See portraits of British royals through history

By CNN Staff

Published February 11, 2020

© Terence Donovan Archive

A 1540 painting of Henry VIII by German artist Hans Holbein the Younger. The king's physical presence and intimidating expression are deliberate projections of power.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

A 1592 portrait of Queen Elizabeth I by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger. Portrayals of Henry's daughter, Elizabeth I, reinforced the idea of her as a "Virgin Queen."

© National Portrait Gallery, London

"Princess Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia and Electress Palatine" (1610) by Robert Peake the Elder.

© National Portrait Gallery, London

"Henry, Prince of Wales" (1610) by Robert Peake the Elder.

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Painter Allan Ramsay's depiction of King George III (1761-62).

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Allan Ramsay's portrait of King George III's wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1761-62).

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Sir Thomas Lawrence's portrait of King George IV from 1814.

© National Portrait Gallery, London

"The Execution of Lady Jane Grey" (1833) by Paul Delaroche.

© National Gallery London

"Conversation Piece at the Royal Lodge, Windsor" (1950) by Sir James Gunn.

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Queen Elizabeth II, painted by Beatrice Johnson and Dorothy Wilding, in 1952.

© William Hustler and Georgina Hustler / National Portrait Gallery, London

This portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was taken by photographer Cecil Beaton for her coronation in 1953.

© Cecil Beaton / Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Andy Warhol's pop-art depiction of Queen Elizabeth II: "Reigning Queens: Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom" (1985).

© 2018 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

This iconic image of Princess Diana by British photographer Terence Donovan was taken in 1990.

© Terence Donovan Archive

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