Does chicken soup really help fight a cold?

It can help you feel better.

The aroma, spices and heat from chicken soup can help clear sinuses and improve how you’re feeling when you’ve got an infection, a study says.

It turns out that hot chicken soup was more effective than hot and cold water in helping move things along in the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Whatever can make airways clear up faster may decrease risk of infection or clear an existing infection.

Dr. Klumars Saketkhoo

pulmonologist and intensivist for PIH Health

Although this study (and many others) didn’t make health claims about chicken soup, experts agree taking a sip when you’re sick is worth trying.

Making chicken soup at home? Start with the chicken, of course. It’s said to help with repairing body tissue.

Add chicken broth, it contains zinc which may help you fight a cold if you drink a lot of it.

Don’t forget vegetables, which are good sources of vitamins that can help boost your immune system.

Along with your soup and other fluids, the other key ingredient to getting over a cold is rest, so don’t fight bedtime.