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3 PM ET: Biden signs debt deal, GOP hopefuls in Iowa, Yellowstone warnings & more
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Sat, Jun 3
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Senate passes deal, Trump responds, building collapse evidence CNN This Morning
The debt crisis is over after the Senate passes the debt deal with just days to spare. Plus, Trump responds to CNN’s reporting of prosecutors having a tape of him acknowledging he held onto a classified Pentagon document after he left the White House. And, new questions emerge about a partial building collapse in Davenport, Iowa, after a structural report taken days prior to the tragedy found it had crumbling bricks that “appeared ready to fall imminently”. Three people are still missing.Also th...Show moreis Morning: a judge approves the settlement in the “Rust” wrongful death lawsuit, the eighth grader crowned the new national spelling bee champion joins live to be put to the test, big chains warn of consumer spending changes affecting the economy, Billy Joel is to end his Madison Square Gardens residency, and Texas police arrest a suspected serial killer linked to as many as 12 murders.
Jun 2, 2023
Trump caught on tape, debt bill passes, Samantha’s back CNN This Morning
Federal prosecutors have Donald Trump on tape acknowledging he held onto a classified Pentagon document after he left the White House. He also told people he couldn't share it with them. What does it mean for the investigation? Plus, the House overwhelmingly passes the debt limit deal in a move to avert a national and global economic crisis. And, “Sex in the City” fans rejoice. Samantha is back for the reboot – what know about her quick cameo in “And Just Like That”.
Also this morning: two GOP ...Show morebig-hitters are to announce their 2024 presidential bids next week, author T.J. Newman on persevering after 41 first book rejections, NASA holds a historic UFO hearing, Amazon is to pay more than $30M to settle FTC privacy complaints, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon denies meeting or talking to his bank’s client Jeffrey Epstein, “A day without immigrants” protests happen across the US, and do age differences play a role in relationships?
Jun 1, 2023
Debt deal revolt, blame game intensifies, historic opioid settlement CNN This Morning
After the Debt Ceiling Bill narrowly clears the first major hurdle in a House committee vote by the slimmest margin possible, Republican Speaker McCarthy faces a growing revolt by GOP hard-liners that could crash the economy. Plus, Ukraine braces for Russian revenge after being blamed for a drone attack on Moscow that the country denies. And, a family seen as a key player in the opioid crisis is to pay billions of dollars to help fight the epidemic in exchange for immunity in future civil lawsui...Show morets.Also this morning: DeSantis slams Trump during his inaugural presidential campaign stop, the Mayor of Kyiv on Ukraine’s anticipated counteroffensive against Russia, a former FBI director on the special counsel investigations into Trump, and Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins to discuss the implications of the new space race.
May 31, 2023
Moscow drone attack, first debt deal hurdle, CEO enters prison CNN This Morning
An alleged drone attack hits the heart of Russia this morning. Ukraine denies the assault on Moscow, but Russian forces bombard its capital Kyiv for the 17th time this month. Plus, the debt limit deal is set to face its first hurdle today in a House Rules Committee vote. And, former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will report to prison in Texas today to face 11-years behind bars for fraud and conspiracy.Also this morning: Governor DeSantis kicks of a four-day swing through early Primary States, Pr...Show moreesident Zelensky says he’s decided on the date of Ukraine’s counter offensive, Biden slams Uganda’s new sweeping anti-gay law for allowing the death penalty, the rising costs of weddings in America, and the teen shot for ringing the wrong doorbell makes his first public appearance.
May 30, 2023
Debt deal reached, Iowa building collapse, Memorial Day address CNN This Morning
President Biden and Speaker McCarthy have made a debt ceiling deal. Now they have to sell it. Can they get the votes before default on June 5? Plus, a search and rescue operation is under way after an apartment building collapsed in Iowa. And, President Biden honors America's fallen service members during a Memorial Day address from Arlington National Cemetery.Also this morning: Turkey’s President Erdogan is reelected in a historic runoff, Russia targets Kyiv with its largest drone attack of the conflict, a mysterious megalodon tooth necklace is found among the Titanic wreckage, and why stronger leg muscles could mean better outcomes after a heart attack.
