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Does it feel like the financial system is stacked against you? For many of us, it is. Especially if you’re Black or Brown, a woman, or single. In Diversifying, we explore why the traditional rules of money management no longer apply to new generations. Hosted by Delyanne Barros, better known as Delyanne The Money Coach, Diversifying demystifies and humanizes money by examining the culture we make it in and how to make it work for you.

A woman of color wears sunglasses with dollar signs on the lenses
The Cost of Money Trauma Diversifying
The way your family handled their finances probably shaped how you think about money as an adult. And if those early childhood experiences were negative, they likely led to money trauma. So, why aren’t people having more conversations about this in the personal finance space? In this episode, Licensed Therapist Deniss Pleiner talks with Delyanne Barros about the severe anxiety and stress associated with money and how you can overcome it.
May 16, 2022
Making Crypto Less Cryptic Diversifying
Celebrities, Super Bowl ads, and social media are telling you you’re missing out if you aren’t buying crypto. But FOMO isn’t a good reason to make big financial choices! Delyanne Barros and fellow financial podcaster Paula Pant break down everything you actually need to know about crypto, from what it is and how it works to whether it has any value beyond the hype.
May 9, 2022
How to Stop Working While You're Still Young Diversifying
FIRE is a big discussion topic in the personal finance world. It stands for “financial independence, retire early” and is a way of saving enough to stop working. But it can mean a lot of different things, and can be done a lot of different ways. This week, Delyanne Barros talks to two people about their FIRE journeys – and tells her own FIRE story! Guests: “Purple,” the anonymous author of the “A Purple Life” blog, and Rita-Soledad Fernandez Paulino, founder of “Wealth Para Todos.”
May 2, 2022
The Myth of the Forever Home Diversifying
Housing costs in America are at an all-time high and a lot of people are wondering if the American Dream of home ownership is right for them. This week, Delyanne Barros digs into the pressure to become a homeowner; the costs and benefits of buying; and how one couple has nearly eliminated their housing costs by “house hacking”. This week’s guests: Yesenia Capalbo and Ali and Josh Lupo of The FI Couple.
Apr 25, 2022
The Price is Not Right Diversifying
Americans have been living with soaring prices for months as inflation hits a 40-year high. This week, Delyanne Barros unpacks why prices are so high, what the government can do to help, and why people of color and the working class are being hit the hardest. She’s joined by CNN Business and Politics Correspondent Vanessa Yurkevich and Demond Drummer, Managing Director for Equitable Economy at Policy Link.
Apr 18, 2022
Negotiating Your Way to Success Diversifying
The pandemic has made a lot of us realize our work is worth more than we’re getting paid. But while our attitudes may have changed, the best way to level up hasn’t: negotiating. It’s not as scary as it sounds! This week, Delyanne talks to Mandi Woodruff-Santos about knowing your value and how to ask for more – from signing bonuses to leadership opportunities.
Apr 11, 2022
Don’t Tip the IRS Diversifying
Understanding how your taxes work can help you get a bigger return, and, in the long run, it can help you build wealth! This week, Delyanne covers everything from tax brackets to tax breaks with Duke Alexander Moore, better known as Duke Loves Taxes. Plus, professor of tax law Dorothy Brown explains how some of the richest people in the country take tax exemptions to the next level, and how systemic racism shows up in who pays what.
Apr 4, 2022
We Want Prenups Diversifying
No one goes into marriage hoping for divorce, but it happens all the time. This week, Delyanne talks to Dasha Kennedy, founder of Broke Black Girl, who got divorced at age 25 and sank into debt that took years to pay off. She talks to Delyanne about what you can do to protect yourself before getting married and during the divorce process.
Mar 28, 2022
Swipe Right on the Money Talk Diversifying
Talking about money with your partner can make or break you as a couple! This week, Delyanne talks to Kiersten and Julien Saunders, founders of rich & REGULAR, about the money disagreement that (briefly) split them up and what you can do to have healthy conversations about finances with your significant other.
Mar 21, 2022
Can Investing Save the World? Diversifying
In our last episode, we broke down the basics of investing. So now that you’re ready to invest your first dollar, where are you going to put it? What if you could put money in your pocket and stick to your values? This week we dive into the world of ethical investing with Kara Perez, founder of Bravely Go.
Mar 14, 2022
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