The brothers from "Three Identical Strangers" Answer your questions

By Bree Hare, Janelle Davis and Allen Kim

Published January 28, 2019

These triplets were forced apart at birth ...

Credit: From "Three Identical Strangers"

... and were reunited 19 years later.


The documentary "Three Identical Strangers" was released in theaters last year, and David Kellman and Bobby Shafran took questions from our audience after it aired on CNN.

David Kellman & Bobby Shafran


The following slides contain spoilers for the CNN Films documentary "Three Identical Strangers."


How were you able to build a relationship with a sibling you never met until you were adults?

Credit: Brenda Galland/CNN Films

We were instantly comfortable with each other. We were instantly falling in love ... There was nothing that had to be built.


It was just a lot of joy.



Do you happen to have any similar interests, hobbies or anything like that?

Courtesy Newsday LLC

What we don't have in common is a lot easier.



Why were you separated?

We were part of a secret study on nature versus nurture.



Did you find out more about the study?

Courtesy David Kellman

They knew of some childhood issues that each of us had and that there was no intervention on their parts to do any good in terms of help.


All the people who were involved in this study had meetings about us and those meetings about us continued even after we were reunited.


This is your life but you're referred to as a subject.


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