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Atlanta Child Murders
Long before DNA science was a courtroom staple, Wayne Williams was convicted of killing two adults and accused in the murders of more than 20 children.

Did recent DNA tests prove that Williams really is the Atlanta child killer?

How police broke the case

Williams: Trained by the CIA?


The Atlanta Child Murders case thrust the city into months of terror. Media reports spread the fear nationwide and reminded parents to keep a close watch over their children. Share your memories about those fearful days. Send us your family snapshots and grab your video camera and tell us. FULL STORY

A prosecutor nicknamed 'Blood'

Your stories

I wrote my thesis on Wayne Williams
... it seemed like every other day the Atlanta authorities were discovering a new child. Even at eight years old I was keenly aware that all the kids were black like me and that I could be next ... -- CNN iReporter Tyika Mitchell, who lived in California as a girl
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