May 29, 2023
Closer to a deal, Mar-a-Lago boxes moved, airline stress test CNN This Morning
House negotiators are moving closer a debt deal that would lift the debt ceiling and cap spending for two years. Plus, two workers at Mar-a-Lago moved boxes of papers the day before the FBI visited the former President's home to pick up classified documents last year. And, airports brace for the busiest Memorial Day weekend since 2005, as airlines face staffing shortages and air traffic control problems.Also this morning: Texas lawmakers accuse AG Ken Paxton of bribery and abuse of public trust,...Show more a Doctor is reprimanded for discussing a 10-year-olds abortion, Ron DeSantis on pardoning January 6 rioters, how a debt default would impact small business owners, and comedian Sebastion Maniscalco on his new movie “About My Father”.
May 26, 2023
DeSantis launch glitches, US credit risk, honoring Tina Turner CNN This Morning
Among the top stories we're covering on today's show:  Ron DeSantis is now officially a presidential candidate. However, his campaign launch on Twitter was, as predicted by some, overshadowed by technical glitches. 
With just one week to go until a possible default, a key credit rating agency puts the US on watch. Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy is set to send House members home for the weekend with no deal. 
US intelligence is indicating that a Ukrainian group may have been behind that recent drone...Show more attack on the Kremlin. 
An anti-LGBTQ campaign takes on corporate America again, prompting Target to remove some Pride merchandise after some employees were threatened. 
Fans around the world mourn the loss of Tina Turner, who died yesterday at age 83.
May 25, 2023
DeSantis announcement, Trump court date, Guam typhoon CNN This Morning
Among the top stories we're covering on today's show: 
As expected, Ron DeSantis will officially announce his 2024 White House run today. What wasn't expected: He'll make the announcement on Twitter with Elon Musk. Why?
Donald Trump now has a court date in the Stormy Daniels hush money probe. He'll stand trial in March 2024, right in the middle of the presidential campaign. 
A super typhoon is lashing the American territory of Guam. It's expected to bring a triple threat of heavy rains, hurricane-force winds and life-threatening storm surge. 
A six-week abortion ban is headed to the South Carolina governor's desk after it passed the state senate last night.
May 24, 2023
White House crash, Carroll continues suing Trump, social media harm risk CNN This Morning
A driver faces charges of threatening to kill, kidnap or inflict harm on a president, vice president or family member after ramming a U-Haul truck into barriers near the White House. The Secret Service says the crash may have been intentional. Plus, E. Jean Carroll files a request for more damages in her civil lawsuit against Trump after comments he made about her during his CNN Town Hall. And, in a stark warning, the US Surgeon General labels social media a “profound risk of harm” for kids.Also...Show more this morning: a billionaire GOP megadonor defends buying the home of Justice Clarence Thomas’ mother, NASA's Rover brings us footage of craters and even a possible river on Mars, and a “verified” Twitter account shares a fake image of an explosion outside of the Pentagon.
May 23, 2023
New debt talks, 2024 field grows, Paul Whelan exclusive CNN This Morning
Ten days left, that's it. The debt ceiling negotiations are deadlocked as Biden races back to DC for a new round of talks with Speaker McCarthy. Plus, the Republican 2024 field is expanding with Senator Tim Scott about to announce his bid, and Governor Ron DeSantis expected to jump in later this week. And, a CNN exclusive: Paul Whelan is an American the US says is wrongfully imprisoned in Russia. CNN This Morning brings you the message he gave when he called CNN from behind bars.Also this mornin...Show moreg: a man accused murdering four University of Idaho students will face charges in court today, and a SpaceX rocket is set to dock at the International Space Station this morning. It's only the second private mission ever, but NASA hopes this is just the beginning.
May 22, 2023
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