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5 PM ET: Biden’s marijuana pardons, New York gun law, Uvalde officer fired & more
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Thu, Oct 6
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TX Dept. Of Public Safety: School Resource Officer “Engaged” With Shooter Outside School, But Didn’t Exchange Gunfire
Anderson Cooper 360
May 26, 2022

The Texas Department of Public Safety says a school resource officer “engaged” with the Uvalde shooter outside the school, but no gunfire was exchanged. Officials say the shooter was in Robb Elementary School for 40 minutes to one hour where he killed 19 children and two teachers before law enforcement shot and killed him. One of the lives lost was 10-year-old Amerie Jo Garza whose father says is “flying high with the angels above.” Angel Garza joins AC360 to tell people about his daughter, “the sweetest little girl.”

Plus, CNN National Correspondent Gary Tuchman sat down with the family of 10-year-old Jose Flores Jr., who is facing the unimaginable reality of a life without him. He tells Anderson Cooper how Jose Jr.’s parents told his siblings that their brother won’t be coming home.