Migrant caravan presses north toward US border

By Brian Ries, Veronica Rocha, Christina Kline, Harmeet Kaur, Jessie Yeung and Meg Wagner, CNN
6:28 p.m. ET, October 25, 2018
9:33 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

2,000 migrants return to Honduras, foreign ministry says

From CNN’s Claudia Dominguez and Rosa Flores

In a press release, the Honduran Foreign Ministry said 2,000 people in the migrant caravan have now returned to Honduras from the Guatemala border with Mexico.

In addition, the foreign ministry says 400 more Hondurans in the caravan will be on their way back. 

The foreign ministry said in the release the “atypical and irregular mobilization… was organized with political purposes and low deceptions.” 

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández also promised an offer of jobs and other type of aid to those who return to the country. 

7:20 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

Honduran migrant dies falling off caravan truck

From CNN’s Claudia Dominguez

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández said a Honduran national died when he fell off one of the trucks traveling with the migrant caravan. Hernández said he lamented the death as he addressed reporters today in a joint press conference with Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales. The two leaders met to discuss the migration crisis.

What we have seen in recent days is unprecedented," Hernández said. 

Hernández also said that over 550 Honduran nationals were being bused back to Honduras, and will be offered jobs and other types of aid upon arrival. 

7:18 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

Deported immigrant says he won't stop until he's reunited with his family

CNN's Patrick Oppmann spoke with Brian, a man who was deported from the US to Honduras last week.

Brian says he won't stop until he's reunited with his wife and daughter in Texas, Oppmann shared in a tweet.

3:51 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

People are leaving the bridge in greater numbers

CNN's Patrick Oppmann tweeted images that show people from the caravan crossing the river into Mexico.

The tweets read:

All of a sudden people from the caravan are leaving bridge in greater numbers and crossing by boat into Mexico.
People from caravan wading across river now into Mexico, police don't seem to be able to stop them.
3:28 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

Trump mentions caravan at Nevada rally

President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Elko, Nevada, on Saturday brought up the migrant caravan in an attack on Democrats.

"The Democrats want caravans, they like the caravans," Trump said.

A lot of people say: 'I wonder who started that caravan,'" he continued.

The President also thanked Mexico for "being so incredible." Watch the moment here.

3:05 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

People are fainting from the high temperatures on the bridge

From CNNEE's Michelle Mendoza

Thousands of migrants are waiting on a bridge connecting Guatemala and Mexico in sweltering heat.

Michelle Mendoza, a reporter for CNN en Español, says six Hondurans have fainted from the high temperatures in less than an hour.

Mexican authorities have requested additional medical resources to tend to the migrants.

Watch the scene here:

Read a translation of the tweet:

In less than an hour 6 Hondurans have fainted due to the high temperatures. They were on the bridge directly under the sun. Authorities in #Mexico have requested additional medical resources to tend to the Central Americans.
2:48 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

Mexico says they're working on a solution to the caravan situation

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Mexican officials on Friday to discuss the migrant caravan that's trying to reach the US.

Mexico told the US that they are trying to find a solution that "encourages safe, secure, and orderly migration," according to a release from the State Department.

1:21 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

These migrants are caught in between two countries

Some migrants are trying to explain to Mexican security officers that the people waiting on the bridge are trapped in between two countries.

Meanwhile, people in the water are urging others to jump from the bridge and join them.

CNN's Bill Weir is on the Mexican side of the border bridge. Watch what he's seeing here:

According to drone footage though, It looks like the side of the bridge that leads to Guatemala is still open if migrants decide to turn around.

Some people are still deciding to jump into the water, while others are using a makeshift rope ladder.

12:43 p.m. ET, October 20, 2018

A touching moment in between all the chaos

As a massive caravan of Honduran migrants waits on the bridge leading from Guatemala to Mexico, a child came across a helmet belonging to a Mexican police officer.

CNN's Bill Weir captured a heartwarming moment between the two.

Watch it here: