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12 PM ET: 'Stay inside' warning, Licht leaves CNN, UPS strike vote & more
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Wed, Jun 7
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Security tightened for Trump, juror speaks out, ‘Overtime with Bill Maher’
CNN Tonight
Apr 1, 2023

Trump Tower, the motorcade route and the Manhattan Criminal Court tighten security ahead of the unprecedented arraignment of former President Donald Trump. We’ll tell you the timeline for what happens next, including Trump’s fraud trial getting underway. Plus, one of the jurors in the Gwyneth Paltrow ski collision trial tells Alisyn what convinced her Paltrow was not guilty. And, ‘Overtime with Bill Maher’: the weekly segment in which Maher and guests answer topical questions from HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ viewers.

Also tonight: The woman at the center of Trump’s historic indictment Stormy Daniels says she's getting death threats and fears for her own safety, the Executive Director of the California Police Union is charged with allegedly importing and selling thousands of opioids disguised as chocolates and make-up, and CNN fact check – George Soros did not donate to the Manhattan DA’s 2021 election campaign, despite the GOP’s claim to the contrary.

Hosted by Alisyn Camerota.