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Hunter Biden calls for criminal probes into effort to “weaponize” laptop contents
Anderson Cooper 360
Feb 2, 2023

Attorneys for Hunter Biden asked state and federal investigators to launch investigations into the people involved in disseminating the contents of his laptop.  They allege the computer repair shop owner, Rudy Giuliani and a number of right-wing political figures committed computer and other criminal violations in their effort to “weaponize” the laptop contents against his father. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe tells Anderson Cooper he thinks this is an “aggressive but appropriate” move by Biden and his lawyers.

Plus, two witnesses in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial testified they are “100 percent” certain that Murdaugh’s voice is on a video prosecutors presented in court. Their testimony contradicts the former South Carolina attorney’s claim he wasn’t home when his son and wife were killed back in 2021. Defense attorney Joey Jackson joins AC360 to discuss the video and what this could mean for Murdaugh and his defense team.