2018's Top cruise destinations

By Meredith Rosenbeg and Bukky Babalola

Published July 24, 2018

Cruise Critic, a cruise review company, has released its top 10 picks for the most popular cruise destinations in 2018.


The top spot isn’t in the Caribbean, as many would expect. The No. 1 destination is...

You didn’t think we’d unveil our big reveal so fast, did you? We’re counting down from 10 and working our way slowly but surely to the top. Stay with us.

Ozgur Donmaz/Photolibrary RM/Getty Images

10. Villefranche, France

Exploring this city will provide a glimpse into local life on the French Riviera — one that's heavily influenced by Italy, since the town is about an hour's drive from the border.


9. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Tourists love this city for its sights, which include filming locations for American fantasy drama series — “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars.”


8. St. Petersburg, Russia

Ever heard of a city with almost 24 hours per day of sunlight between May and July? This city’s "White Nights" attract concerts, festivals and general outdoor festivities.


7. Avignon, France

The papal legacy of this city can be felt among its medieval streets, including the papal palace, “Palais des Papes,” which attracts crowds for its Renaissance collection.


6. Durnstein, Austria

It's impossible to gaze upon Dürnstein's reddish-sloped roofs — clustered at the banks of the Danube river and surrounded by vivid green hills — and not hear the buoyant notes of the Blue Danube Waltz.


5. Wurzberg, Germany

This city has plenty of ancient history. At its center is the popular “Romantic Road” a nearly 300-mile-long stretch with castles of the kind depicted in fairy tales.


4. Budapest, Hungary

This city is revered for its beautiful architecture, historic attractions, famed coffee houses and cultural offerings. If you can only visit one coffee house, the legendary Café Gerbeaud, is the place to go.


3. Quebec City, Canada

Sometimes considered the Paris of North America, this city offers such sights as Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral, perhaps best known for containing the only Holy Door (a rare Catholic tradition) in the Americas.


2. Arles, France

Arles traces its history back to ancient times and Roman ruins are part of its landscape. The well-preserved Arles Amphitheatre, which plays host to bullfights, concerts and plays, is still a major attraction.


1. Glacier Bay, Alaska

Ironically, this year's top spot is the only one that cruisers can't actually leave the boat to visit. Here, cruise ships spend more than 10 hours sailing past the snow-capped Fairweather Mountains, sea lions and brown bears. Enchanting, isn’t it?