What you wear on a flight can help save your life

By Doug Criss

Published August 3, 2018

Wear sensible shoes

It's tempting to take your shoes off after boarding a flight. But you should keep them on in case you have to run.

Courtesy Ana Melgar/@anamelgar

"You'd want to keep them on because if something happens on takeoff ... if you have on silly shoes or no shoes, you can't get up, evacuate the plane and run."

Mary Schiavo

CNN transportation analyst

Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs

It sounds obvious, but it's true: If you have to leave the plane in a hurry, those covered arms and legs will protect you from burns, scrapes and abrasions.

Schiavo says keeping arms and legs covered may also allow you to do something else.

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Always wear something that covers your arms and legs because you never know when you might have to save your seatmate.

Mary Schiavo


Don't get drunk

Getting wasted on a flight isn't cool at any time, but especially during an emergency evacuation. It makes it that much harder to get everybody off the aircraft.

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That person's not only a hazard to themselves, but they're a hazard to others. They're going to be a big hazard in an evacuation."

Mary Schiavo

Know where the exits are

Schiavo says it's the first thing she does when she boards a flight, even before she sits down in her seat.

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I see how far away they are; I look down to see where the emergency lighting is.

Mary Schiavo

Just doing these simple things can save you time, and Schiavo reminds us, in an emergency on a plane, "success is measured in seconds."

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