9 alternative jet lag strategies

As flights keep getting longer, jet lag doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The best way to combat it is to anticipate the changes and adjust your body clock in advance. But if that doesn’t work, here are nine alternatives that might be worth a try:

1. Melatonin

The body’s circadian rhythm is directly related to the regulation of melatonin. Levels rise with the onset of darkness and fall with light exposure.

Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images

Where to try it

While melatonin pills are widely available over the counter at most drug stores, it’s advised to talk with your doctor to decide if this strategy is right for you.

2. Fasting

Diet is equally as important to regulating the body — and fasting could help travelers hit the ground running.

Where to try it

Your seat. Some might say it wouldn’t be too painful to pass on airplane food. But if you’re concerned about how fasting could affect you, please consult your doctor.

Rita Morais

3. Earthing

It’s pretty much what it sounds like — referring to a practice of reconnecting with the ground, whether it be walking barefoot or simply relaxing in nature.

Where to try it

Nothing fancy here. All you have to do is take off your shoes and walk through the grass after you arrive at your destination.

Fivelements Hong Kong

4. Watsu

It’s a water-based therapy inspired by Japanese shiatsu massage. The sensation of zero gravity enables you to relax every single muscle.

Where to try it

In Hong Kong, one of the world’s most stressed-out cities, newly opened Balinese wellness retreat Fivelements Hong Kong offers this treatment.

Gloria Irwin/Float Sixty

5. Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST)

This therapy, also known as isolation tanks or flotation therapy, could help you recalibrate your internal clock.

Where to try it

In Chicago, travelers will find a couple of Float Sixty club locations across the city. Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai provides a salt-water flotation tank in the hotel’s Talise Spa.

Izu Marriott Hotel

6. Onsens

An ancient tradition in Japan, onsens (hot springs) have been used since ancient times for their therapeutic and skin-enhancing properties.

Where to try it

Marriott just opened five new resorts in Japan — including Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji, south of Tokyo, and Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel, outside of Kyoto.

Courtesy Eden Life Centres

7. IV infusions

Once reserved only for hospitals and medical centers, IV injections could also be a jet lag solution. They boost hydration, immunity, and energy.

Where to try it

Bali’s EDEN Life Centres features an IV infusion lounge where guests can soak up a cocktail of A, B, C, D, and E vitamins in the comfort of an Eames recliner.

Joel Caldwell/Woom Center

8. Sound healing

A subtle and soothing alternative therapy, sound healing is like an aural massage for your body on a cellular level.

Where to try it

If you’re passing through Hong Kong, you can stop into Manhattan’s Woom Center. In Croatia, try out Villa Dubrovnik’s The Diamond Cocoon, where guests lie in a dark, enclosed chamber atop a bed of bubbling warm water as a journey of light and sounds.

Park Hyatt Hotel

9. Forest bathing

Similar to earthing, forest bathing is an ancient meditation tradition that emerged in the 1980s in Japan, where it’s known as Shinrin-yoku forest therapy.

Where to try it

You don’t need to be in Japan to try Shinrin-yoku, but should you find yourself in Tokyo take a little outdoor jaunt through Yoyogi Park, located near the Park Hyatt Tokyo.