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Thu, Sep 29
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Trump’s document defense dismissed by 18 top officials
CNN Tonight
Aug 19, 2022

Trump’s claim of issuing a “standing order” to declassify the documents recovered by the FBI from his Mar-a-Lago home is dismissed by 18 of his top administration officials, with his former Chief of Staff John Kelly stating “nothing approaching an order that foolish was ever given”. The panel discusses Trump’s evolving defense strategy against his possible Espionage Act violations, and also his public push to have the affidavit behind the FBI’s search warrant unsealed.

That, as Trump’s former chief financial officer pleads guilty to a 15-year tax fraud scheme and is expected to serve 100 days behind bars after agreeing to testify at trial if the New York Attorney General’s investigation into the Trump Organization’s business practices moves forward. Plus, a federal judge blocks Florida Governor Desantis’ “Stop-woke” law, and Cleveland Browns quarter back Deshaun Watson is suspended for 11 games and fined $5M following his sexual misconduct case.

Hosted by Alisyn Camerota.