It's 'Mean Girls' Day. Here's how to celebrate

By Lisa Respers France

Published October 3, 2020

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In certain corners of the Internet, today is a holiday.


October 3 is known to social media and movie fans around the world as "Mean Girls Day."

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Here's the backstory: In the 2004 hit film that inspired the day, there's a scene where Aaron (Jonathan Bennett) turns to Cady (Lindsay Lohan) and asks her what day it is.

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"It's October 3," she answers.


That's how October 3 joined the category of dates made significant by films, such as April 14 ("Titanic"), April 25 ("Miss Congeniality"), October 21 ("Back to the Future II") and others.

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But how exactly does one celebrate "Mean Girls" Day? Well, we have some thoughts.

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Eat cheese fries

Who can forget the character Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and her classic line, "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries"?


Try to make 'fetch' happen

"Fetch" probably isn't going to happen. But you can still try to give the slang word some love by using it.

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Follow Lindsay Lohan on social media

It's OK to admit that you are still a little obsessed with the redheaded starlet. Lohan still has love for the movie that helped make her a star. The actress told CNN in a 2016 Facebook Live interview that she's "been trying so hard to do a 'Mean Girls 2.'"

Watch the movie

Like, duh.

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