No pets at the White House

Trump family breaks with presidential tradition

He campaigned and won vowing to shake up Washington. Now, President Donald Trump is again breaking with tradition on a more personal matter: keeping a pet at the White House.

The Trumps are the only first family in modern history without a pet, and according to the White House “there are no plans at this time” to add one.

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The illustrious tradition of keeping pets in the White House dates back to Thomas Jefferson. He had a mockingbird and a couple of bear cubs during his presidency.

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In more recent years, presidential pets have been more traditional, mostly dogs and cats, but over the years, the White House has been home to many strange beasts.

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President Theodore Roosevelt had nearly 30 pets, including a macaw named Eli and a pony named Algonquin who once rode the White House elevator to visit Roosevelt’s sick son.

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President Woodrow Wilson kept a flock of sheep and a ram on the White House lawn.

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President Calvin Coolidge’s wife adopted an opossum and had a raccoon named Rebecca that she walked on a leash.

Library of Congress

The Kennedy family White House was home to Macaroni the pony, multiple horses, the hamsters Debbie and Billy, dogs, parakeets, a canary, Zsa Zsa the rabbit and a cat.

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While the Trumps have yet to fill the White House grounds with any pets, Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence have a veritable menagerie at the Naval Observatory.

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The Pences have two cats, Pickle and Hazel; an Australian shepherd named Harley; and Marlon Bundo, the rabbit.

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