We live in a time when robots paint better than us

By Ayana Archie, CNN

Published July 20, 2018

Robots already do a number of tasks for us.

They carry luggage, scan boarding passes and guide passengers to their gates, like Care-E.

Courtesy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

They flip burgers, like Flippy.

Courtesy of Miso Robotics

Now, they paint

And there's a contest for them to showcase all the cool art they make.

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Contestants can enter to win cash prizes of


The contest, RobotArt, distributes the money among the top 10 schools, organizations or individuals that enter.

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How does it work?

There are two ways:

  • One is direct human involvement, where an artist uses a robot arm manually, or through telekinetics, where the bot mimics their motions.

  • The second option is the robot follows commands through a software.

But some teams came up with their own technologies. With eyePaint software, you can use your eyes to make the robot move.

Teams submit works as originals or interpretations of existing works.

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Students quickly find that science and engineering share many of the innovative problem solving skills used by artists ... oh yah, and it’s cool.

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How did they do? Take a look for yourself.

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Pretty impressive, huh?