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3 PM ET: Battles in Gaza , storm headed east, lost space tomato & more
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Sat, Dec 9
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Zelensky in DC, troops to the border, murder suspect freed by mistake
CNN This Morning
Sep 21, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Russia bombards Kyiv and cities across Ukraine overnight, ahead of President Zelensky’s visit to Capitol Hill and The White House. Plus, the Pentagon sends 800 active duty troops to the Southern border as migrant crossings surge, and the White House gives nearly half a million Venezuelan civilians protection. And, and an urgent manhunt for a murder suspect is underway after he was mistakenly set free due to a clerical issue two days after his arrest. Also this morning: new and disturbing allegations against Rudy Giuliani after a star witness in the January 6 hearings claims she was groped by him on the day of the insurrection, and NASA astronaut Frank Rubio breaks the US record for the longest spaceflight.