tells Don about his biggest concern as Hurricane Ian heads towards South Carolina and how the City is preparing for the storm. CNN National Security Analyst Juliette Kayyem joins to discuss the scale of the clean up operation that will take place once Hurricane Ian has passed, in a state where less than 20% of residents in the evacuation zone are covered by national flood insurance.