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Brittney Griner released in swap for Russian arms dealer
CNN Tonight
Dec 9, 2022

Olympic gold medalist and WNBA star Brittney Griner was released early this morning from Russian detention in exchange for a convicted Russian arms dealer. The US judge who sentenced the “The Merchant of Death” joins to give her reaction to the prisoner swap. Laura Coates asks White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre if negotiations failed as American Paul Whelan was left behind, and whether expanded anti-LGBTQ laws in Russia added to concern over Griner's detention.

Trump and four of his high profile allies could face criminal referrals from the January 6th Committee. The panel discusses who they are and what that would mean. Plus, the DOJ seeks to hold Trump in contempt over classified documents, Harry and Meghan criticize the Royal Family and the media in their new docuseries, union approval is at its highest point since 1965, and the striking racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality.

Hosted by Laura Coates and Alisyn Camerota.